Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome Baby Lee!

Last post seems light years away.  Looking at that person running a 5k on Thanksgiving, it seems like a totally different person entirely.  I wanted to post all of this sooner, but well we have been kind of busy around here with Baby Beluga - also now referred to as Lee Michael.  There is so much to say about little Lee and our experiences thus far.  It has not always been easy and that is probably the understatement of the year but I am totally falling head over heels for this little guy.

Mr. Lee Michael a.k.a Mr. Man

Ok so where to start?  How about Lee's birth story....

Just a little background, I have been saying for the two weeks prior to Lee's birth that I would just wake up one morning and know that I would go into labor that day.  Aaron had been saying my body was holding out for my Thanksgiving Day apple pie as I may or may not have been saying for nine months that I was getting that pie.

Thanksgiving due date and I actually felt no prelabor signs that I had experienced for the past week or two - no cramping or bowel movements.  Instead, Aaron, Wubby and I set for our 5k/Turkey Trot.  Yes, we ran a 5k Thursday morning.  Well, we ran the first 1.5 miles and then I got this awful groin pain and we walked the rest of the way.  We still won youngest participant.  I thought I pulled/strained my groin muscle and waddled around the rest of the day. I was soo mad at myself for pushing it too hard.  However, it seems that the goal of moving the baby down was actually what happened...and of course I had some apple pie.

Friday morning, I woke at 1 a.m. with menstrual like cramps.  They occured every hour - which had been fairly normal for me of. Around 5 a.m. they were every 20-30 minutes.  I finally woke up with that "hmmm" feeling, but did not want to excite myself and be disappointed.  Instead, I let Aaron go to hockey and I went on the ellitpical feeling some pain at exactly 20 minute and 40 minute marks.  Aaron came home and I generally mentioned that I felt something was up and that I was going to shower just in case.  I did some laundry and texted my doula telling her that maybe I was crazy but it seemed that there was a bit of a pattern.  She told me to eat something and call her around 11 AM.

From 10 to 11, it definitely started to feel like I had low back pain that moved to my inner, upper thighs and into my lower stomach.  The pain occurred every 5 minutes or so, lasting 30 seconds, but I was still cleaning the house and getting ready just in case.  At 11, my doula said she was going to come over; at home my contractions were more random - maybe 20 minutes apart for instance but lasting 10 minutes or so.  However, by that time they were definitely painful. Around 12 p.m. they were about 5 minutes apart and I was itching for my doula to arrive.  When she got there at 1 pm, I was hunched over our  ottoman rocking and trying to make my way through contractions.  From there on in, it felt like there was no break and that my contractions were about 5 minutes apart lasting a minute or so - sometimes less, sometimes more.  I had a ton of back labor which was not fun.  My doula kept asking me to get up to go pee  - which was even worse.  I definitely had many of the phrases along the lines of I want the epidural and when can we go to the hospital.  My body however really seemed to know what to do when I did not.  Many times contractions came in full force starting in the back and radiating to the front - if I was at the toilet I would stand up and bend all the way into Aaron and do squats.  Sometimes I just literally fell to all fours looking for a place for myself.  Most of the time I did the  equivalent of pelvic rocks on the ottoman.  The breaks were short - during which time Aaron and my doula had me drink Gatorade and pee some more. My doula continued to provide back pressure, hip squeezes, while Aaron continued to physically hold me up and support me.  We tried other positions (the tub) but pretty much just stuck with the above.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, it was dark, the moon was out and we called the midwife who gave us the green light to come to the hospital.  We left around 5:30 arriving to the hospital at 6.  In the waiting room, I literally had to drop to all 4s, scaring the receptionist as we came through.  She asked how far apart the contractions were and the doula responded 5 minutes.  We went into triage and I was 5 cm, 90% effaced, and had my bloody show.   My midwife met us right there and I was still so ready for that epidural..

We made it to our room and were checked again I was 9.5 cm and 90% effaced, +2 station with a bulging bag of water.  The midwife was amazing.  She was so cool, calm and collected. It was weird sometimes to look over at her writing something on the chart like not a care in the world.  No biggie, just painful labor.  She stayed with us the whole time.  Aaron and our doula took their cues from her.  The biggest hump was that last cervical lip.  My midwife tried to push it back so I could push for awhile as I feeling such an overwhelming need to push and sooo much pressure.  However the baby was posterior and needed to still turn.  Thus ultimately, I had to not push for about an hour.  This was probably the hardest part of labor.  The amount of pressure felt low into my rectum was unbearable.  However my team really got me through.  It was amazing how through my midwife's instruction I could use my breath to manage this.  Every time I got off track and screamed/moaned she instructed me to come back to my breath and I just intensely knew I had to listen to her to get this baby to come into the world.  She had us do lunges, squat on the toilet, all fours, go into the bath, and lye on my side on the bed with my feet in the air. Finally, one big push and my bag of water broke - it was such a relief.

From there we pushed.  Again, the pushing seemed to be all about the breath, finding a point of intensity and holding that push, releasing, taking another big breath and another push.  All I wanted was to keep pushing to get this baby out but I had to learn to only push with the contractions and to enjoy my "breaks" in between.  Soon I got the chance to reach down and feel the baby's head as well as have the mirror to see the baby come out.  With each push, I focused on my nurse and midwife's instructions to push, hold, push a little more or not.  Finally, actually only in an hour, he was out!  Baby B had entered the world - naturally  about 11.5 hrs of labor and a 9 apgar score.

New to the world! 

Aaron caught him and he came right to my chest.  Aaron also clamped the cord once it stopped pulsing.  The placenta came fairly quickly and was not too bad all.  I had a second degree tear but no episiotonmy.  I cold not have done it without Aaron, my doula, and my midwife.

Wow I have so much more to say and can't take up more of your time. This may be a little jumbled but I wanted to get out here finally.  Baby B or Baby Lee is with us.  Sitting on my lap sleeping as I type this.  Better get it posted before he wakes and wants to eat.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot: A Family Affair

Well Baby B, we made it 40 weeks!! You are due today or yesterday (depending upon what ultrasound you want to follow).  I cannot wait to meet you!!!  Dad and I are sooo excited (and Wubby too, well if he got that I was actually pregnant).

40 weeks!!!!

But in the meantime, while we wait for your arrival, we decided to do what we do best -  RUN a.k.a walk/waddle or TROT!  This morning my town had a very low key 5k and it was the perfect race for our family.  This race was so low key that I had only heard of it through word of mouth, there was no website, all I knew was the time the race started and where to show up.  We were worried that this race would not even exist and thus had a backup race.

