Friday, October 28, 2011

Motivational Mantras & Mensches for Marine Corps Marathon!

As we all know, while marathons are somewhat about the physical (you know just somewhat), a lot of it is about the mental game.  How can you keep your head in the game when the going gets tough?  There are some days when it just seems impossible, where you try and dig deep but can't find anything.  It seems like those days when you need to have your mental game the most that it is nowhere to be found.  And there are other days where it is so hard or hurts so good but you can muster those favorite mantras and power it to bring it home.  To me, it seems like a fine line, sometimes I have the energy to push through and stay motivated and positive and sometimes I just don't have the fight within me.  On those days, when I don't have the fight within me, I need these sayings or mantras & mensches the most.  It is these things that really get me through, and on Sunday they will push me as a demolish the WALL.

So let's start with the latter.  What is a mensch?  A mensch is a Yiddish meaning a person of integrity and honor.  So what does this have to do with marathons?  For me, I run with mensches all the time. Yes, they are my running partners.  But they are also people that are not running with me.  They are my mother, mother-in-law, my husband, my coach.  When the going gets tough, I imagine these people.  I know that they will get me through.  I think of everything they have taught me and given to me, I imagine them with me, looking over my shoulder and guiding me, pushing me, and moving me along.  It is these people that see me through.

For the marathon, I will take strength and courage from them.  For each mile, I will dedicate a mile to one of these people.  When things get tough, I will remember that they are with me, that I am running for them, with them, and because of them.  I plan to write their names on the top of my visor, so I don't forget them and so they can continue to look over me, as they always have.  As weird as this may sounds each of the miles chosen for these people has much meaning to me and are strategically placed to help me at the right times.  I plan on dedicating miles to many people (not listing all here) but some include my parents, grandparents, sibling, my mother-in-law, Aaron (of course, who offered that I could dedicate the entire last 6.2 to him, but he decided it was a cop-out), some of my amazing running friends - Erin, Liz, Robin, Colleen, Lindsay, and Samantha (yes you get your own miles), and Mali & Talia (Stephen came along too, hehe, of course he is included!).  Also, I am dedicating some miles to people who would love to but can't run :( I will run for them.

So what else will get me through?  Mantras!  You have to have mantras, right?  Throughout this training process, I have come up with a few of my own and have borrowed some from others, they include

1) Dig Deep
2) Never Give Up, Never Surrender
3) Stephanator!
4) Don't Deny Your Awesomeness
5) "Pain is temporary, a marathon is forever"
6) Run Hard, Run Strong, Run Proud, Run Happy
7) One Day I Will No Longer Be Able to Run, Today is NOT that day
8) Push Hard, Train Hard, Run Hard

Ok, that is only 8 mantras people and I have 26.2 miles to go!! Help me out, tell me some of your favorite mantras please.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and if you are not racing, come cheer us in D.C. or via Twitter (its all the same, you know...)

 Look at me Dad, I already crossed the finish line, well sorta....
 Attempting a jumping picture without the high speed camera = crazy fail
Loving the new marathon jacket

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