Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Three Ms to Motivation for Marine Corps - Mantras, Music, & Mecnhes

Did you really think this post would be about anything other than MCM?  Seriously, do you really believe I have anything better to talk about?  If you thought this, I am sorry to disappoint you, but this post will, of course, continue to be about MCM.  Sorry all, maybe I just might work in a giveaway tomorrow to ease the pain.  Speaking of which I am still waiting for my third giveaway winner's info please.  Quinnys Mom where are you?

Ok, so lets get down to it.  Mantras, Music, & Menches these are the three Ms that got me through Marine Corps and out the other side - I guess I could add a fourth - cute Marines never ever hurt.  Before I ran the race, I asked you all for some good mantras, I added some of my own and here are a few that worked for me...
Mantras for MCM
1)  Heads up, take it all in, when the going gets tough clear your head, and go back to the basics because running is just putting one foot in front of the other.
2)  It is your day, you are a marathoner!
3)  I am not talking to you.  Sounds like a weird one right? But it worked.  Every time something hurt, I just said stop talking to me ankle (or whatever) and I am not talking to you right now, because today is MY day and I won't talk back.
4)  You will not walk. You may crawl, but you will crawl before you walk.
5)  And probably one of my favorites - just get over this bridge and then glory - everyone will be cheering for you, and there will be bloggers. Liz said this on the bridge to me and it just did it for me.  I kept it with me the whole rest of the race and it kept me going.

Ok? So was that it? Nope, music & menches did it too.  As I mentioned last weekend, I was dedicating miles to people.  I ended writing peoples' names on a long piece of masking tape and putting it on my long sleeve shirt. It worked great.  I did not always use it specifically, but when I struggled I went right to it and it worked like a charm. I imagined these people, their strength, struggle, and what they have done for me and it was like a shot of adrenaline.   Then to add fuel to the fire I paired the music to the people.  It took forever, but it was well worth it!  When songs came on, I thought of my friends and family and powered on.  I also rocked out.  Why not dance and run a bit?  We are running a marathon here, lets have a little fun!

And what a dance party it was!  To make things even better I was only a half of a song off with my playlist.  I hate hate when I make a playlist and it ends and starts over while I am still running a race.  It is soo defeating!  I usually add extra songs to prevent this.  Aaron had suggested looping the last 6 miles worth of songs instead because that was my really good pump up music.  I meant to do this, but I forgot, of course.  But in the end, it all worked out!  To start the music was a mile off, but ultimately it all evened out and I was only one song off.  During the last few minutes of the race, the first song came on again and since I started the iPod before I crossed the starting line, it meant I had it pretty much perfectly right = success!!!


Thats about all for now.  Have you ever dedicated miles?  Do you obsess over your iPod playlist?  Do you mind when it starts over?

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