We showed up at 7:30 to a card table set up and a big sign that said Turkey Trot and about 5 other cars.     We did get numbers and gave a donation (there was no actual cost you could donate food or money)! By 8:00 a.m., there was music playing, about 200 people, babies in strollers, and 10 dogs!  The highlight of this race - dogs could run and place as well! We knew we could not deny Wubby the opportunity to debut in his first 5K.  Boy, was he excited and competitive staking out the competition with quite a few jumps, barks, and sniffs!

Raring to go!

At 8 a.m., we started with a "Gobble" "Gobble."  No Garmin but we did rock the dri-fit clothing including my pre-pregnancy running capris (ok so they can't go anywhere across my belly but I will take it and they worked well).  We had to start in the back because of the puppy, but no big deal there today as I was not planning on passing so many people.  To my surprise, however, in the first mile or so we passed a ton of people and did pretty well.    Wubby was totally feeling it, eyeing the competition and even passing a few dogs.  Unfortunately, after a while, pain set in and I slowed the Wubs down.  I kept getting this pain in my right upper inner thigh and that was enough to make me walk.  I tried a few more running trots but knew that we would be walking much of the remainder of the course with this pain.  Can't win them all!  I felt bad because Wubby could have killed it with top dog - next year Wubs, next year.  Instead, we continued steadily walking to the finish with determination.

 Everyone on the course was great and cheered us on and were highly impressed with the three of us hehe. We came in probably second to last with a time of 38:59 but to a large cheering crowd!!!  We also won a prize - youngest participant!


All in all, a wonderful, low-key community race.  People were so friendly and supportive.  Next year though we will be back and Wubby will take that first place puppy prize!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a fun turkey trot of their own!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Operation Get Baby B Out & Running

Operation Meet Baby B is in full swing in my household.  To say Aaron and I are excited would be the understatement of the year.  And yes I know you are all shaking your head at me and want to tell me to enjoy this time and that our lives will never be the same again.  I understand that, I get it.  And we are enjoying ourselves, I promise we are enjoying ourselves with dinners out, massages, staying the extra few minutes in bed, and cajoling friends over with the enticement of baking and video games (more on that later).
And baking with friends of course!

But, just but, with all this fun happening the number one thing always on my mind is when Baby B will make his grand debut and being the Type A person that I am I can't help but try everything possible to help him arrive on time. Again, I  know he will only come out when he is ready, but, just but, you can't blame a gal for trying all these crazy old wives tales.

We really want to meet you baby

In the spirit of Operation Meet Baby B, I was on a mission yesterday.  Google pretty much knows that my favorite topic is "natural ways to induce labor."  So yes bring on the evening primrose oil, spicy foods, eggplant, acupressure points, some other activities, and walking.  It is the latter that brings me to the topic of this post today.  This week I have been trying to exercise the baby out and he is not having it.  I usually do 3 miles on the elliptical in the morning and another 2-3 miles  of walking with friends at lunch.  Yesterday, was technically a rest day for me...but you know Baby B has got to come out somehow so late in the afternoon Aaron, Wubby, and I set out for what would be a cold walk.  I bundled up with a sweatshirt, Aaron's winter coat, and gloves.  But as soon as I got out there I decided that walking was just not going to cut it.  My reasoning, if I have already been walking and ellipticalling, a leisurely walk was not going to be enough to coax Baby B and thus I started to run - if you can call it that.

Verdict? If nothing else, it was quite hilarious and Wubby may be the most in shape of our family right now.  Mind you, we were not planning on running.  I have this big pregnant belly and was wearing jeans and too many layers, Aaron the same. And Wubs, well Wubs is good to go anytime.  I was mighty impressed with our efforts however.  We made it about 3 miles which included a lot of run, walk, stop, bathrooming (for Wubby), but it was a blast.  I gave up running about 10 weeks ago because it just did not feel good anymore.  I can't say it was easier this time around but the aches and pains were different and this morning my knees and hips are quite sore (hmmm wonder why).  But 4 days away from my due date I am not complaining.  Can't say I will be making a habit of pregnant running for the next few days and can't say that the run helped move the baby closer to the birth canal, but it was a blast running with my whole family again, laughing up a storm at just how crazy we looked.  You are talking to a gal who never goes out without body glide and tech shirts who all of a sudden decided that it was OK to "run" 3 miles in jeans.

Pregnancy will do crazy things to you...Speaking of which, nesting continues over here when I woke up with an overwhelming need to bake.  A facebook message and trip to the store later and Aaron has himself a video game date and me a baking pal!

Boys playing video games while girls cook :)

Happy Sunday!

Did you ever try anything crazy to coax your babies out?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fear of the Baby Registry

It may seem silly but one of my biggest fears during this pregnancy has been tackling the elusive baby registry.   Clearly, this comes after the fears of Baby B being healthy etc., but otherwise my first fear was not originally about breastfeeding well or baby sleeping techniques (those came later), the first big fear was the Baby Registry.  It just seemed overwhelming!  What does a baby need?  How do I know what to get?  What do I need absolutely as soon as the baby is born and what are the "extras?"  I know, I know, people kept telling me that babies do not need that much and that it is not that big of a deal, but honestly, if you know me and my Type A personality those statements were never ever going to fly or calm me down.

Luckily, back in June, a good friend of mine recommended I go out and buy the Baby Bargains book and it saved my life and a lot of stress for me and for my very supportive husband. 

At first, this book also seemed pretty big and overwhelming, but taking it one step at a time, one category at a time made it much more manageable and much much more fun.  Essentially, the book consists of several chapters each focusing on different products (e.g., one chapter on car seats another chapter on bedding another on clothing etc.).  Within the chapters, the book gives some general advise on what to look for in the general product (e.g., what to look for in a car seat) and then lays out all the different manufacturers and their options.  If you don't want to read through each option, you can also just look at their recommendations which range from the "O.K." to the "Great" choices.

So every few weeks, I took up a new topic whether it was car seats or strollers, read up on it, and then Aaron and I hit the stores.  I know a lot of people swear by Babies R' Us but are favorite place is Buy Buy Baby, I have literally spent more days at this store in the past few months than anywhere else.    Imagine Bed Bath and Beyond but for babies and you've got Buy Buy Baby (in fact even better they send us 20% coupons just like Bed and Bath as well as take Bed and Bath coupons as long as they are not expired).  The place has it all including really knowledgeable staff (which I am embarrassed to say probably know us by name by now).  Regardless, by breaking down the registry this way, the trips to Buy Buy have been really enjoyable!  We registered, but only tried to tackle one or two areas at a time.  This way we were not overwhelmed and it was not too much.  And in the end, it worked out really well.  Plus it always allowed us to relax afterwards and hit up our new favorite pizza place!

