Saturday, October 1, 2011

Facing Fears For Fifteen!!!

Ok third times a charm for the Allied Medal Display case it is this lady from will run for margaritas  Yay! I love this lady, email me gal! I am sorry I could not wait for the other two winners, I promise I tried hard!!

Well, once again we made it - 15 miles and 2:16 minutes later we are still alive standing strong with a smile on our faces - what can really be better (except a whole lot of food post-run and a husband who stretches your legs after, oh and new Bondi Bands - make sure you find me to get one of your own!).

So remember all those worries that I had all week?  Well I ticked off, one by one today - go figure!  I was very very fearful coming into this run.  But I was also excited.  When did I start getting excited about long runs?  I used to dread them.  Now they are one of my favorite times of the week. Maybe it is running with such an awesome woman, maybe it is feeling strong and fueling right and loving my body, maybe it is all these fun races or maybe it is really all these things that just put a huge smile on my face come Saturday mornings.  But despite the large smiles there was a lot of fears but hey is was fifteen so I was going to face those fears whether I liked or not

Top Five Fears for Fifteen

5) The shoes -  So lately I have been worrying a bit about my sneakers.  I have been wearing my sneakers everywhere.  I am so nervous about wearing heels or anything else that I have chosen to wear sneakers everywhere.  Well, as much as I love my Brooks, they don't always love me back.  The left heel just always seems to dig into my ankle no matter what I do.  I have a few and by a few, I mean five,  other pairs of the same Brooks and have been starting to wear a new pair in that feels much better.  But I did not know if they were ready for 15 especially with the potential for rain.  My dear running partner dealt with me once again and we decided on the old ones, I slapped a bandaid on the back of the heel and went at it.

Result: Not perfect, but no blisters and I made it through!

4) Nutrition:  I am a Shot Blok kind of gal but the Shot Bloks are BIG, even when I cut them in half, plus I can't eat them unless I stop and walk.  So I tried a Gu today.  Those things kind of freak me out but...

Result:  At Mile 7.5 right before our long 4 mile uphill portion of the run, I ripped open one while running.  Luckily the running buddy told me whats what.  Drink water before and after to coat your stomach she said and you should be ok and your legs should feel magical soon!  But she did advise going with Pineapple GU of Hammer Gel next time.  Not the best thing I have ever eaten but you know what, my legs had this crazy spring even Running Buddy commented as such = success!

3) Hydration: Last week = major dehydration.  I am still working on wearing the Running/Fuel Belt, but running buddy let me share hers until I figure that out. I carbed up and hydrated well on Thursday and Friday and before my run on Saturday with some water and nuun.  I drank every two miles just like the Running Buddy.

Result: Success, no dehydration or lack of energy here!

2) The Need to Pee!!:   So I have yet to really discuss this on the blog but I do worry a lot about what to do about bathroom stops for running.  Do I stop, do I squat, do I just let it flow?

Result: Let it flow!! Twice in fact!! I only told the Running Buddy after the fact. Hey! I like my privacy too.  It was gross and warm and I worried about chaffing, too much information?!? Sorry, but it worked. I lived. No chaffing either = success.

1) The Rain:  Have we talked about my fear of the rain yet? Yup, if you have not gotten the message yet, I am scared of running in the rain.

Result:  When it rains and you are on a trail at Mile 10, there is not much you can do.  It was actually so wonderful and refreshing.  It was not a crazy downpour, so it was a nice ease into learning how to run in the rain.

Oooo yea, one more.  Did you forget about this one - the pain in my leg which pretty much is my IT Band.  Yup I have been feeling this all week since my last long run.  I have been stretching like crazy and my wonderful husband has been helping me stretch my legs out but the pain is still there...

Results:  The first half was not too bad, the last few miles were a little painful especially when I stopped.  But I powered through.  Running Buddy said you could not even tell.  I could tell. I am freaking out still on the inside.  But I am continuing to do all the right things - foam rolling, icing, PT, the like. And I am doing whatever it takes to get to Marine Corps.  So watch out, HERE I COME!

How was everyone's long run? Can't wait to hear about all your victories from this weekend :)

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