Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hungry Horrors

First off sorry Jess I totally stole your name "hungry horrors."

Today's post may not be the most upbeat sorry.  I am a bit, eh exhausted.  Maybe it is all the work on this Wellness Event I am doing (insert shameless plug here, have you checked out my Wellness Event).  Today was a loooonnng day.  Just one of those days when the hours ticked by extremely slowly, too slowly.

The day started out pretty good.  I got to sleep late and got a great wake up call via a very wonderful foot rub.   But the day seemed to go downhill from there.  So what kept me going?  Knowing that my amazing husband was slaving away over a hot stove - literally, he made his first roast chicken tonight along with roasted potatoes and vegetables.  Not bad huh?
Chicken and pink fuzzy pants what can be better?

And the dinner was as good as it looked.  It was pretty amazing!  But unfortunately, I needed more.  Today, I have been craving sweets like woah!  Now, I am not one to deny myself of sweets.  I am not a person that believes in good or bad foods.  If I want granola, I will eat it, if I want a piece of chocolate, I will eat that plain and simple.  But today, was a bit over the top.  After my Oreos and milk snack, I found myself yearning for something more.  And that something more came in the name of SUGAR and SWEETS.    I tried to stifle it, to tell myself that I did not need to eat more candy.  To stay away from the Peanut Butter M&Ms in my draw just eating one or two.  I did make it out of my office alive knowing that I would satisfy my craving during dessert (which is also something I do on a daily basis).  So post my wonderful dinner, I went right into a nice slice of apple pie.  And I mean like literally right after dinner I ran to the fridge for the apple pie only to stop to decide to go for the chocolate or the pie - PIE!!!

Ice-cream for a marathoner hell ya!

And after?  Was I full? Yup. Did I have a great well-rounded meal? Yes. Did I try to satisfy my body's cravings? Of course.  But did I want more? You bet ya.  My stomach still craved sweets, needed sweets...so what did I do?  I had a piece of gum and then another.  Now, I am all about satisfying my cravings and needs but stuffing my face is also not the answer when I know I have already given my body what it needs and knowing that eating more would just result in me feeling really stuffed and with a major stomach ache.
Smores Pie - this is kind of like apple right?!?

So here is the part I hate.  The just sitting with it.  Dealing with it.  Whether it be wanting another piece of pie that I know I don't need or debating whether I do actually need something more....I am not going to lie I HATE this part.  I am pretty good about all this stuff, but  I hate that feeling - am I hungry? am I not hungry? am I tired?  What does my body want/need?!? Or maybe it is just hormones (that is Aaron's opinion who is currently also on his second piece of gum after having a yummy Oreo ice cream sandwich), can't we always blame it on random hormones.

Unfortunately, I do not have the magic bullet.  No great answer.  In the end, you just have to listen to your body, try to make a wise decision and learn from your decision (what went right, what went wrong, observe and tweak). Ultimately, be gentle.  It is not easy to honor your hunger or your body.  But guess what?  Every day you get another chance to learn and grow :)

So do you think I am crazy or do you ever experience hungry horrors?

Here is one more for the road because Aaron could not get enough and he did make me dinner...

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