Sunday, September 4, 2011

15 Miles - PDR and Why I Love Bloggers

Well, I made it. I am alive and 15 miles stronger thanks to Liz anyway :) :)  So here we go with the basic recap....

At 7:30 this morning I met Liz for our bike and run. She was biking (as she did her long run on Saturday) and I was running.  Liz was my pit crew - she provided fuel, water, encouragement, directions, sightseeing, and 15 miles of entertainment.  I seriously could not have done it without her.  So off we went, my hope was to start off slow and then negative spilt in the last half.  Well, we started out slow, but just got slower and slower.  The first six miles went really well and we kept it slow and chatted the whole time.  I love meeting bloggers in real life and was sooo happy that I could past the miles with such an awesome lady.  Not only is she a great friend, but a great navigator as well and mapped at a route that took us pass the monuments and a ton of MCM.  She pointed out all different points along the course, even some hidden bathroom spots.  Even better, she said she could run some miles with me the day of the race which means I now have three wonderful ladies to keep me company during the run. I am so lucky to have such great friends.

Anyway, things went well maybe until about Mile 6ish when the ankle decided to act up.  It figured that I had had two weeks off from ankle pain and that it was time to act up again (I told Liz I was going to write a blog post entitled "Dear Ankle").  And act up again it did, and let me go nowhere.  It was like a dull pain that would not let up.  I felt like I was dragging my ankle along.  We stopped frequently for stretching needs as I profusely apologized to Liz but she was super sweet about it.  Thanks again lady!!  We I also had to take a ton of water stops, it was really humid (that is the story and I am sticking to it! No judgment please ;)  I know this sounds like I am being foolish but I promise I have the go ahead to run on this ankle.  PT and Podiatrist I am good to go and just need to continue to strengthen and eventually it will fall into line, hopefully before race day.

Now, I borrowed my friend's Garmin for this run.  Mine is in for repairs (again a story I have to tell another day).  Anyway, his died at the start and so Liz kept track of the miles and speed.  It was probably best because that way I did not look at my watch every 5 seconds and plus she was a great encouragement in the last few miles calling out where we were and how close we were.  I also passed the time by talking to other runners.  We passed a guy who wore neon orange shorts and neon orange shoes, I called to him about the awesome outfit, he smiled.  Another guy passed me on a massive hill running up it while I walked (no shame) and then we ran passed him.  I told him he has to get going.  He told me he was almost done and it was his cool down.  PLus it was only right since he passed me, I should pass him.  Fair enough.  Liz asked if I knew him, nope just my normal runner friendliness.

In the end, we made it.  Liz gave me a high five and biked the 4 miles home (I asked her if she wanted to come in but she needed to jet).  When I got in the house, I was exhausted and felt faint honestly.  I literally laid down on the bathroom floor and someone had to keep watch over me for a good hour (Don't worry Mammy, I am fine, I promise).  I tried to drink and eat very slowly.  I don't get it, I hydrated, I fueled, I took it slow but still I was totally down for the count.  My cousin reminded me "You just RAN 15 MILES!"  I guess he is right but I still felt pretty awful.  Anyone ever experienced this?

After I regrouped, it was clearly time for an ice bath.  Maybe I just needed the wisdom of another blogger to get it right.  Because as soon as I was about to start, Erin showed up  (she was going to run but got a flat tire but still made it out to me later, amazing! Thanks Erin's hubby for the help in tire changing btw!) and kept me company as I dove into the bath in my boxer pj shorts and sweat shirt (I did not come prepared with a bathing suit).  I shivered the whole time, SUCCESS! Got this one right :) :).  The key for those struggling - two bags of ice.  Again, amazing blogger entertainment, we chatted and the freezing water did not feel sooo bad.  From there, we hit brunch.   What could be better after a great run with friends than food with friends.  Good food, good company, count me in!  I was sad when Erin dropped me off but we realized that we would see each other at Marines Corps, Philly, and Vegas!!! Once a month for the next few months, can't get much better.

Well, if you need me I will be eating, sitting on the coach, and sleeping for the rest of the day :)

Tell me what do you do to keep faintness at bay, do you find it hard to jump from 13 miles to 15 miles and how were your runs for the weekend.  Happy Labor Day to all :)

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