Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dean Karnazes & Pink Berry

Last night was the night I have been waiting for since I registered for this event in oh late July.  Nope it was not an awesome night time half marathon or a wedding or anything like that, actually this was even better, well maybe not better than a wedding, but you get the picture!!! Last nigh, I went to North Face/Marathon Sports' Speaker Series Edition featuring none other than the Ultra Marathon Man himself, Dean Karnazes.

Last spring, my then running buddy introduced me to this guy and I pretty much went wild for him to say the least.  He has been my inspiration.  If Dean can run a marathon in the South Pole, I can surely run one in Washington, D.C.  I often read a chapter or a few pages of one of Dean's books the night before a big run and find myself using his words for courage and inspiration the next day.

If you are not familiar with Dean, it is time to come into the light because this man is amazing!  Not only has he run 200 person relays as a one man team, run inside the White House, and run 100 mile races, he has also run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days!  The man is just utterly amazing.  Now, I don't necessarily see myself running any Western State 100 milers in the near future.  But I still find so much hope and inspiration from this man nonetheless.  Absolutely check out his book or should I say books, dvds, blogs - you name it.  Its a good thing because I can't get enough of Dean K a.k.a Karno.

So anyway, Aaron and I sped drove safely into Boston last night for this event and splurged on the costly tickets - $20 each - for the special reserved seating and cocktail hour beforehand.   As we made our way into the cocktail hour, luck was with me, and in walked Dean.  I debated for a second whether to intrude or to just go for it and talk to him right then just as he was getting settled.  I couldn't help it.  This was my chance!!  So I went for it, what can I say I am not shy.  There I was telling Dean how much I loved him and essentially how obsessed I was with him.  Let us just lay it all out on the table, shall we ;).  He signed my books and even took a picture with me.

As I walked away, I said to Aaron, I just gushed.  He replied "Yea, you did, you would have pretty much slept with him."  I decided to take the high road "I never gush!"  Aaron agreed.  Then I pretty much stood around watching Dean talk to others until I realized that I did not get a poster like everyone else. And then like the sucker fan I am snuck in with my friend to ask Dean for the poster too.  I am such a wonderful running loser :)

The rest of the night went wonderfully.  We went to Dean's speech and he was absolutely amazing.  Of course.   And to end the night, we did it perfectly - hit up Pink Berry.  A perfect way to end the night.  And that's that.

Of course today was not as good, until I got home and got this....and then this...Clif graciously sent me some awesome yummy treats for training :) :)

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