Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the Name of the 26.2 & A Quick Boston Friendly Giveaway

Regardless of the fact that I have been downing tea and nuun (speaking of which, giveaway on this to come), I have not been 100% with it.  I am hoping that these past two days are my sick taper time and that I will get through this and be ready for the marathon (knock on wood).  In talking to others about this, it seems like I am not alone in crashing after their big 20 miler or other long run (whatever that number may be).  While I never want to hear that others are sick, I am glad I am not alone.  But this little blip on the radar has made me sit up and take notice.  Lately, I have been juggling a million balls in the air and have been waiting for one of them to drop. I am managing VP of Programming for my Temple Sisterhood (with two big events coming), Christmas in the City (more on this later), a large house party on Saturday night, a full time job, and oh yea, lets not forget about marathon training.  Besides all this, I have kept our social calendar full. 

Coming back from our trip to NJ this weekend, I knew somewhere down deep that things had to change, at least for the next few weeks.  I spoke about this earlier on my blog, but I am committed to my 26.2.  And as much as I don't want to send selfish or snobby, that is my goal right now and if it means giving up other things in the meantime, that is how it is going to be.  I am not going to shy away from my responsibilities and commitments that I have already but there are other things that have had to give.  Thus last night's massage, no matter how much I wanted it, had to be canceled.  Tomorrow's dinner date is tentative and our temple Sukkah event Friday night is a no go.  Yup, I had us scheduled going out doing something every night this week. So far I am 0 for 2.  Pretty good hmm?  Tonight, I am suppose to go to a meeting.  I feel bad because I have missed the past few meetings but if I go I will get home pretty late and I am just not feeling so well.  These sort of things just get to me.  I want to be responsible, make sure I do what I have committed to but on the flip side I am pretty much married in commitment to 26.2 and thus I may just not get there.

It is pretty much my fault that I have been a little bit overly ambitious lately and excited to have all this time post law school, but now is the time to readjust and realize that getting to 26.2 is not just about logging miles or spelling out nutrition plans or making play lists.  It is also about changes in your own life - it is making sacrifices, staying in, sleeping more.  I knew this was true all along.  But this point, the changing your other normal commitments in your day-to-day world has just really started to hit I am sorry to everyone who is suffering because of me, I promise I will resume some sense of normality (whatever that means soon enough).

Speaking of which, I am running the Bay State Half Marathon on Sunday.  Genuis that I am, I have a party at my house with ooo 40 people the night before (no problem).  I also have scheduled myself into this awesome blogger brunch at 10:30 a.m. after the race and a trip to a megamaze the day of the race.  Uhhh...Steph, really? Have you not just read your own post?  Needless to say, I have known for some time that I may not make the brunch but I have been putting this off because I really really really wanted to go. This thing is going to be amazing.  Today, cemented it though, I just won't be able to do both.  I can't get to the brunch by 10:30 if the race starts at 8:30 - I am just not that fast people.

But what is bad news for me, is good news for you!!! I am giving away my brunch ticket. 

So this is not just any brunch, but a Boston Bruncher Brunch commerating their one year event.  Do you live in Boston? If you do and you have not heard of this, you are doing yourself a disjustice. This group is the coolest - mainly you meet other bloggers, go for brunch and get to try out the must eclusive restaurants and many times for free. Ohh and there are lots of other free prizes and goodie bags too.  The one coming up is going to top it all.  It is at the Island Creek Oyster Bar, on Sunday October 16th at 10:30.  So for free you get this amazing brunch (french toast, yes, muffins, yes!) and by the way you get this amazing goodie bag and have the chance to win a ton of prizes!  This thing is sponsored by everyone - Boston Ballet, Eversave, Pretzel Crisps, Pinkberry, Stonyfield Farm and more!!!  Seriously, I am sooo bummed, but then again, marathon training!

So what do you have to win this thing...I am not going to make it hard for you all. This is a quick giveaway. I have to pick someone by Friday morning.  Just leave me a comment.  Tell me some good hydration and fuel tips as I bonked at my last attempt and your in and that's it.  Also, if you want to increase your chances or just want to chat with me, tell me have you made some sacrifices in the name of 26.2?

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