One other thing that was key, I enlisted a very dear running/mommy friend's help for one visit to Buy Buy.  She was so well informed that the staff literally followed us around to hear her views.  She gave us the details that the book did not - what to use for a diaper rash?  what kind of shampoo to buy? what clothes were really useful etc.?  This really helped me complete the registry.

 Running buddies know all - especially how to dress for Holiday 10ks

In the end, did we get everything on there that I think we need?  No, probably not.  Do I still continually update it?  Yup.  But have I moved on to being neurotic and worrying about other things?  You bet!

How did you tackle the elusive baby registry?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wubby Bootcamp!

Hi all!  I know I know, I never post, no one ever reads this blog, I am unpredictable, but you know what that is pregnancy for me.  So I will continue my random posting and maybe someone out there will be interested and if not, again, at least I still have a record for when the baby is a bit older and can read (you know, at like 5 weeks because our baby is clearly going to be a genius hehe).

Lately, one of my biggest baby worries has not been about Baby B but about our other baby, Baby Wubby. 

I love love Baby Wubby and he is overall a good dog/puppy - we are very lucky.  But that does not mean I have not been super worried about how Baby Wubby and Baby B will get along.  Actually, I was particular worried (a) sleeping arrangements (because up until Sunday Wubby slept in our bed) and (b) Wubby's new found desire to chew random things at random times when our back was turned.

 Wubby thinks he owns the place, apparently this is a problem!

A few weeks ago, we came home to what we refer to as a "tornado" in our bedroom as Wubby had eaten a ton of random things while we were gone.  And, well, this sent me into overdrive - can I blame the pregnancy hormones yet again? Poor Aaron had to listen to many talks of how I felt overwhelmed about the idea of caring for a baby and watching Wubs 24/7.  At that point, I really did not think it was possible.  I was super super nervous about the idea of turning my back for a second and what Wubby would do, or rather chew in the meantime.

Luckily, in the past week, we have initiated what I like to call "Wubby Bootcamp" and I am feeling a whole lot better.  Earlier last week, Wubby's trainer came for a home visit.   And we got some great ideas on how to best calm my fears and work with Wubby.  For instance, I was worried that if I had to run upstairs when the baby woke up from a nap, for instance, and Wubby did not follow me, he might start chewing on the toys, swing, or whatever other baby item was strewn about.  We came up with the idea of having a "Wubby gated area" downstairs to manage that situation (which is harder than it seems because we have no doors and a very open 1st floor).  We also worked on the idea of teaching Wubby "down and stay."  So that he would stay down when I needed him to.  Wubby has been a champ at doing both things although he really does not like to go "down."  He knows what we want him to do but he would rather just stay up for fun (I cannot understand why he gets lots of cheese when he does go down and Wubby loooovveess cheese).

This weekend my fears were eased even more and the "Wubby Bootcamp" really kicked off after we attended Isis's Babies and Barks class led by the owner of the Pawsitive Dog.  (Isis is a Boston base company that provides a number of different parenting resources for New England parents everything from stores, consults, classes etc.)  Aaron was actually the one who suggested we take the class and I was so happy we did (although he may have been ready to kill me as I asked a question about every two minutes).

The class pretty much taught us that we have been doing everything wrong.  OOPPS!!!  Its not that we are bad puppy parents but little things that we are doing could add up to problems.

Apparently as cute as he is sleeping on the couch this is a big NO-NO

So changes have to be made to really (1) show Wubby that we are the leaders of the house and (2) get him ready for a baby.  How do we do that?  Well, mainly drive Wubby crazy and act like crazy people while doing it! We are working to teach Wubby who is the boss through not letting him on the furniture and scheduling his feedings.  We are getting him ready for a baby by taking out all the baby stuff and teaching him what is and is not his.  We are also acting like lunatics by screaming, clapping, carrying around a baby doll, playing Barney, and we are changing up our schedules - all so Wubby gets used to what it will be like to have a baby - and us too for that matter.

Overall, Wubby has been taking it really well, probably better than me. It is tough to kick him out of the bed and keep him crated or gated at night.  It is tough to ignore him when we first get home or when we have been away for a long time.  However, in the end, I know that it will be better for Wubby, Baby B and us and at least for now I am little more calm about having a Wubby and a baby.

 Because how can I not love these boys...

Do you have a puppy and a baby/child?  How do you prepare your dog for their new brother or sister?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby B: Weeks 28-32

Oh gosh, to say I am behind would be an understatement hmm...the last time I blogged was September 10th.  Trying to get a grand total of two posts in for the month, not the stellar blogger in the least huh?  I doubt anyone still even checks this little old blog of mine, but I do really want to have these posts for my baby one day. so for Baby B and anyone else out there here is the update of, well the past month.

Week 28

How have I been feeling?  Exhausted.  I guess that explains the lack of posts.  Well between being exhausted, incredibly busy at work, incredibly busy baby prepping, and the fact that Aaron brings my computer to work now, there is not much time for blogging.   Generally, through Weeks 28-30/31sh I was not too terribly exhausted.  In fact, we got a TON of stuff done.  Weekends have been full of baby prepping - my poor husband, I always come up with something "fun, new and exciting" for us (or him) to do.  Really, it is fun!  The house is getting cleaner by the day as I find it necessary to clear out and make space in every nook and cranny from cleaning out the entire kitchen to emptying the "office."  Aaron has been so graciously dealing with my nesting by helping paint, put up shelves in the garage and third floor, and making weekly trips to Buy Buy Baby.  I think I owe another post to baby prep so I will leave it at that for now.

Week 29 

How have I been feeling emotionally?  I am on an emotional roller coaster.  It has evened out a bit this week but last week was not pretty.  Again, poor poor Aaron.  I may have had one or two or three emotional breakdowns going from anger to tears.  They generally come towards the end of the day when tiredness and hunger creep in and I sort of, well, loose it.  I am working on it.  Can I please blame it on the hormones?

