Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Part II - Hugging the Pavement

So where did we leave off...oh right, turning that dreaded corner.  Well, I got lucky, no hill, but we did make our second turn and it just seemed to go on forever.....  Soon enough, but not really that soon, I saw the finish!  Geez the finish line could not have been farther away. In reality, it had to be only .20 of  a mile but it seemed like foreverrrr!!

Here I go! Look at me shuffle!

Then it was over (not to be mellow dramatic or anything like that).  I crossed the finish line and was ready to pass out, I started to walk and pretty much keeled over, holding the rope for support...There were great volunteers and one boy (who was probably 13, not that I should talk I got carded for buying a lottery ticket last weekend) started walking with me, asking me if I was ok, and what did I need - this was awesome.  I managed to gasp water.  I then shuffled in a haze over to a white tent (one tent away from the medical tent, way to go Steph you could not have made it two more steps?) except this was not the medical tent but the massage tent (what can I say...I live for massages?) and proceeded to lie down, yes lie down on the pavement.  I felt soooo bad.  I thought I was going to pass out (don't worry Grandma, I am alive, did not pass out, stop freaking out. It is ok).  I must have stayed there for ooo 45 minutes during which I laid on a pillow full of ice (amazing) and had ice chips.

Can you click on this and tell me what is on my nose?

Eventually, I made it the two steps to the medical tent and they hosed me down and gave me a sugar cookie, which I ate while being hosed down (probably not the wisest of things to do).  This resulted in the best soaked sugar cookie ever! I was soo sad when there was no more.


From there, I made my way back to my "bed" (i.e., the floor) in the massage tent and waited, oh just an hour plus for a massage (told you I live for them).  But  I could not move, I could not stretch and it took me like two hours to eat two bags of pretzels so I could care less as far as I was concerned, the pavement was a Westin bed.  I did, however, feel awful that my dad and Aaron had to wait, but I was no shape to get in a car anyhow, unfortunately.

As I started to come back to life, I realized how bad the heat had hit others. It seriously looked like a war zone.  I thought I was bad, but there were so many people worse off around me getting hosed down, getting treated by the paramedics, suffering from awful cramps...I asked my dad later who the hell thought of starting this race at 10:30 anyway, he remarked "A non-runner."  True Dad.  Very true.

Ultimately, I got my massage, well worth the wait.  Started to become normal again, and we jumped (also known as my waddle) in the car for a grueling, traffic filled ride home. Upon arriving home, I knew I had not eaten nearly enough, so we order a silician pizza and went for icecream.  I was stuffed, but given the days activities probably really needed more, which is why as of yesterday at 9 a.m. (a.k.a "the day after") and I have already eaten my 10 a.m. snack with breakfast at 8 a.m. ooops?!?  I also, uhh, how do I put this, missed the whole shower thing.  Are you offiically never reading this blog again?  Yes, I am totally the grossest person ever and fell asleep before showering after the race..  Its not my fault I promise, just like the stretching, sometimes other things like lying on the pavement, come first.  You know how it is.  I am all showered now, don't worry!

So what can I take from all this? I realized after the race that for most of the end of the race it was not the pain that killed me but the lack of hydration.  My hip actually cooperated pretty well and it was only my quads that hurt most on race day as well as a side stitch, I will take it...?  Hydration I can and will learn from.  This was probably the hottest day I have run all summer minus the 15 mile humidity day with Liz in D.C.  So if I did not learn then, I have learned now - hot equals hydrate hydrate hydrate, and then when you think you are hydrated, hydrate some more.  Also carry Gatorade.  While I love nuun, it does not give the carbs you need when you just can't eat anymore.  At Mile 15, I tried more Shot Bloks but my body was not having it. Had I had Gatorade, it would have provided much needed relief, I think?  They did have Gatorade on the course, but Lemon-Lime and ugh that stuff makes me want to puke. 

Otherwise, the big thing I am still trying to learn from is post-race how to recoop the best.  Post-race does not lend to my massive stretching, ice bath, and relax routine which means today I am totally out of it and still sore.  Hmmm...yea...any advice?

Final stats: 20 miles - 3:16 mins
18 miler: 2:58:27
Age group: 23/58
Female: 125/357
Overall: 371/798
Ok, is that enough? Are you sick of me yet?  How were all your runs and races this weekend?  How do you all manage your routine post race to ensure a good recovery?

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