Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas in the City

If you are coming here now it is because Christmas in the City is just days away and we are in an emergency!  Christmas in the City may not have enough toys for its 8,000 plus kids this year due to Internet malfunctions and we could really use your help! I am sorry to bother you all, I know we all have our own specific charities but if you could read on I would forever apprecitate it..

Regardless of your religious affiliations, anyone can enjoy and take part in this adventure called Christmas in the City, one of my favorite, 100% volunteer, non-profit organizations.  And because this is, afterall, my blog, I can't help but let you all in on one of my favorite things that comes around  once a year.  So please forgive me as I spend a moment or two on the best event ever!!

So what am I talking about, what is Christmas in the City?  Christmas in the City is a nonprofit organization that brings Christmas to thousands of children and mothers who are currently homeless or living in domestic violence shelters. For one day, the children and moms can forget about everything and just enjoy Christmas...

In 2010, more than 3000 people attended CITC.  The children entered the event on red carpets into a large room decorated for Christmas.  Fake snow filled the air and volunteers and cartoon characters lined the room welcoming the children as the choir sang Christmas Carols.  The day was a dream come true.  It included a 7-course meal, kid friendly exhibits (e.g., a petting zoo and the Children’s Museum), Winter Wonderland – an area full of carnival rides, games, food, and fun, and performances by various dance troops and performers.  The day concluded with Santa bringing each child a personalized present off their very own Wish List as well as a gift bag with different age appropriate presents such as stuffed animals, hats, gloves, and t-shirts.  The mothers also received a gift bag with gift cards, books, and more! For those children who could not attend, CITC still provided them with a personalized gift, giving out an additional 3,000 presents in the last year alone!

Ok, now I have told you what CITC is, so you know what is coming next....How do you get involved?  It does not matter where you are, you can get involved in CITC. You can volunteer your time, donate presents or money, or simply spread the word.  Every bit helps CITC!  This year we are looking at 5000 children at the party and need an addition 3,000 presents for children not at the party plus gifts for moms!!!! If you want to get involved, it is pretty simple you can go to or you can just let me know and I will set you up!!!  We could really use your help and would love for you to come and support his awesome cause - come on, who does not love Christmas?!?  If nothing else, check out our Facebook page or Twitter Account.  We need people to spread the word!!!

So an add on as of December 13, at this point we are days away from CITC.  We do not have those 8000 presents due to some problems and we need your help whether through donating, tweeting, buying a gift, we need your help soo badly!! It can be all done online and we would forever be greatful!  Thank you for taking the time, I am so sorry to bother you! I really really appreciate your time :)

Here is a suggested tweet:  @CITCBoston is in trouble! we r days away from the party w/o enough presents for 8000 kids! Please help!

Have you ever heard of Christmas in the City?  Would you like to be involved?

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