Week 30

Cravings and Aversions:  I have started to get sick of food.  I am too tired to care.  Whatever works has been just about good enough for me.  Nothing has truly appealed to me and I have a very hard time figuring out what exactly to eat, again not making it easy on the husband - do we see a theme here?  This week, however, I have been much much hungrier.  Maybe baby growth spurts?  Maybe the exhaustion.  Well, whatever it may be earlier this week I could not get enough food in me.  Unfortunately, there is not so much stomach space now-a-days so it is a juggling act for sure.  Other problem, last week I was too tired to even get to the store.  This week I made it to the store, but I have been too tired to cook and Aaron has been working hard hours.  Luckily, I have a very wonderful friend who allows me to "drop-in" for dinner all too often where I always get a well rounded meal and good company.  I owe her, her adorable daughter, and her chef of a husband a ton of thanks as well as about a thousand homemade dinners.

True cravings - seltzer!  I used to "guzzle" seltzer as my dad would say and that is back! Poor poor poor Aaron forgot to bring home seltzer last week.  It was not pretty, luckily the next day I woke up to this...
Yes that is my fridge the day after Aaron forgot seltzer, I woke up to the fridge being STOCKED!

Week 31

Other craving, apple pie ice-cream.  Do you remember that I love fall?  How could I not be craving apple pie ice-cream?  No, I have not gotten it yet but I did make an apple pie from scratch including picking the apples and making the crust.  My first time truly making it from scratch and it did not turn out half bad!

My very own apple pie!

Exercise:  I officially threw in the towel on the running earlier this month.  It just hurt to run.  It was not worth.  Aaron, however, has been running in my place!  He promises to post about his experiences soon, new PRs, upcoming half marathons and the like!   In the meantime, I walk during my lunch at work and elliptical.  I pretty much don't plan anything and just listen to what my body wants for the day whether that be 30 minutes on the elliptical or an hour - usually 30.

Week 32

Doctor's Visits: Today!!! YAY :)

Baby Kicks:  Two weeks ago baby was kicking so much he would not let me sleep.  I have also decided his dance parties are the reason I have no energy.  There is only enough energy for one and he is it!  Regardless the little guy is a mover and a shaker.  I still love the twists and turns and seeing my belly "jiggle" even if it sometimes is uncomfy (e.g., when he kicks me in the ribs!).

Any good ideas for quick meals? How is everyone's running season?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Down but not out completely anyway..

Well, it is official.  I knew it was coming.  But Friday, I went into Physical Therapy and announced my new training plan - to not run at all!  I did not bother trying to ask my P.T. for ideas on how to keep me running, I did not digress into a 20 minute tangent on what exactly hurt and what we could do for it.  Instead, I just stated the obvious.  I was not looking for a fix.  I know and have known for a while that my time has come, at least for now.

Corn mazes that allow dogs are more fun than running in the heat anyways

I love running.  And to keep running in the long term, I know that I have to take this pretty extensive break from running, likely we are looking at 4 months of no running, at least.  And yet, oddly I am doing O.K. with that.  Maybe because at this point there are just so many more important things and people to think about than running (GASP I know!)  But it is true.  Running will be there and as my PT said, I will be back!  But for now it is just not worth it.  Everything hurts when I run and I am more likely to end up injured than logging glorious miles if I continue to run.  Sure,  I am a bit envious of those running pregnant folks who are still hitting the pavement well into their 34th, 35th, and 36th week of pregnancy.  But that is not me and that is O.K.   Running comparisons (which I try to avoid but cannot always) are the same whether you are pregnant or not - there will always be someone out there who you equate yourself with who is going faster and longer.  Comparisons and competitions with those people are not only in one's own mind but not what running is about for me, at least.

So for now the plan for running is no plan at all.  I am still doing some weights, elliptical, and walking and that is good enough.
I knew we invested in this elliptical for a reason!

And if my body did not think my mind totally got the message, this weekend and even today I am completely sidelined from all physical activity or moving from the bed with a good "End of the Summer" Cold.   So today Wubby and I are taking it easy.  I really have to take a page from his book - he knows how to recover from the weekend - the little big guy has not left his crate and has been sleeping since Aaron left for work a few hours ago, whereas I keep getting up and having trouble settling myself down.  Here I think that Wubs pines away for us when we leave during the day and in actuality he is snoring his little head off.

Enough said

In the meantime, I will run vicariously through all of you guys!  Any good races coming up?  I cannot wait for the start of all these wonderful marathons and hear all the races reports.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slowing Down

It's Saturday.  We are on the Cape.  Usually, I would have woken up nice and early to get a run in this morning.  Last time we were here I think I did 6 plus miles - that was in July.  No such luck today, no such luck this week actually.   In fact, I have not run since last Saturday during which time I ran a slow 4/5 miles and suffered the rest of the day from lower back pain.  The next morning, I woke up and felt like I had run 20 miles - I assure you, I did not.

My PT had previously warned me, when he watched me run two weeks ago, that he was worried mostly about me hurting my lower back and the potential for me to compensate  due to the added front weight.  At the time, he told me to run 2 miles on Wednesday and 4 on that Saturday and come back the next week.  Pre-pregancy, running Stephanie would have come back in bright and early Monday morning to report the lower back pain and see what options we had.  At the very least, I would have called.  I did neither.  I told myself I would go in Wednesday (my PT works mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  Wednesday came and the idea of trekking into PT at 5 am only to trek back out in the opposite direction for work sounded awful.  So I just let it go.  I ellipticaled and walked and told myself I would check in next week, as I will be in the area for work anyway.

The thing is I get it.  I am 29 weeks pregnant and am getting bigger by the second. When I run, just like my PT said, I am compensating.  I cannot help it and it is not so fun and kind of down right painful. I  told myself I would order a maternity belt.  It took me until Wednesday to actually do that.  There was a time that if I thought a product would solve my running woes, I would drive two hours to get it, in traffic, if it meant that it would keep me  that very day as opposed to the next day or G-d forbid several days from then.

So as I said, during this past week, as I did not go to PT and did not have the maternity belt, I ellipticaled and walked each day.  But even if I could have run this week, I don't know how well it would have gone even without the lower back pain.  My ellipticaling is getting slower, I am not pushing as hard, or really even breaking a sweat.  Do I care?  Yes sort of.  Do I have the energy or true determination at this point to push harder?  No, not really.  The "hardcore" runner in me hates this.  Hates that it is Saturday and instead of an hour long run I took an hour long walk.  "It" feels pretty lame and jealous of all of the other runners out there logging miles.  But then the mommy-to-be/pregnant woman inside of me pipes up and wins out noting that we would much rather be pregnant and not running than not pregnant and running for now.  In fact, we are pretty darn lucky.

