Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wild Rover 3-Miler - A Spectator's Point of View

"Hi, my name is Stephanie and it has been 5 days since my last run."

Silly, inappropriate reference? Maybe, but it seriously just popped into my head when I was about to start writing this and nothing could seem more appropriate it.  It is currently Sunday night and I can describe my state of being as well feeling gross.  I have not exercised at all since early Wednesday morning.  I have been on complete rest and to add fuel to the fire I have not been able to eat any whole grains, fruits, veggies, or nuts in the past 48 hours.  It feels like a horrible, unthinkable version of detox here.  But tomorrow is ultrasound day and post 11:30 a.m. visit I have big plans including this

Chobani and Go-Lean Crunch and Grapes.  Already packed. So excited@

I told Aaron to get ready for a TON of fruits and veggies this week to compensate. I never thought I would miss my fruits so much.  Plus  I never thought I would say this but I am VERY excited for after work tomorrow when I plan to get my workout on consisting of walking or maybe some pilates and strength training followed by a slow run on Tuesday with Aaron.

Speaking of Aaron and slow, maybe I should bite my tongue because he is anything but as proven today through his amazing 3 mile race where he finished in 27:36.  Yes the boy who told me he hates running, who ran his first 5k on January 1st with necessary walking breaks and coming in under 35 minutes has totally crushed his old times and goals.  Coming into this race he wanted to break 30.  I say he got there. Try harder next time Aaron ;)  

Aaron speeding towards the finish

So today was a race morning but one like none other for me.  Today was the first time Aaron and I went to a race and I wore the "I <3 my crazy bitch" Shirt because I would not be racing.  Instead, Aaron would be representing our family. It was a late race -  1 p.m. -  so I lounged around beforehand.  I did not worry about what went into my body even eating cottage cheese, cookies, lox, string cheese all before going to the race.  I did not worry too much about what to wear or being too hot; ratherI wanted to be warm.  I was not nervous.  Well, lets take that back, I was VERY nervous about getting good pictures,  I have a lot to live up to as Aaron always gets great pictures of me (I blame the following pictures on the fact that my hands were so cold it was hard to get a good grip on the camera).

Running or not, I am going in style

Once we got to the race, I did not worry about a warm up or getting my number;  I was the one who held all of the bags and new dri-fit shirts.  I did not line up in a crowd of people shivering together in shorts waiting for a gun, instead I stood a little bit ahead camera at the ready; and once they took off I wasted no time going inside and watched the clock waiting until they would return and I needed to go back outside.

We got to run this race with Janine.  I swear more strangers asked to take her pictures than I could count

Determination. Need I say more

Before I knew it, it was time to go outside and get the camera ready.   Janine was first.   She is too cute and full of energy.  Plus she is cool because her husband's name is also Aaron.

She makes these skirts herself and runs in them!  Dear Janine, please please please make me one.  I will pay you in Shot blocks and Nuun Tablets.

And just as she met me to help cheer Aaron on, there he was! 

I am not sure if the people next to us appreciated my flashy sign and need to scream and cheer for random people. Come on they are running people, they need a cheering squad and I am at your service!

Three minutes ahead of schedule in comes Aaron!  I may have let out a scream along the lines of OMG It is Aaron!!  I was a tad bit surprised to him that early (not that I don't believe in you honey, I promise I do!)  

I think Aaron was shocked too, I took this as he rounded the corner and saw the time clock..

Before you knew it, the race was over, medals collected, drinks all around, and it was time to go home.  Aaron talked my ear off about the race and I could not have been happier for him.  I am sooo proud of him and cannot wait to join him running soon.  I know he is going to get pretty speedy, pretty quickly so I better join him now while his pace his still a comfortable pace for me and we can run together.  I am even contemplating running the 4 miler with him next week as it is at my allowed running levels.  Aaron, can I pace you please?  If I can keep up!

Congrats to the runners!

In the meantime, there is the matter of this NJ marathon that I was supposed to do.  Clearly, I am not.  I had transferred it to a half which I can also cannot do. But I know someone else who might be able to.  Yup you guessed it.  I am convinced Aaron can do this half in the beginning of May.  I have almost got him convinced, who is with me?  Help me convince Aaron!

Ok, lets hear it for Aaron.  And some words of persuasion please.  That was a $95 half marathon that I would rather not lose all the money on....

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