Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Perfect Run

You ever have one of those days you feel like you are flying, light as can be, like no one can catch you (even if people are passing you).  Just one of those days where you hit your times, where it feels easy even when it might be a little hard still and where you have a smile plastered on your face the whole time....

They look like this right...sure I am running here

These were what my runs were like on both Thursday and Saturday of this week.  I am sure I am in for a dozzy (how do you even spell that?!?) for the next run.  But for now I will just smile and continue to gush to you all about how I have had two glorious runs.  I spend so much time lately being hard myself, not realizing that I am doing great, and that the work is paying off.  That needs to stop.  A few years ago, I would not be counting these runs as "perfect runs" - they were not the times I would have wanted to see, they were still hard at points, and they would not be considered my "very best."  Yet, these two past runs have given me perspective.  I will get back to the times I want  and even if I don't I am working hard, training, and having a blast!  Its been a long time since I have felt that way and its quite a glorious feeling.  It is why I say I run right....for fun...

So the runs.  On Thursday, I had 3 fast miles on tap.  I wanted to push, I wanted to do my best.  I got there and I did.  I kept my pace around 8 minutes and was ecstatic.  Was I also ready to throw up?  Sure, but that is just an indicator of a good run, right?  I came home gloating to Aaron (him and I are in a little bit of a running show down lately...more to come in a later post) and felt that wonderful runner's high all day long.

Forever recycled, always my favorite

But yesterday, yesterday was perfect.  I had 12 miles on tap.  The plan was that I would run the first 8 and meet Aaron at that point.  He was running 8 with the jogging stroller so we would do our last 4 miles together and hope the paces synced up.

I started and right off, I knew today would be my day.  The weather was a runner's dream and I felt light and airy.  As the first miles came in, I looked at the times in disbelief, even as I headed up a long 3 mile stretch uphill I was holding steady and feeling incredible.   9:03, 9:06, 9:15....

I was enjoying reminiscing with all my old favorite tunes, such as Glee and more Glee (the best running music, I swear!).  8:56, 9:20, 9:18, 8:59

The best part of this run however, hands down, started at Mile 8.  I saw Aaron and Lee and began clamping and screaming.  I was wondering if Aaron would make it to me on time and he was there for 10 minutes waiting! I was so impressed - 4 miles uphill with a stroller is hardcore!  9:13

My boys

I asked him "if he was ready to go fast?"  He said "what do you mean by fast?" I said "well 9s and it is down hill."  He nodded and said "it is downhill."

So off we went still feeling like I was flying...on top of the world so to speak.  Lee was enjoying his time by blowing raspberries and saying "ahhhh."  To which I had to respond with my own raspberries and ahhs.  Aaron was well...kicking ass.  At one point I looked down at my watch and saw 8:30s.  I kept him encouraging him, until he had to encourage me!!! He started to pick up the speed and dig deep and we pushed each other to the end...although I will admit it, and am happy to do so, he finished first!!!! 9:18, 9:02,  9:05, 8:55

Ok this is from 18 months ago but it sums Saturday's run up perfectly...nothing more attractive than a husband beating you at running...

This run was all that I could hope for.  It took 1:49:33.  Other times I would not be smiling from ear to ear.  Other times I would think I used to run a half in 1:47 or 1:51.  Not today.  Today I recognize where I am and know that there is no number defining perfect.  My runs are not defined by whether I beat a PR from 5 years ago or not.  They are not necessarily about if you hurt or not, because at points I did hurt.  But for me, these runs, these perfect runs were about enjoying time with my family, seeing my husband begin to become the runner I know he can be, and feel as if I am flying whether that is 7 minute miles or 11 minute miles.

Post run bliss

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and father's day!

Tell me, what is your definition of a perfect run?

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