So, my body is slowing down.  It is getting more tired, more easily sore.  And that is O.K.  Sure, I may try on the maternity belt and all my problems may go away or my P.T. may have a magic bullet (I am not optimistic on either), but if not, that is O.K. too.  I will continue to do what I am doing and that will be just enough for now.
Wubby slows down too after a day of fun!

How do you accept not running?  Did you ever find a maternity belt that worked for you?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby B - Weeks 26 & 27

I guess it just seems easier to to group weeks into sets a two.  Not that weeks are flying by at that rate but they do seem to clump better that way.

How have I been feeling? During Weeks 26 & 27, I felt overall still pretty darn good.  Still a good amount of energy and a massive desire to organize, clean, read baby books, and work on my baby registry.   Same old symptoms: random bouts of heartburn, swollen ankles, and really bad dried eyes.  My eyes have been getting so bad that I think contacts are going to have to take a hiatus soon.  I have been wearing them off and on but even that is getting more and more difficult.  To add to the mix of symptoms, during Week 26 my knee acted up and at the start of Week 27, lower back pain also began.  I swear that I had a growth spurt between last Monday and Tuesday and in came the lower back pain and the inability to bend over without feeling pain in my stomach.  These things are still pretty manageable but I am feeling them.

An actual belly picture - Week 27

How have I been feeling emotionally?  Still counting down the weeks. I know I know I should sleep, I should enjoy this time.  I know...but I am just so excited and cannot wait to meet this little guy.  Otherwise, during weeks 26 & 27, nothing seemed too out of whack - but if you ask me about my hormones yesterday (Week 28)... well that is a whole other story.  At least during pregnancy, I can blame those days on hormones, right?  Poor Aaron...

Cravings and Aversions:  Starting during the end of Week 27, my sweet tooth has been out in full force.  I normally have quite a sweet, tooth but this is a bit over and above my normal love of sweets.  I also noticed that there is less room or starting to be less room for bigger meals in my belly again (more baby, less belly).  I have to keep up on that and really try to listen to hunger cues because it often leads to me eating too much or too little and then paying for it later.  Otherwise, last weekend, I had a major craving for Chinese food.  We went out with friends and I proceeded to demolish a very large plate of Chinese food - I can't wait to go back!  And of course pizza was still high on the list as well as tuna fish (I got my second tuna fish sandwich of the month in and it was glorious hehe).  I also have been craving more fruit, which is absolutely wonderful.  Finally, milk and cereal is apparently my favorite breakfast food in the world right now.  Aversions, not much - coffee still.  Also, for a while I was pretty into the idea of toast and butter, waffles and butter, English muffins and butter and now eh not so much on the butter.

Mid-afternoon snack. This is actually the smallest (and only size) they had.  I will take it.  And it is actually soft serve fro yo - where have all these places gone. I can't find this anywhere anymore... :(

Exercise:  At the beginning of Week 26, I felt some pain in my knee remember?  So I took a few days off and even got a swim exercise in, which still unfortunately bothered my knee.  Everyone keeps telling me to swim, that I am going to love it.  I have been loving the pool - well sitting there anyway.  As for swimming laps, it still was kind of boring to me.  I kept thinking the clock was broken at the pool or I was not seeing it right because how could only 15 minutes have passed?!?! It seemed like forever!

Getting ready for pregnancy swimming!

Otherwise, I did speak with my PT and he is not too concerned about my knee.  He watched me run a mile and said he was more worried that I might hurt my back as I compensate for the added weight.  He told me to run 2 miles last Wednesday and 4 on Saturday.  Well, he was right, my back was quite sore on both Wednesday and Saturday.  I go to PT on Wednesday this week and will try one of those maternity belts, but it may be time just to hit up the elliptical for now.

Doctor's Visits:  Not during week 26 & 27, but yes during Week 28 - so you will have to wait for next time to hear all about it.  I know it is hard to contain your excitement.

Baby Kicks: Kick kick kick all day long and you can see my tummy move too! I love it!  But I still don't think Wubby feels hehe....

Because why not...

Did you try a maternity belt for back support?  Did you have really bad dry eyes?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'Tis The Season...Race Season

As we wind down August and head into back to school, September and the FALL (I love fall),  I was pondering last night, as I talked with Aaron, about how we are not only heading into the best season of the year, in my opinion, but also the best time of year for racing.   In New England, fall is the jackpot time for racing.  The weather is crisp, but not too cold, the summer heat is gone, and runners are itching to race and race directors are happy to supply an abundance of amazing races with beautiful fall foliage to look at while running by.  Last year, at this time, I was smack dab in the middle of that season.  Gearing up for Marine Corps Marathon, I was not only enjoying long run after long run in the wonderful fall weather but also hitting up the race scene like never before!

I get really excited about fall running!

Last night, I realized how much I miss racing and how a part of me is sad not to be immersed in all the fun this season; although I would not trade my position for the world, I would much rather be baby training right now (and boy am I ever, but that is another post).  I have not raced a race since the first week in February.  At that time, I had run at least one, if not two, races a month since May (maybe skipping July), which for some may not seem like a lot, but for me it really was.  Sure, I have been running and even participated in some races, but I miss the thrill of preparing for a race, putting in hard training hours, getting nervous the morning of the race, and going out and competing and doing my best.   And I can't wait to get back into all of that fun.

But for now, there is no time or ability to race.  After two speedier miles for me this morning, it is clear that my body is absolutely not getting faster any time sooner.  In fact, like I mentioned before, there is a chance that very soon I may just call it quits on the whole running thing for a while.  My knee was fine on the run, which was great, but my lower back is starting to feel it (could it be that big belly is starting to get in the way?).  I am pretty sure baby and I had a growth spurt this week and we are feeling the changes.  When I saw my PT on Monday, he watched me run and at that time said we would monitor my running, that I should run 2 on Wednesday and 4 on Saturday or Sunday and come in next week (I swear the growth spurt happened Monday night into Tuesday).  He said the biggest concern in running now would be overcompensating and hurting my back.  I will talk with him more next week and I think I am going to try a maternity belt, but if running has to go on the sides lines for now, so be it.

