Thursday, February 2, 2012

Audition Post - When You Run for the Right Reasons

This year, I have been lucky enough to become a Fit Fluential Ambassador.  This is an audition post to see if anyone out there might be interested in having me write for them.  I hope everyone enjoys getting to know a little big more about me. Thanks for stopping by. 

Hi there, I am Stephanie and I blog over at Run for Fun and I would love the opportunity to write for your company.  Your commitment to fitness, health, nutrition, and happiness parallel my own; we could not be a better fit.   Together, I believe that we can attract more readers who will return to your website and magazine as you offer them real advice from real people who value health, fitness, and happiness and who are having a blast living life to the fullest!

Hi I am Steph and I Run for Fun!

Sometimes my husband even joins in with me!

Now, it is one thing to make grand statements of additional readers and supporters, but it is another thing to explain why and actually show you what makes me unique.  To do this, I have to share with you a little bit of my story and then how I envision us working together.

Run for Fun was born last April when I was about to give up.  Yes, there I said it. After I had proclaimed my disgust for running, after I said there was no need to wakeup every day and push myself harder and harder, and after I had decided that this whole running thing was not for me and it did not make me happy, I turned around and created an actual website entitled “Run for Fun.”  Why?  Because running and exercising were no longer fun.  It had become something I had to do in the morning.  I had to run because I needed to stay skinny; I had to run because I wanted to eat that extra bowl of ice-cream; and I had to run because that is what everyone expected and what my Type A personality told me to do.   Yet, all of those hads and shoulds got me nowhere.  They caused me to hate running and make me want to give up. 

When running is not fun, it can look like this L

But changing your attitude and mindset, running can become this!

It was at this point that I realized things needed to change and fast; that my running and whole outlook on health and nutrition was wrong.  So I began to run for the Three Fs – Fun, Fitness, and Friends.   And when running became focused on the Three Fs things fell into line.   I began to run because I wanted to.  I looked forward to toeing the line at races, weekend long runs with friends, and enjoying the epic “Runner’s High.”  It was not just about being skinny or eating an extra bowl of ice-cream but about being healthy.  It was about training for a goal and looking to the future knowing that I was strong, healthy, and capable of doing anything.  It was, in short, one of the most incredible experiences of my life.   I became empowered.  I became alive.

Flying high on life!

It took me a long time to get there.  In fact, for years I struggled with healthy eating.  It was not easy and it took me a long time to turn my life around.  But today, I run for the right reasons and live a life full of happiness and health.  Too many women and men, as well, struggle to get to this point.  They go to the gym because they have to; they run because it keeps them “skinny” or because they want that extra slice a of pizza.  Ultimately, they end up hating it.  They fall off the bandwagon because it is not FUN.  It is not something they want to do but something they have to do.  For too many, simple exercise might become something they despise or even worse an obsession that leads to disordered thoughts, eating, and exercise.  I empathize with your readers and grasp how hard truly being “healthy” and honest with yourself can be and how easy it is too hate the whole process or even yourself!

Recently, even though I eat and exercise well, I was diagnosed with Amenorrhea.  I have chosen to be open and honest about this on my blog in hopes of helping others.  My husband and I value starting a family.  In order to do that, I will work to understand a new meaning of health, once again, by adjusting my exercise and eating routines.  It is not easy and it is not the conventional norm of eat less, exercise more, but it is yet another version of health.   By sharing, I hope to educate, help, and support others through their journeys as well.

Together, I believe we can move past these distorted media stereotypes, that we can help your readers fall in love with fitness, nutrition, and health.  We can teach them to enjoy nutrition and exercise for the right reasons as well as honor and be proud of their bodies.  To know that it is ok to eat ice-cream sometimes and have yogurt and whole grain cereal other times.  To try new sports because they want to as well as take a rest day if that is what their body needs.   To learn, balance in their lives.

Homemade Pizza – a must have!

We we can put a fresh mindset into your viewership.  One that shows that health, fitness, and nutrition are a way of life; it is not something you should do but something you want to do.  We can show them that it is fun and how to make it something you enjoy and look forward to when you wake up each morning.  We can give them fresh ideas and the motivation they need to allow them to Run for Fun or do any sort of exercise!  Through articles, videos, Q&As, recipes, top 10 lists, and more we will empower your readers like never before.   Today, I am alive; I am a strong, motivated healthy runner.  I want to provide this to your readership.  If given the chance, I will work with your readers to bring health, nutrition, and fitness into their lives for the right reasons.  To empower them and to give them a chance to live!

Marathon Finisher 2011!

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