Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Friday - A Post for Mom

The winner of the brunch is Mdasse02! Email me!! Congrats :)

I am so excited to share this post with you all today because it is absolutely my favorite fall story and about to be my favorite holiday of the year! That is right, tomorrow October 15th is a holiday! Did you miss that one on your calendar because it is on mine.  In my house, ever since I was young October 15th was the most important holiday of the year and I wanted to share with you why.

When my mother was a young girl, she did the most intelligent thing ever, she created her own holiday.  The legend is that one day she woke up, walked downstairs, and told her parents, Today is my favorite day of the year. The leaves are changing, it is beautiful out, it is my favorite day of the year.  Pretty genuis right?  She in essence created her own holiday.   Since that time, my family has celebrated October 15th just as if it were a national holiday.  We buy a cake and get cards and presents for my mom (speaking of which my card seems like it will be a little late eekk sorry mom!, dad go buy one for me and make it look like it is from me ooops).  Even my mom's friends would send her cards and buy her presents.  Don't you wish you thought of this?

October 15th Pumpkin!

Fast foward, a few years, and you have me up in college in Boston realizing how much more amazing Fall is in New England than New Jersey (sorry New Jerseyites, but it is true).  I still wanted to celebrate October 15th but I was too busy with school, so instead I would go celebrate by going out with family in the area and the hubby for Chinese food, my mom's favorite (don't even try to ask her to try her dish, nope, no sharing for this lady). But last year, I was finally DONE with school so I innocently asked my husband if we could have an October 15th Party = this....

Guess who made this - not me! The husband! 

I loveeee LEAVES!

This year, now that we have moved into a house, I have made no exception. Yes, I may be racing a half marathon the next day, but it is October 15th people and I intend to party like it is 1999 (did I really just say that...sorry).  So Saturday night we have 35 of our closest friends coming to celebrate the best day of the year (clearly) and I can't wait, bring it on.  The house is decorated, the pie is in the oven (ok not really, but we will be having ice cream cake), and pumpkin carving is underway, so let's hear if for October 15th! Bring it on :) :)

Happy October 15th!  Anyone have their own holiday? Would you like to adopt this one?  It is totally open to all to celebrate :)

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