But while I may be on the sidelines, I can still live vicariously through others right?  Aaron is seriously considering a fall half marathon and I am sooo excited - probably more excited than he is.  Is that strange?  I can't wait to talk all things running with him and plot out course strategies etc.  Aaron is probably reading this and regretting this now.  This morning, we ran the two speedy miles together, well, we started together and then he took off.  I could not have been prouder.  In January of this year, he could hardly run an 11 minute mile without huffing and puffing and needing a break and he just ran 2 consistent fast miles leaving me in the dust and I know he could have made it 3.   I can't wait for him to rock his half marathon.

 Fall Running, here we come!

How are you partaking in race season?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby B - Weeks 24 & 25

And just when I thought I caught I am two weeks behind once again.  Not only that but this week we totally forgot to take a bump picture at Week 25.  However we got it early on in Week 26 so it still counts, right?

Week 24
Week 25/26

How have I been feeling?  Week 24 and 25 were pretty great.  Overall, I had a ton of energy and focused that energy into a massive need to prepare for all things baby. Buy Buy Baby is officially my new favorite store.  I absolutely spend more time there on the weekends than anywhere else along with my trusty Baby Bargain's book.  If I am not at Buy Buy Baby, I spend my time organizing the house.  We are almost through cleaning out the second bedroom in the house which was an office and a "landing zone" for the past year to the upstairs third floor.  Aaron put in shelving upstairs which helped a ton for reorganization.  Last weekend, we even loaded up our higher education into the car and sent it off the Book Recycling Depot.  In other words, we recycled about a decades worth of books.  We wanted to sell them, but that proved difficult.  Then we wanted to donate them to some place pertinent, but in the end recycling was the best we could do.  No judgment please.

So yes I have had lots of energy and I have wanted to GO GO GO!  But have had some other symptoms
  • Heartburn - still making an appearance, still not fun.  I have been rocking the Zantac which is better than Tums but still not great.
  • Swollen Feet - they are big, really really BIG
  • Dry Eyes - my eyes are all bloodshot and teary.  It is not pretty.  I called the optometrist today and am hoping to get some drops.
  • Sleeping - Sleeping is getting harder mainly because my neck was bothering me the past two weeks and I could not sleep on my back.  Usually if my neck pain flares up, I sleep on my back at night to relieve the pressure from the day.  Sleeping on my side just does not cut it. I am now sleeping with a good 5-7 pillows a night.  Yes, I have the Snoogle (the pregnancy pillow), but guess what - my neck hates it.
Still though, I am pretty satisfied.  I will take it.  The energy helps outweigh all of these other things.

How am I feeling emotionally?  Still excited!! Still trying to enjoy the moment, but I can't wait to meet this guy!  We have been busy busy busy and there have been lots of fun things going on, so it is a bit easier now. I also know I really need to enjoy this time and rest and relax, but I really can't wait to meet this guy (but that does not mean I want him to come early!)

Cravings/Aversions  During Week 24 & 25, I did a pretty good job of enjoying a variety of foods.  I had some fish, some meat, lots of milk and yogurt so I am pretty happy about that.  My biggest craving has been Carrot Cake.  Not just any though.  My friend made this Carrot Cake for dinner about a week and a half ago and I am officially obsessed with it.  I have not stopped talking about the darn thing.  It may border on an unhealthy obsession at this point.  Otherwise, still just want to eat lots of turkey and tuna fish sandwiches (how I wish).  Aversions - still coffee.  But during week 24 & 25 nothing else major, but stay tuned that might be starting to change now....

Exercise:  Probably the best during weeks 24 & 25.  Two seven mile runs.  A 3.1 hilly outside run and some elliptical time all which felt good.  Although it did feel like I was carrying a little wagon with me.  Also, I notice that when I start to run I feel very very sluggish and need a good 2 miles to warm up.  I have not had much calf cramping thus far but when I run ,I feel some leg cramping and it takes a while to get myself going.

Even though that is all great, I was doing my PT exercises on Thursday and tweaked my knee.  I talked to my cousin who is a PT and she thinks that I am fine - stretched it, taped it, and told me take two good days of rest followed by some elliptical and I should be good to go.  Although she really feels, it is about time to stop with the running (grandma would agree).  I know the time is coming.  I know I could go to the pool but that involves paying for a gym membership and actually getting to the gym.  I am soooo spoiled these days with just walking upstairs and hitting the treadmill or elliptical.  I might just end up doing lots of elitpicaling but that is kind of boring too.  Right now the plan is no running until my knee feels a bit better and then we will reassess.

Doctor's Visits: 0 but big one next week - glucose test and an ultrasound!

Baby Movement: Kick kick kick! This guy is very active! During the day now too. I love it.  Sometimes I can feel him stretch and twist and turn too.  Other times I feel just the pressure of him and can sort of tell where he is if that makes sense.  Aaron can feel him now, but it takes a lot of patience and time.  For some reason, baby never seems to want to kick when Aaron comes 'round.  I always yell for Aaron to come and feel and then baby is quiet.  Go figure, he only likes to beat up on mommy!

Just because I love this photo

Did you stop running during pregnancy?  What are people's thoughts on running and pregnancy?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pounding the Pavement

This morning, I needed a good run.  I needed to feel that all out, elusive "runner's high."  I needed to burn off some steam or some crazy hormones - you take your pick.

I went to bed angry.  Nothing crazy, just annoyed that I could not find a "place" for myself.  My neck hurt and I wanted to lie on my back (a pregnancy no-no).  Instead,I was on my side with a pillow between my legs and three pillows elevating my ever-swollen foot. It is not the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.  Wubby was licking his bone loudly and I was tossing and turning to find my spot.  Albeit not the end of the world, by any means, but not my definition of fun either.  I slept sort of poorly waking up at 2 a.m. and having trouble falling back to sleep due to Wubby's breathing - as an aside I am worried about Wubby being "too loud" for the baby to sleep in the same room as Wubby.  Wubs will be crated but he is breathing loudly or licking this or that - it is kinda noisy.  It is my new concern - what to do if Wubby is too loud for the baby - we think he will not be happy being kicked out of our room.   I am thinking of a white noise machine.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Wubby pretty much believes he owns the place

Ok, so that was a major digression to get to the point.  So the point, I woke up tired, groggy and not really wanting to but needing to run - not need in the sense of training but need in the sense of "oh gosh, I need to pound the pavement and feel better." Runner's therapy so to speak.  I debated giving in.  Just hitting the treadmill or the elliptical.  It was already late, as I had slept through my alarm, and it would have been easy to just throw in the towel before I ever picked it up.  But one glimpse into the somewhat brisk, refreshing, and less humid morning air was too tempting to resist.  So I put on my new $5 pair of bigger running shorts, a too small sports bra, and a too large running shirt and headed out - Garmin, Glee on the iPod and all - it was like the good all days.

