Friday, October 21, 2011

True Life Addictions - I am Addicted to!

So I know I wrote yesterday Que Sera Sera, but you all know that the first thing I did this morning was go to my favorite website in the world -  I just can't help it!!  So you can imagine the smile that went across my face when I say partly sunny high of 65 low of 48.  SCORE!!  That's not the weather for today, if you though that, but for race day..seriously?!?  don't you know everything revolves around race day.

But sigh, of course, I am not that easily satisfied and when I checked the forecast again later today it has become high of 60 low of 45, partly cloudy.  More troublesome are the days before the marathon, showers!!!  So of course my logic is that if it rains days before the marathon, it will also run on the day of the marathon.  I know I can't control the weather, I know it will be what it will be.  I just REALLY want it to be 55 and partly sunny with no wind (unless it helps me) that too much to ask?!? Maybe....

If it rains, will I get there and go?  Yes of course! But am I praying very hard for no rain?  You better believe it!

In the meantime, I am going to try hard not to worry about it and instead focus on my last long run of the training cycle, a total of 6.2 tomorrow morning and to make it better I am running with my favorite running buddy as well as this girl who decide to come travel to us and join in on the fun.  I started this blog to find wonderful people to connect and run with.  I longed to be one of those "cool" girls that had friends to run with and had other runners to do races with.  And today as I was tweeting about tomorrow's run date, I realized that I have that!   Whether it was last night's decision for a group of us to run a 5K together in December, or today's confirming of a weekly run date, I can't help but smile.  Running with friends = WIN! Just can't get much better.  So on tap for tomorrow 6.2 at 10K race pace.  Will it be a perfect 10K pace, ehhh we will see...When runner ladies are out and about, it is hard not to chat it up instead of saving my breath for running fast.  But on the other hand these ladies push me to go faster and reach higher :)

Are you obsessed with  If it rains on race day, do you have any good tips for me?

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