Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trigger Happy!

Today is a new month, a new day, and today we are trigger happy.  Yesterday I got a shot of HCG which I am pretty much sure was filled with "overwhelming emotions" and "stomachaches" because last night I passed out on the couch clutching my stomach and whining to Aaron.  But that may or may not have been due to this

Ok, I may be hormonal but I am not that amazing.  I cannot take any credit for making or eating this incredible concotion.  Brenna's boyfriend however ate like a champ 

Not even blinking an eye, VERY impressive

Mine looked more like this and yes we went there at 7 p.m. and yes we went BEFORE dinner. 

Mine is the one with all the fruit.  Still large and in charge. But Aaron rocked his caramel and oreo swirl with  mini- reese pieces, OMG!

 I think this is the first time in a long time that I can remember eating dessert immediately before eating dinner.  My stomach told me that was a big FAIL, but totally worth it.

Just a little aside, if you are from Massachusetts and you have not been here yet, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Yeh is a new Frozen Yogurt Place straight from Canada!  They must know I am supposed to be gaining weight because they set up shop just in time.  They make all homemade fat-free frozen yogurts (except the chocolate has fat).  I guess they missed that I am supposed to be adding more fats to my diet.  That is a license to add all the toppings in the world, right?  Or may I will have to try some of their crepes next time - apparently I can use a crepe as a waffle cone (someone up there loves me).

You swirl your own yogurt and pick your own toppings, a very dangerous activity

Yes, you are right that is ROCK CANDY! Only from Canada

So after we sampled EVERY flavor, we settled down by the fireplace.  Only in Canada do they know that it is completely acceptable to have frozen treats in the winter so why not have a fireplace to eat them by.  Good deal!

It is NEVER, I repeat NEVER to cold for ice-cream and frozen yogurt

I will ABSOLUTELY be going back.  If you are going, let me know. I can meet you - I am always game for a fro yo trip.  In the meantime, check out yeh here and they are also on Twitter (hashtag #yeh).

Ok so this shot, we went to the doctor yesterday and I was sure I had already ovulated due to the pains I was getting.  Nope. Apparently, it was just my massive follicle sitting in my ovary.  27!  Pretty sweet huh? You like how I just got excited about my ovaries and follicle.  My uterine lining was UP, which is also great news - 6.5.  So that meant trigger time.  I got a shot of HCG (we decided to leave that picture out or not take it at all) because well lets just say it may be a little harder to sit down today.  The shot is supposed to trigger ovulation.  

So clearly, in our excitement of ovulation, we had to celebrate - cue the Frozen Yogurt!

That is all for today.  Have you ever had dessert before dinner?  Who is ready to come with me for round 2 at yeh? 

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