Friday, September 2, 2011

The Puppy Who Lost His Way

It is no secret among those who know me best, but I have a lack of directional abilities, and that is putting it nicely.  I think it was the fact that I just did not think those blue books they passed around in fifth grade with "Map Skills" on the front were that important. I kept getting the answers wrong and just thought, who really needs this, seriously?!?  One of my best friends and I have equally lack of talent in the direction area and when we are together we just say there is not enough room in our smart brains for these little details like directions.

So truth be told, I have been known to get lost quite a bit.  I got lost a block away from home once.  Since we moved, I have gotten lost coming home many a times trying to take short cuts and ending up back where I started, completing nice big circles...oh yea.  A lot of these times, it ends up with me crying, freaking out, and calling Aaron who has pretty much had it with my intellectual abilities of getting from place to place.  We have taken to mapping out where I am going via Google Maps before I go places because even the GPS can't help me (and even then I get lost).

Needless to say even when I run races I am a little nervous that I might get lost, what if no one is around me and I don't know which way to go, it could happen!!! To avoid such problems during my day to day runs, I pretty much run loops around a pond or straight paths.  Easy and Simple.  No problems...

But this weekend, I have an opportunity.  I have the chance to run the Marine Corps Course BEFORE the marathon!  I have to get in 15 miles this weekend and what better way to do so then by running the course.  Ideally, I would be able to just plot along starting at Mile 1 and ending at Mile 15, hitting the 2 huge hills at Mile 2 and Mile 8. Apparently this is wishful thinking.  When I approached some of my favorite people, Liz and Erin, to run this weekend they were game but pointed out the problems.  A) Aaron won't be there (he is staying home in MA) to tell me where to go  but even more complex is B) MCM goes across highways and areas where there is no running unless it was race day and streets are closed off.  This was a major let down :(  Why can't things just be easy and in a nice straight line with wonderful areas for runners to run safely right?  Isn't the world made for runner?!? ;) Oh well, we put our heads together and Liz found areas where we could run a bit but add on other places too.

And then comes the other issue, navigating when you don't know where you are going?!?  I have enough trouble trying to get from place A to B when I have my maps, my phone, and am in the car let alone being on the run trying to manage all of the above.  What do you do with that?  How in the world do you manage running and directing at the same time, especially when you are someone like me???? Seriously, though asking all of you, what do you do wen you want to run a route but you are not so sure of how to run it? Do you give up or carry a map and go for?  Anyway, in DC want to run some miles with to have you!

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