Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quarantine: The Sickals

With the marathon in T-Minus 4 days, my house is on quarantine or rather should I say my husband.   That's right, you guessed it, both Aaron and I are not feeling so well.  While my symptoms mirror, pure exhaustion his are more acute - lots of coughing, loss of voice, and scratchy throat.  So all I can say is I am freaking out.  But am I surprised?  No, not all.  Ever since college, I have an uncanny ability to get sick right before big events - big tests, exams, you name it.  Now that I think about it, I was sick before my first half and Disney half, if that is supposed to be comforting.  I know it happens to the best of us and I know that the immune system is suppressed blah blah blah, but that does not make it any easier...

Now, back to Aaron and this cold.  I know I should be tending to his very needs, giving him big hugs, and kisses but in all honesty, I am NOT.  It is not that I don't love my husband.  I love him sooo much and want him to get better so badly.  But here is the thing, every time Aaron gets sick, I don't just catch his cold, I catch the super bug.  It is like Aaron's cold on crack. Yup there I said it.  So given the fact that I am already not feeling so well combined with Aaron's ability to give me his colds, I figure I am pretty much screwed.  But I AM running a marathon in four days, so I cannot and will not get sick!! Right?!?!

Thus, Operation Quarantine it is! Aaron and I have spent the day conversing from a distance.  He is currently on the other side of the couch while I remind him to cover his mouth when he coughs.  He enjoyed dinner because I made it, declaring that I did not want him touching my food.  As we move closer to each other, we cover our faces with our shirts....and yes he is being quarantined to the spare bedroom tonight.  So do you think I am the biggest jerk ever?  I guess I pretty much am.  I explained to Aaron, hey I am running a marathon. His response, I am not even questioning it. What an amazing guy!! I don't deserve him.

So for now, we are drinking lots of water, lots of tea, and lots of Orange Juice, hoping and praying that we get better/don't get sick.  Plus there is this random pain in my ankle that I am not appreciating right is going to be ok right?!?

Do you get sick before big events?  Do you get random fun pains?  Can you keep me calm?

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