Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes all you need is a run - Super 5K

So as you may have noticed, yesterday was not an easy day.  I have been working hard to be gentle with myself and mindful.  To not worry so much about what I should be doing or what the best thing is to do for my body and just take it one step at a time.

Today, I did the best thing possible to distract myself, I ran and not just any run but a 5k.   No better way to take your mind off of tough topics by running a race with friends and family including some of my favorite people Janine, Robin, and Aaron.

Janine pretty much had the coolest skirt ever, my Team Sparkle Shirt did not stand a chance

My new favorite picture!  It took 8 years but I knew I would make Aaron a runner.

I was pretty nervous about this race.  Friday's four miles was less than stellar with tons of starting and stopping and all weekend I had been a bit down on my body feeling bloated and that none of my clothes fit quite right.  So I went into this race extremely nervous and not excited in the least.  I felt that there was no way my body could push hard given how I had been feeling lately and how emotionally draining this whole experience has been thus far.

But have you ever wondered how is it that your legs just know its race day and get really excited during the beginning of a race?  My legs always have RLS, better known as "Race Leg Syndrome."  Even when I think I don't have a run in me, my legs perk right up: "What there is a race they say?  Ok we are ready to go even if the rest of you is not."

Today was no exception.  Despite my fears, when the gun went off, my legs were itching to run.  I was pleasantly surprised  shocked when I felt so good and looked at my watch and read 6:34 and 6:40 during the first half of a mile.  What can I say?  I get too excited, even when I know those numbers are by no means sustainable for me.  The same thing happens every time.  I look down, know I am going too fast but feel good so just go with instead of slowing down and being smart.   Before the race, I spoke with Robin about this and what her 5K strategy was.  She was mentioned that she always just tries to start hard and finish hard with 5ks because you never know if you start too easy you still might not have the ability to push it later.  I worry about this too but I know that I really need to start slower next time.

Anyway, I knew I was in trouble after the first mile (7:08ish - way too fast) when I could still see Robin as we turned a corner, although it was really uplifting being able to see my running buddy out there running strong!  Mile 2 still felt O.K. -  7:11.  And then the fun started and by fun I mean I wanted to puke and be done with this thing.  I pushed myself hard even though I did not have much left.  I told myself that despite the fact that I felt I was bloated, gaining weight, and/or had no idea what was happening with my body, I could still be a strong runner.  I quieted my voice that said running was now "bad" for me and told myself not to leave anything out on the course recalling how last time I wish I had just had a few more fast strides left in me.   Yet, like a pro I rocked the positive split clocking the third mile at 7:29 and the last .10 at 7:20, oh when will I learn.

This is my, "I want to puke face" if you were wondering...

I did my best, alas it was not good enough for a PR.  Missed it by 13 seconds, but I can't really complain.  For feeling so off and nervous, I am pretty proud of this run.  And I am not even too upset that this awesome mom in a running stroller killed it and beat me bad because I am staying positive and hoping that that will be me one day (P.S. Robin, didn't you know that we will be adding a third running buddy to our weekly runs one day lol).

Am I little disappointed I did not PR?  Yes, but this race is still just what I needed.  It showed me what I should already know that I am strong and powerful and will continue to be a runner and Run for Fun.

See, Run for Fun!! P.S Don't we kind of look alike? I think so anyways..

The best part of this race was being with my friends and Aaron.  Janine PR'd and Robin managed to get a medal.  But ladies, sorry, the winner to me is Aaron who rocked a one minute PR.

Here they come - Robin helped encourage Aaron to the finish (P.S. look at Robin's awesome running posture, I am jealous).

Tuesday is all day testing day, wish me luck, next time you hear from me that is where I will be.

How do you strategize for a 5k?  Do you worry about not starting hard for these races?

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