Mile 1,  I could tell I was angry.  I was angry about my new "stupid" shorts that did not fit right and chaffed - stopping twice to adjust them. I was angry that I overslept.  I was angry about the B*tch of a hill that I live by (to me it is pretty bad, but reality not so much) You name it, I found a reason to be angry about it.

Mile 1 - 9:44...

Mile 2  I started to let go.  I started to recall how wonderful it was to run outside.  How much I missed my Glee Music (yes I am serious) and how much I love being a runner.

Mile 2, 9:37

Mile 3,  I continually remember these days why I love running so much.  The so-called high of it.  Of pushing hard, of going faster, of competing.  Granted these days I feel like I am running with a little wagon behind me but regardless whether I am running 9s now or 10s as opposed to 7s or 8s a year ago, the feeling, the excitement, the highs are the same and are just as incredible.

Mile 3.1 - 9:04

Finishing my run, I felt alive.  I felt happy.  It was my first run with music and a Garmin in a while and I loved it.  I did not punish myself about the times or worry. I just went with what worked, what felt good and boy did it feel good today.

Sometimes an early morning run is just what the doctor ordered...

Do you ever using running as therapy?  Any suggestions on the Wubby noise situation?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Longest Run to Date

Saturday morning I woke up gearing for my "long run."  Since I have started to feel better during my second trimester, Saturday has been my "long run" day.  The definition of long run is pretty relative these days.  The run is generally longer than my run or runs during the week and I get to hit the trail because I have more time on the weekends, so to me that is still a long run and it is generally 4-5 miles.

This past Saturday, Aaron and I headed out with our sights on 5 miles, but in all honesty, it did not look promising in the least.  We got to the trail late and it was hot and humid.  I was generally in a pissed off and defeated mood over silly things - can I blame hormones please? Well, I am going to. Also, I had awful heartburn, which does not make running any fun.  As soon as we started out, my poor mood and the heartburn came up with a vengeance.  I kept telling Aaron to leave me and to complete his goal as I literally shuffled along but he insisted on hanging in there with me (what a good guy) and even being willing to take a stretching break after mile 1 to deal with my massive calf cramps.

I pretty much looked like this just slower and bigger and angrier 

Honestly, I thought about just giving up, but the truth is I really did not want too. I was not feeling great but I was not feeling sick or having any worrisome symptoms that would have caused me to stop then and there.  More likely, and I kind of knew it then too, my attitude was getting in the way.  I was not focused on the present gift of enjoying a run with my husband but looking forward to a day that I was not too excited about full of errands and other things I did not want to do.  But somewhere around Mile 2.50, I told myself to stop with this very childish pitty party.  To be happy to be outside, to be running, to be enjoying time with my husband.  I don't know if it was this little pep talk or the fact that around Mile 2.75 we turned around and were greeted with a huge reprieve of a slowly declining trail for a Mile 1.5, but I began to feel AMAZING!  The run felt "easy" and I felt good doing it.  I felt like I could run forever.

At Mile 4, I told Aaron that I was going to go for 6 miles.  I have not done 6 miles since I think ummm February and it sounded so enticing.  I was energized and ready to go.  At Mile 5 I thought, I could do 7!  So at mile 5, I waved goodbye to Aaron (so he could cool-down before going to his all day hockey tournament) and told him I would be back in a few minutes.  And then I was off - still happy, still feeling strong.  I knew Robin was out on the trail running a speedy long run and kept envisioning seeing her on the way, my guess was she was almost done and I could not wait to exclaim how great I felt.  Luck was on my side, because at about Mile 6 there she was.  I waved at her and she told me she had two minutes and would come back for me :).

Robin caught back up to me a few minutes later to run one last mile with me to round out about 7.25 miles for me and 12 very speedy miles for her.  I could not have been happier, not only did I take a negative attitude and what could have been an awful run and turned it into my longest run since February but also got to run with two of my favorite people.

Two thumbs up for running

As I have been running and exercising during pregnancy, I really have no plan.  When I start each day, I am not really sure what it will hold and what I intend to do.  I may think generally, oh I want to do 3 miles or half hour on the elliptical, but I never know.  I just go with how I feel.  For someone who has been so structured for so long this is quite the change.  At some points, it is completely refreshing.  It is good to take a break, to relax a little bit, to let your body rest as well as challenge your body when it lets you.  And other times, I just want to get back that wonderful training schedule - to have a specific goal for each day getting me closer to a race.  To feel on top of the world after a run.  Saturday's run felt like I was on top of the world.  I felt strong, I felt good.  It was nice to have that feeling and be so empowered.

Pregnancy is hard stuff.  Running at any length or even just getting through your day during pregnancy is hard stuff.  I know not every run ca be like this.  I know I have to continue to just listen to my body and take each moment as it comes. Runs like Saturday are a gift to me during pregnancy and I soaked up every minute.   I changed my attitude and I enjoyed the benefits.  I would like to say there will be many more to come, but I just don't know.  For now, I will be content to not know and continue to just go with the flow.

A good run sets up for a good day to come!
How do you change your attitude during an especially hard run?  Do you ever take time off of your training season for whatever reason (pregnancy or not), how does your relationship with running change?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby B Weeks 21, 22, & 23!

In one last ditch effort to get up to speed, I am clumping three weeks into one (yes, I know sort of cheating), but then I will be back on track.  I still think it is weird to review week 23 when I am 23 weeks and  a day, but that may be just because I am still not so good at wrapping my head around this whole pregnancy counting and the fact that this is actually the 24th week.  Well however you slice it, its an update none the less.

