Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Not Running (Fast)

This blog post was originally called Pokey Pilates.  It originally had a sad, cynical tone to it.  Kind of went something like, "poor me, I cannot run. Poor me, I have to do "chilled out" workouts.  But then I got tweets like this yesterday and I knew it was time to change my attitude and be thankful, hopeful, and excited.

Honestly if you do not read Jenny's blog, you are doing yourself a disservice.  She is pretty much the sweetest girl I know

So in the spirit of capes, tutus, and thinking positive, I am changing this whole post into 10 Reasons Why I Love Not Running (Fast)
Once upon a time, I loved workout classes and GASP  hated running.  For someone who has absolutely no rhythm whatsoever and is always a half step off, I sure my loved my step and cardio kickboxing.  My movie selection was complete with the Firm, a rockette (yes rockette; with my favorite dance friend Jenn) dance workout video (don't laugh it kicked my ass), and Billy Blanks Taebo.  Like running, these workouts were great while on vacation, hardly anything to carry but the video, just ask Aaron.  For running on vacation I only need to bring my two pairs of shoes (a back up of course), fuel belt, shorts, shirt, Garmin, iPod, shotbloks, sparkle shirt etc.  While doing workouts on vacation, I only needed the video and then the steps and 4 sets of weights that went with it.  O.K. maybe not so similar, I think the day I retired the Firm for running was the happiest day of Aaron's life - no more 4 sets of weights and steps to carry EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE we went.

Unfortunately for Aaron, Operation Stephanie Low Key Workouts is under way.  On Monday, my doctor impressed upon me that it was totally ok for me to continue to run, do pilates, yoga, strength training, and walk.  Runner Steph would be off the table running with those words, but "I want a baby Steph" knew that my doctor was not telling me "it is fine for you to go to Hot Yoga and then do an hour of speed work."  Nope, instead she meant SLOOOOW miles, relaxing yoga, and nothing too strenuous.  She gave me general guidelines of absolutely no more than 10 miles in a week, 5 miles max at a time but generally like my nutritionist said only 30 minutes a day, 5X a week of working out.  Sure, I sort of want to jump off a ledge at this recommendation. Absolutely, I want to go kick out some hardcore hill workouts.  Yea, I am little scared of losing my body, my speed, and fitness.  But then I remember that 22.  I remember my bigger goal and I sit back down and tell running, for once, it will have to wait.  Instead, I am relaxing, rethinking my workouts and being positive.  So a list that is for me as much as it is for you on why this is a good thing:

It is a good thing that I can't run like a fast crazy lady right now because...

10)  It is going to snow tomorrow and be cold, which is not much fun when  running

Face masks do not make for great conversations while running

9)  Usually when it is snowing and cold, I have to hit the treadmill and I kind of hate treadmill running instead I will just make tomorrow a rest day and not worry that my training will be off

8)  My toes have not had 10 toenails in months, maybe years, so it will be nice to grow some of those back, why not

7)  With all the money I save on race entries, we can go to a tropical island (Dear Aaron, did you know I have planned a trip for us with Jenny and Beth and their husbands to a tropical island)

6)  I can still eat WHATEVER I want and do not have to run 18 miles to do so

Cookie within a cookie, never gets old!

5)  I can sleep in, workout, and still be early for work (although I currently woke up at 4 a.m. today, so yea)

4)  I can be the coolest cheerleader of them all on the sidelines

Come say hi at the next race, I think you will be able to spot me

3)  I can party hard on Friday and Saturday nights as there is no long runs in my future a.k.a go to bed at 10 instead of 9.

2)  Maybe every muscle in my body part will stop hurting for more than five minutes

1)  I don't have to buy any more Brooks sneakers for awhile as back up pairs (although I just bought three, I can't help myself, my shoes are a dying breed)

In the spirit of being a low key runner, I put on my running gear and headed out with my favorite running partner for the first "Stephanie is a chilled out relax runner run."  We did 3 miles.  I walked twice.  I did not break a sweat.  I absolutely did not break any speed records.  I did not get hot.  Instead, Robin and I shuffled along, we moved our bodies, we chatted.  I made it through.  I was a well behaved patient.  I had such a cramp  in my side, if you want to call it that (I want to hopefully call it pre-ovulation), that our pace was perfect.    I would like to tell you I am 100% o.k. with this run and it was all puppies and rainbows, and while I did actually enjoy it (because I love my socializing time), part of me wanted to sprint and go crazy and be like 3 miles, sure that is o.k. as long as it is 3 miles of speed.  But I didn't because life is so much more than 3 speedy miles.

Post run no sweaty faces here. I am so proud!

 I was even more well behaved that night when I celebrated my 3 miles by refueling with two helping of this..

Waffle cone, caramel swirl ice-cream
Aaron is very excited to be in this picture!

Yesterday morning I chose NOT to run two miles with Aaron, even though I would have loved to hit the pavement.    Instead, I tried a Pilates video from Netflix.   It was not so successful, but more on that later.  In the meantime, I spoke with the PT this morning.  He suggested two days of weights and three days of running 3-4-5.   That is a bit TOO much but it made realize I can still run,  I can still keep my base I just have to truly Run For Fun!

Tell me how you run for fun or even better tell me why you love not running fast (humor me people).  If you have any good pilates tips or workout videos that would be great too...

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  1. When I was 7 months pregnant, I was definitely a far cry from running fast. But I just tried to think of the positives: healthy mom=healthy baby, keeping in shape meant less work to get back into pre-kiddo form. I don't do Pilates, but I'm totally with you on the dance video. I have a hip hop video that my husband likes to watch me do because I look completely ridiculous trying to follow along:) Keep your head up, sounds like you have a great support system!