Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Picture Perfect

Not too much time for lots of fun posting today.  I am exhausted and hungry.  So I ate a ton and now I have a stomach ache and am even more tired.  I know technically Wednesday is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" but I have never been one to follow up on those things so for now I will sort of do a bit of a wordless Thursday (technically I post each night, so it is still Wednesday - score!). 

Here we go with my favorite race pictures courtesy of marathon photo - what do they tell you 1) smile and enjoy your race, it is YOUR day and 2) have an awesome loveable husband willing to carry a lot of crap for you and to exchange it with you at critical points, say Mile 11.5..thanks hun!

No clue what Mile this is at but given that Erin no longer is wearing her sleeves, it has to be after 11.5...

The Epic Exchange a.k.a Aaron carrying all of our stuff from this morning while trying to take my glvoes and Erins arm sleeves while giving us granola bars and nuun.  What a champ!

One for the record books!  This is at about Mile 18.5.  It was so cool that they had all the camera people lined up sitting taking pictures in the middle of the street.  I felt great, on top of the world, clearly I could not help myself to give them a big grin and a thumbs up! YAY MARATHON.

That is all.  Do you ever buy race pictures?  I have never, but these seem too good to pass up...

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