Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And Spit Like a Man...

Not grossness factor on this one, might e a little higher than normal depending on your views

During my speedwork out on Monday, as I was cruising along, I got that ever present need guessed it - SPIT.  You know that feeling when you are going way too fast (at least for your legs) and all that wonderful saliva and extra nuun that you have drank gets to be too much in your mouth and you just have to do it? Come on guys, I know I am not the only one who deals with this because I have been on many runs with people who find the need to spit.  Unfortuantely, many of these people are guys, I don't think i have seen so many girls do this, so maybe I am just a freak of nature (which is absolutely possible by the way).

Regardless, on Monday, I felt that need to just get rid of all that extra fluid and, you know, spit it out.  Now, I have watched many runners do this with an air of grace that I just cannot replicate.  They feel need to spit and they just do it.  They are just as learned as Jack from Titantic (you know I was going there with the title, right?  Fess up, how many people saw this more than once in the movies - because my 13 year old self saw it 4 times in the theaters!).  Well, for me, I do not have Jack's skills nor was I taught by him and this creates a problem.  Simply, I want to spit, I want to get rid of the extra saliva but I have no force behind it.  I try, but it does not go anywhere except maybe my shirt or face - told you, total grossness, but I just could not help but post this and see if I was alone in this problem.  So because I am not skilled in the least, I have taken to pretty much dealing with by swallowing ("that's what she said") or spitting into my long sleeve shirt (which only works if I am actually WEARING a long sleeve shirt hmph). 

Monday morning luckily I was wearing a long sleeve shirt.  But it really got me thinking as I ran circles around the track (isn't this what you think about on your runs) what was wrong with me?  Why am I no good at this?  I consider myself a pretty hardcore runner and I feel like all the "pros" do it.  What am I missing?

Are you all with me on this one or am I once again, absolutely crazy and going off the deep end?  Btw, I did warn you of the grossness factor.

PS I am totally in the mood to watch Titantic now (but clearly only the first half before it gets sad).

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