Thursday, October 20, 2011

Que Sera Sera

My mother-in-law was a very very wise woman.  Right before she passed away,  she told her children in more ways than one "Que Sera Sera."  Even when she was suffering, she found peace and was able to accept what life had dealt her.  

I have learned many lessons from my mother-in-law and while she is no longer with me, I often spend time with her in my head, through pictures, and dreams.  This phrase "Que Sera Sera," which is the title of a poem and also a song brings me back down to reality again and again.  So much so that I even found a hip hop version to add to my playlist, of course.

Over the past couple of days, I have been a little bit uhhh crazy can we say? I have worried about blisters, side stitches, food consumption, hydration, and lets not even start in about my obsession with, it is just unhealthy, if you were wondering. But then I received a comment that made me stop, one telling me that while I can worry about all of these things, in the end, in a few days, no matter what (knock on wood) I would be having one of the best days of my life and dominating 26.2  That same morning as those words came into my Inbox,  I was listening to Dean on the elliptical machine (book on tape - try it, its amazing) and he gave me similar advice.  He said that yes getting to the marathon in all different ways can be stressful and difficult as well as uncontrollable.  But to try your best not to let this worry you as much as possible because you can't control everything and just to have a blast.

Finally, that night another woman put this in perspective for me.  This is a BIG event for you, she explained.  It us almost like planning a wedding.  While you may not have booked a caterer, you have worked and invested a lot of yourself in this event and you want it to go perfectly.  But ultimately she said, as the saying goes, "You plan and G-d laughs."  Because nothing is ever going to be perfect, it will be what it will be.  In order words,

Que Sera Sera 

As always, my mother-in-law is always around me, always guiding me, always telling me to CHILL OUT STEPH!  To realize that you can't control everything and you just have to go with it.  Am I still worried about my blisters? Yes!  Do I still check  You know it.  But am I trying to put things in perspective?  I really am!  This is a very exciting time in my life, I could spend it worrying and freaking out 100% of the time, or I could enjoy it.  So for now, I will enjoy it.  Enjoy the rest day tomorrow, enjoy my 6.2 with the running lady, and enjoy that JetBlue is letting me fly to D.C. Friday instead of Saturday for NO CHANGE FEE (oooh wait, I did not tell you about that one, more on that later and how it always pays to be a runner, I promise).

That's it for now folks.  Can someone please me remind me of this tomorrow when Weather.Com finally shows the race day forecast and I decide to have a mental breakdown over it.  Oh well, at least it will be a good blog post.

Who is racing this weekend?  How do you let go and just go along for the ride?  How do you come your nerves pre-big race?

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