Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Fall Friday & First Blogger Award

Its that time again, Fall Friday!!!  I thought I would make this Fall Friday a combination with the Blogger Award I just received.  Check this out

It is my first blogger award ever!!!  Thanks Lizzy!! And the deal with this award is you have to tell three things about yourself and then pass on to five other bloggers.  So I am going to do it Fall style - what other way is there really?!?  So without further ado:

1) I love Fall.  Duh?!? And why?!?  Well so many reasons but largely because of the LEAVES!  It is just miraculous watching these leaves change.  This past weekend Aaron and I made our yearly trip up to the White Mountains to see the leaves.  I am like a kid on Christmas when we go up there, between squealling and clapping. I love my leaves!  If you can, I highly recommend going to the White Mountains in NH, there is nothing like it.

I told you, I love love LOVE leaves!!!!  But look at this view....

2)  I possibly have the best Grandparents in the world who came all the way from NJ to come hang out with me for the weekend in Massachusetts and help me decorate my house in full out fall decor (more on this next week but just a little preview).

3) Hmmm...what else? Next week is my October 15th part (more next week) and it is a big fall bash (feel free to come if you are in the area) but I need good fall food recipes.  I am a good cook, but I confess my husband is better than me these days!  Tell me some good recipes for my party please and seriously if you are in the Boston area and want to come, let me know!!!


My Nominations

Samantha at Because I Can

Lesley at Race it Off

Heidi at RunAroundARoo

Well, Happy Fall Friday to all!!! Let me know, what is everyone up to this weekend?  Good luck to my ladies running - special shout out to the Chicago Runners especially Mary & Tina these ladies rock.  I am doing an 18 mile race this weekend and turing it into 20.  So nervous!! Give me some encouragement and love!! :)

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