Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Elusive PR - My Fears

First things first - we have a winner of the Road ID Sweepstakes and it is Cheryl!  This lady is too cute. Congrats Cheryl, e-mail me. 

So amidst all the post-MCM excitement, there is little thing I have not really been talking about much called Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon.  And I happen to be running it, uhhhh this weekend.  Oops?!?  Now, I have not forgotten about this race, but it is also not something I have been really "training" for.  The focus of this past month has been recovery.  My long runs have meant 8 miles at most, and my weekly runs have been short and as fast as my legs will allow.

But now we are here, it is Vegas time baby!! I love Vegas and I can't wait.

Yay Vegas - it means M&M World!

But what about the actual race, you know that 13.1 I am running on Sunday that I have not trained for.  Today, I really started to consider this race and what my strategy is going to be and well, truth be told, I would love love to PR!  But a PR for me would be 1:47:14 - oh gosh!!! I have not seen those days in a looooonnnng time and my speed is not what it used to be.

So I consulted this wise lady, who might as well hurry up and get her coaching certification.  And we came up with some numbers about how to PR and boy are they scary.  They involve some low 8 numbers for too long of time.  When I asked her if she thought I could do it, she said as long as I stayed positive and did not let negative thoughts in my head.   She knows me too well. And I think I could do that, stay positive, at least I hope!

What is really holding me back though is FEAR! I am afraid of the idea of not being able to hold on to those low 8 numbers, of positive splitting (like always), and of struggling....When I sat down to discuss this with Aaron, he said why not go for it.  And why not?! When I put these fears down on paper, they seem kind of silly.  Why am I so scared?  If I get out there and go and can't do it, so what, at least I tried.  This race was and is supposed to be for fun.  It was not supposed to my race of the season (I did that, it was amazing, I want more of that), so there really "should" not be so much pressure.  I should just be able to go out there and have fun.  So folks that is what I am going to try and do.  I will get out there with the intention of going fast, and just see how it goes.  If I can do it, great.  If not, well that is why they call it a PR, there is always next time (and there will be a next time!)

How about you all, are you afraid of the elusive PR?

No fear I am marathoner, only kisses from this lady!

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