Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Marathon Jacket - Rocking It With Pride

It has been a little over two weeks since the big day - you can tell exactly how long because I have not exactly taken down my old marathon counter - am I in denial? Maybe. But don't worry it will soon be replaced with a new counter (who did you take me for, I am not a one-timer, I like to go back at it, again and again - that's what she said...yet another lame joke, sorry!)

Anyway, there is something I have noticed ever since I finished my marathon and bought my exclusive Brooks marathon jacket.  I have officially joined my own secret fraternity. It is not one you can just be in but one that literally requires blood, sweat, tears (and lets face it more sweat) in order to gain entry.  It is not one that everyone knows you are in but one that you yearn to join and are so proud to officially be a part of.  What club is this?  There is only one of course - the marathon club (oh of course and the 5K, half marathon club etc. as well, all races count!). And what club does not have their own official gear - e.g., the jacket.

Yes the marathon jacket.  I don't know what it is but ever since I got it, I cannot take the darn thing off.  I wear it everywhere and I mean everywhere.  My days go like this - time to go to work should I wear my Anne Taylor nicely pressed coat or marathon jacket?  Marathon jacket.  Time to go to a wedding, should I wear my fancy long black coat or marathon jacket? Marathon jacket.  It is raining out should I wear my cute Black & White Polka Dot jacket or marathon jacket? MARATHON JACKET!!

No matter how I am feeling or what the occasion, I can't help but reach for this jacket and each time I put it on, I beam with pride.  It is like I am telling the world, I am STRONG, I am FIERCE, and I am part of this pretty freaking amazing club!  Nothing makes my day more, when people stop and ask about my jacket.  Today, I was leaving a meeting and someone asked me wait did you run a marathon?  Of course, I stopped and exclaimed I did!  Did you? And we proceeded to talk about how he had run four marathons.  Which I countered with I am running the Vegas half in two weeks (oh, Steph always the competitive one).    I even can't help but smile when people stop and ask me, wow you ran a marathon, how many miles was that? I JUST LOVE IT.  Pretty much the only thing better than this jacket is running the marathon (and Aaron, of course, sorry hunny I love you although I think you gave up reading this blog a long time ago, true test if he comments or not).

Well, that is about it. Got to put on my marathon jacket and go run a Christmas in the City meeting.  Note the meeting is inside, but that is no excuse not to wear the jacket, seriously?!?

Do you have a marathon jacket or another race article of clothing that you love to wear and show off to all?

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