Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot: A Family Affair

Well Baby B, we made it 40 weeks!! You are due today or yesterday (depending upon what ultrasound you want to follow).  I cannot wait to meet you!!!  Dad and I are sooo excited (and Wubby too, well if he got that I was actually pregnant).

40 weeks!!!!

But in the meantime, while we wait for your arrival, we decided to do what we do best -  RUN a.k.a walk/waddle or TROT!  This morning my town had a very low key 5k and it was the perfect race for our family.  This race was so low key that I had only heard of it through word of mouth, there was no website, all I knew was the time the race started and where to show up.  We were worried that this race would not even exist and thus had a backup race.

We showed up at 7:30 to a card table set up and a big sign that said Turkey Trot and about 5 other cars.     We did get numbers and gave a donation (there was no actual cost you could donate food or money)! By 8:00 a.m., there was music playing, about 200 people, babies in strollers, and 10 dogs!  The highlight of this race - dogs could run and place as well! We knew we could not deny Wubby the opportunity to debut in his first 5K.  Boy, was he excited and competitive staking out the competition with quite a few jumps, barks, and sniffs!

Raring to go!

At 8 a.m., we started with a "Gobble" "Gobble."  No Garmin but we did rock the dri-fit clothing including my pre-pregnancy running capris (ok so they can't go anywhere across my belly but I will take it and they worked well).  We had to start in the back because of the puppy, but no big deal there today as I was not planning on passing so many people.  To my surprise, however, in the first mile or so we passed a ton of people and did pretty well.    Wubby was totally feeling it, eyeing the competition and even passing a few dogs.  Unfortunately, after a while, pain set in and I slowed the Wubs down.  I kept getting this pain in my right upper inner thigh and that was enough to make me walk.  I tried a few more running trots but knew that we would be walking much of the remainder of the course with this pain.  Can't win them all!  I felt bad because Wubby could have killed it with top dog - next year Wubs, next year.  Instead, we continued steadily walking to the finish with determination.

 Everyone on the course was great and cheered us on and were highly impressed with the three of us hehe. We came in probably second to last with a time of 38:59 but to a large cheering crowd!!!  We also won a prize - youngest participant!


All in all, a wonderful, low-key community race.  People were so friendly and supportive.  Next year though we will be back and Wubby will take that first place puppy prize!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a fun turkey trot of their own!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Operation Get Baby B Out & Running

Operation Meet Baby B is in full swing in my household.  To say Aaron and I are excited would be the understatement of the year.  And yes I know you are all shaking your head at me and want to tell me to enjoy this time and that our lives will never be the same again.  I understand that, I get it.  And we are enjoying ourselves, I promise we are enjoying ourselves with dinners out, massages, staying the extra few minutes in bed, and cajoling friends over with the enticement of baking and video games (more on that later).
And baking with friends of course!

But, just but, with all this fun happening the number one thing always on my mind is when Baby B will make his grand debut and being the Type A person that I am I can't help but try everything possible to help him arrive on time. Again, I  know he will only come out when he is ready, but, just but, you can't blame a gal for trying all these crazy old wives tales.

We really want to meet you baby

In the spirit of Operation Meet Baby B, I was on a mission yesterday.  Google pretty much knows that my favorite topic is "natural ways to induce labor."  So yes bring on the evening primrose oil, spicy foods, eggplant, acupressure points, some other activities, and walking.  It is the latter that brings me to the topic of this post today.  This week I have been trying to exercise the baby out and he is not having it.  I usually do 3 miles on the elliptical in the morning and another 2-3 miles  of walking with friends at lunch.  Yesterday, was technically a rest day for me...but you know Baby B has got to come out somehow so late in the afternoon Aaron, Wubby, and I set out for what would be a cold walk.  I bundled up with a sweatshirt, Aaron's winter coat, and gloves.  But as soon as I got out there I decided that walking was just not going to cut it.  My reasoning, if I have already been walking and ellipticalling, a leisurely walk was not going to be enough to coax Baby B and thus I started to run - if you can call it that.

Verdict? If nothing else, it was quite hilarious and Wubby may be the most in shape of our family right now.  Mind you, we were not planning on running.  I have this big pregnant belly and was wearing jeans and too many layers, Aaron the same. And Wubs, well Wubs is good to go anytime.  I was mighty impressed with our efforts however.  We made it about 3 miles which included a lot of run, walk, stop, bathrooming (for Wubby), but it was a blast.  I gave up running about 10 weeks ago because it just did not feel good anymore.  I can't say it was easier this time around but the aches and pains were different and this morning my knees and hips are quite sore (hmmm wonder why).  But 4 days away from my due date I am not complaining.  Can't say I will be making a habit of pregnant running for the next few days and can't say that the run helped move the baby closer to the birth canal, but it was a blast running with my whole family again, laughing up a storm at just how crazy we looked.  You are talking to a gal who never goes out without body glide and tech shirts who all of a sudden decided that it was OK to "run" 3 miles in jeans.

Pregnancy will do crazy things to you...Speaking of which, nesting continues over here when I woke up with an overwhelming need to bake.  A facebook message and trip to the store later and Aaron has himself a video game date and me a baking pal!

Boys playing video games while girls cook :)

Happy Sunday!

Did you ever try anything crazy to coax your babies out?