Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fear of the Baby Registry

It may seem silly but one of my biggest fears during this pregnancy has been tackling the elusive baby registry.   Clearly, this comes after the fears of Baby B being healthy etc., but otherwise my first fear was not originally about breastfeeding well or baby sleeping techniques (those came later), the first big fear was the Baby Registry.  It just seemed overwhelming!  What does a baby need?  How do I know what to get?  What do I need absolutely as soon as the baby is born and what are the "extras?"  I know, I know, people kept telling me that babies do not need that much and that it is not that big of a deal, but honestly, if you know me and my Type A personality those statements were never ever going to fly or calm me down.

Luckily, back in June, a good friend of mine recommended I go out and buy the Baby Bargains book and it saved my life and a lot of stress for me and for my very supportive husband. 

At first, this book also seemed pretty big and overwhelming, but taking it one step at a time, one category at a time made it much more manageable and much much more fun.  Essentially, the book consists of several chapters each focusing on different products (e.g., one chapter on car seats another chapter on bedding another on clothing etc.).  Within the chapters, the book gives some general advise on what to look for in the general product (e.g., what to look for in a car seat) and then lays out all the different manufacturers and their options.  If you don't want to read through each option, you can also just look at their recommendations which range from the "O.K." to the "Great" choices.

So every few weeks, I took up a new topic whether it was car seats or strollers, read up on it, and then Aaron and I hit the stores.  I know a lot of people swear by Babies R' Us but are favorite place is Buy Buy Baby, I have literally spent more days at this store in the past few months than anywhere else.    Imagine Bed Bath and Beyond but for babies and you've got Buy Buy Baby (in fact even better they send us 20% coupons just like Bed and Bath as well as take Bed and Bath coupons as long as they are not expired).  The place has it all including really knowledgeable staff (which I am embarrassed to say probably know us by name by now).  Regardless, by breaking down the registry this way, the trips to Buy Buy have been really enjoyable!  We registered, but only tried to tackle one or two areas at a time.  This way we were not overwhelmed and it was not too much.  And in the end, it worked out really well.  Plus it always allowed us to relax afterwards and hit up our new favorite pizza place!

One other thing that was key, I enlisted a very dear running/mommy friend's help for one visit to Buy Buy.  She was so well informed that the staff literally followed us around to hear her views.  She gave us the details that the book did not - what to use for a diaper rash?  what kind of shampoo to buy? what clothes were really useful etc.?  This really helped me complete the registry.

 Running buddies know all - especially how to dress for Holiday 10ks

In the end, did we get everything on there that I think we need?  No, probably not.  Do I still continually update it?  Yup.  But have I moved on to being neurotic and worrying about other things?  You bet!

How did you tackle the elusive baby registry?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wubby Bootcamp!

Hi all!  I know I know, I never post, no one ever reads this blog, I am unpredictable, but you know what that is pregnancy for me.  So I will continue my random posting and maybe someone out there will be interested and if not, again, at least I still have a record for when the baby is a bit older and can read (you know, at like 5 weeks because our baby is clearly going to be a genius hehe).

Lately, one of my biggest baby worries has not been about Baby B but about our other baby, Baby Wubby. 

I love love Baby Wubby and he is overall a good dog/puppy - we are very lucky.  But that does not mean I have not been super worried about how Baby Wubby and Baby B will get along.  Actually, I was particular worried (a) sleeping arrangements (because up until Sunday Wubby slept in our bed) and (b) Wubby's new found desire to chew random things at random times when our back was turned.

 Wubby thinks he owns the place, apparently this is a problem!

A few weeks ago, we came home to what we refer to as a "tornado" in our bedroom as Wubby had eaten a ton of random things while we were gone.  And, well, this sent me into overdrive - can I blame the pregnancy hormones yet again? Poor Aaron had to listen to many talks of how I felt overwhelmed about the idea of caring for a baby and watching Wubs 24/7.  At that point, I really did not think it was possible.  I was super super nervous about the idea of turning my back for a second and what Wubby would do, or rather chew in the meantime.

Luckily, in the past week, we have initiated what I like to call "Wubby Bootcamp" and I am feeling a whole lot better.  Earlier last week, Wubby's trainer came for a home visit.   And we got some great ideas on how to best calm my fears and work with Wubby.  For instance, I was worried that if I had to run upstairs when the baby woke up from a nap, for instance, and Wubby did not follow me, he might start chewing on the toys, swing, or whatever other baby item was strewn about.  We came up with the idea of having a "Wubby gated area" downstairs to manage that situation (which is harder than it seems because we have no doors and a very open 1st floor).  We also worked on the idea of teaching Wubby "down and stay."  So that he would stay down when I needed him to.  Wubby has been a champ at doing both things although he really does not like to go "down."  He knows what we want him to do but he would rather just stay up for fun (I cannot understand why he gets lots of cheese when he does go down and Wubby loooovveess cheese).

This weekend my fears were eased even more and the "Wubby Bootcamp" really kicked off after we attended Isis's Babies and Barks class led by the owner of the Pawsitive Dog.  (Isis is a Boston base company that provides a number of different parenting resources for New England parents everything from stores, consults, classes etc.)  Aaron was actually the one who suggested we take the class and I was so happy we did (although he may have been ready to kill me as I asked a question about every two minutes).

The class pretty much taught us that we have been doing everything wrong.  OOPPS!!!  Its not that we are bad puppy parents but little things that we are doing could add up to problems.

Apparently as cute as he is sleeping on the couch this is a big NO-NO

So changes have to be made to really (1) show Wubby that we are the leaders of the house and (2) get him ready for a baby.  How do we do that?  Well, mainly drive Wubby crazy and act like crazy people while doing it! We are working to teach Wubby who is the boss through not letting him on the furniture and scheduling his feedings.  We are getting him ready for a baby by taking out all the baby stuff and teaching him what is and is not his.  We are also acting like lunatics by screaming, clapping, carrying around a baby doll, playing Barney, and we are changing up our schedules - all so Wubby gets used to what it will be like to have a baby - and us too for that matter.

Overall, Wubby has been taking it really well, probably better than me. It is tough to kick him out of the bed and keep him crated or gated at night.  It is tough to ignore him when we first get home or when we have been away for a long time.  However, in the end, I know that it will be better for Wubby, Baby B and us and at least for now I am little more calm about having a Wubby and a baby.

 Because how can I not love these boys...

Do you have a puppy and a baby/child?  How do you prepare your dog for their new brother or sister?