Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taper Crazies and the Hubby to the Rescue

Well it is official.  I have entered it - Taper Crazies....or maybe I am already crazy as this tee-shirt may in fact suggest...

So I know I promised a nuun giveaway and I promise it will happen, but after today I had to report back on, well, my day...so the Nuun giveaway will have to wait one more day.  I am sorry!

Now what happened you ask?  The answer, well...in one day I have created a new meaning of taper crazies, the "Run for Fun" definition of taper crazies...uhh..but not so fun.

Taper Crazies - a manic state that runners enter 13 days before a marathon that lead to massive amounts of tears, the inability to concentrate, frantic calls to doctors,  too many tweets, and just general freak outs

It all started last night when I tried to get some feedback on how to get rid of my blisters.
Ewww gross that is my foot and not even the worst part...

While everyone was super helpful and amazing and I can't thank everyone enough, it still freaked me out because I am sooo under prepared.  People started to tell me that I should have a half size larger on my shoes.  Apparently, I once again, missed the freakin memo!! And now we are 12 days out and given my summer of shoe sorrows, trying new shoes does not look like a possibility.   Commence the massive freaking out here! What am I going to do about my blisters?!? I can't get rid of them, I don't know what the best way to handle them is, I can't decide.  Ultimately, I am a mess!


Enter freak out number 2 - the side stitches. Not sure what to do about that, know the advice I have received, trying to implement it, but it is still fairly scary and nerve racking = crazy crazy Stephanie!

Take those things into account and what do you get - a crazy, upset, blubbering Stephanie.  As I ran around this morning getting for work, I just worried more.  Adding fuel to fire, I could not manage to get myself ready for work in time or find anything I needed to bring with me and ended up late for work.  The day was just full of sadness, worries, unneeded tears, anxiety, and fears....I feel like I am a weak, first time runner. Come on Steph it is JUST a marathon (hahaha, like I would ever believe that).   But yet here I am freaking out (have I mentioned that I am freaking out yet?)  

So what can be done to help stifle taper crazies?  A taper crazy hallmark edited to my liking...you won't believe it until you see it...
If you are having trouble reading it, here is what its said, Aaron's add-ins are in italics...

"On the journey of my life, every tomorrow is a running path waiting to be walked run, Seek out what makes you happy (i.e. running marathons).  Keep moving in the direction of your dreams + the finish line.  If the past water belts weighs you down, leave behind those things  water bottles that can't be changed refilled...Leave behind each "should have..." and if only..." "...I run faster"  Travel lightly and carry only what you need (e.g., water, nuun, GU, shot blocks) as well as hope, love, and belief in your self

Every Step, no matter how small, will take you somewhat closer to the finish line until one day, a few hours later you'll look back at how far you've come...and be amazed that you ran 26.2 miles

Remember...you're not alone.  Others (e.g., running buddies, friends, + family) are beside you, believing in you and looking forward to the day when life is your feet are much better for you.

This card was the closest thing to a marathon moral boost.  A few minor edits were necessary to maximize the effect.  I love you, believe in you, and will always be there because you're my crazy b***ch

End result, snap out of it Steph, you are very very lucky!

Have you ever experienced taper crazies? What is your definition of taper crazies?

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