How have I been feeling?  Still pretty good overall but having some random pregnancy symptoms now and again.
  • Heartburn: Last week, heartburn made its return with a vengeance for a good, say 48 hours.  I am blaming it on my ever so talented ability to inhale french fries. 
  • Swollen Feet:  My feet are still nice and swollen, so much so that my doctor sent me for another ultrasound to rule out any blood clots - all clear :)  
  • Dry Eyes:  My eyes have been incredibly dry which Dr. Google (and my doctor at my last appointment) confirmed was completely normal.  It is really only my right eye.  Interesting it is my right eye that is dry and my left foot that is swollen.  At first, I could not stand putting contacts in and I am not a huge fan of wearing my glasses, but then I found if I just waited for a bit in the morning before putting them in (like a  half hour after I woke up or so), then I was good to go.
  • Nosebleeds:  I have had two or three minor nosebleeds which again Dr. Google (and my doctor) confirm is pretty normal.
  • Eczema:  Sexy right?  Dry skin is so much fun.  
  • Tiredness:  Still present but manageable
Week 22

 How have I been feeling emotionally?  Excited and anxious.  I know I should not wish time away but I kind of am.  I cannot wait for the fall and November to meet this little guy!  I know I know, I really need to not wish time away, but I cannot seem to help it. In the meantime, the excitement has translated into me being in baby overdrive.  I am obsessed, at this point, with all things Baby Products and my new favorite book - Baby Bargains - which has been a life saver, thanks to a very good friend's awesome recommendation.  I have also been reading On Becoming Baby Wise, from another good recommendation.   I pretty much cannot get enough!

Cravings/Aversions:  If I would have to pinpoint something, I would say my biggest craving is the need to be in a pool at all times.  This week I told Aaron I was going to buy a kiddie pool and put it in the living room.  On more than one occasion, I have woken up in the morning dreaming of going to the pool.  Maybe I need to drink more water?  Otherwise, pizza and ice-cream - but honestly I don't think this counts, this has always been my craving.  Aversions - still the smell of coffee but that is thankfully it!

Good thing I have an amazing friend that lets me tag along to her pool...

Exercise:  A great few weeks of exercise - a run in the rain with Aaron, a run with Liz, L, and the BOB stroller twice (more on that soon), a speedy 4 mile treadmill run.  Overall, no complaints.  I will take it while it lasts.  I did break down about two weeks ago and went to City Sports  basement and got new running shorts and tops that are BIG!  I plan to grow into them but they still fit pretty good right now.  I love City Sports Basement - I got 4 pair of dri-fit running shorts for $5 each and a $9 dri-fit shirt.  Can't beat that!  I still have not found a good sports bra that I love though.  I have Moving Comfort now, but they don't thrill me.

Week 21 

Doctor's Visits:  Two actually.  One to my OB-GYN this week where I got the TDAP Vaccine which stands for tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) - good thing to because I  managed to cut myself on a knife that night (Not to worry, I am fine Grandma).  Have you heard at all about this vaccine?  Whooping cough is a big concern for babies especially. You can learn more about it here and here.  My doctor recommended that I get it as well as anyone coming into contact with the baby.  In other words, my wonderful father got a call the other day in which I asked him to please get vaccinated.  I am  going to talk to other relatives and friends too and ask if they would be vaccinated if they are spending a lot of time with the baby.  I know it may sound extreme, but whooping cough is serious business.  I completely understand if they don't want to be vaccinated, but then I would ask them to hold off being around Baby B for the time.  Again, extreme?  Maybe, but again it is serious stuff, really serious.

Anyway, the other visit was to my PCP after I was just feeling sick post TDAP - turns out just a coincidence and more likely that I just had a little virus - no big deal.

Coming up, a visit to interview a pediatrician, I really need to get on questions to ask/things to look out for.

Baby Movement:  Baby B is becoming more of a gymnast by the day and I love love it.   Only problem is when he decides to be quiet and then I get nervous and poke up him to make sure all is O.K.  Aaron still has not been able to feel him move, I guess Baby is still building up those muscles in order to give some really good kicks.

Guess that is it for now.  Tell me, what are your views on the TDAP?  Any good questions or things to look for when I go interview a pediatrician this week?  Any good sports bra suggestions?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dinner Dilemma

Once upon a time, I was pretty darn good at meal planning.  I would look at our week, think about what we had going on, what we wanted to eat, and TA-DA make a plan for lunches and dinners and set off to the store list in hand.

Somewhere between that perfectly well-structured formulation of lunch and dinner plans and today, we welcomed morning sickness (which should more aptly be called "sick at all times of the day sickness") and the perfect planning, it went out the window.  There was no way to predict what we were having for lunch or dinner because there was no way to tell how I was going to feel - would the smell of chicken make me sick? Would I be starving?  Would I be too full or nauseous to eat?  We just did not know and after a few failed attempts to make a plan and too much wasted food we gave up and instead started to just go with it.  While a good lesson in lack of control and getting ready for all things baby, such a plan was difficult and tiring.  We never had any food in the house and I was too tired to cook much of anything and with Aaron getting home late, I often assembled quick sandwiches leaving me unsatisfied or forked over more money for pizza or the like.

Its a good thing I really really like pizza!

Now that I am well into my second trimester, I am very happy to report that all things healthy foods have many a BIG comeback.  However, my meal planning skills have not returned as promptly.  It is not that I am as worried that I will be disgusted by the food or not want it, it is just that I can't figure out anything to eat.  I am not really sure why but I have developed this inability to figure out what to make for lunch and/or dinner.  And when I do decide what I want, it is just too late, I am too tired, and just go with what is convenient - yet another sandwich.  The bread and cheese industry LOVE me, to say the least.

But this week, Aaron and I are determined to make a change.  To plan, shop, and cook ahead of time, so that we have food for the week (even if it really sucks to have to make food now on a Sunday night after a loonnnng day).    Yet, here, we are doing it - all grownup and parent like, right?.  Came up with a list, went to the store, and came back and started cooking.  First up, turkey breast.  For some reason, I am obsessed with the idea of turkey deli sandwiches right now (probably because I cannot eat them).  But now I can, we cooked up the turkey, had some for dinner, and sliced the rest for - you guessed it - turkey sandwiches for lunch (we even had enough to store some in the freezer for another week and leave some for Wubby too!).

Turkey Goodness!

Now, I am doing a little resting because my foot has decided to swell and Aaron is graciously starting the tedious process of making eggplant parm (totally worth it, but so easy for me to say).  So now we will have dinner for Monday and Tuesday!  To round out the week, we have dinner plans Wednesday night, turkey burgers for Thursday, and fish for Friday!

Best eggplant parm recipe ever!

 Thus it actually looks like we have a plan and are putting it action!  And once again I feel satisfied, satiated, and happy.  Sure, I am exhausted from the shopping, turkey cooking, lunch prepping, cleaning and laundry folding (only about a five hour activity total), but I know we will benefit from it this week making it totally worth it!!  And Wubby, well Wubby could not be happier - he loves him some turkey!

Turkey please!

Do you ever get stuck in a dinner rut and how do you get out of it?  Do you partake in meal planning and prepping?