Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lee's First & Second Race

This is not my medal.  Nope, wish it was - this is Lee's medal (he also a ribbon) from his second of two races that he participated in yesterday.  

There are a ton of firsts in our life, our children's lives, and our loved ones' lives; some we find more important than others.  For us, runners, well at least for me, this was a BIG first.  The baby book wants me to write the date he first held his head up, I cannot remember.  But I sure will remember June 8, 2013 - the day of Lee's first (and second) race.  Where is the line in the baby book for that?   I was thinking of how to write this post actually while I was running the race yesterday. I knew there was only one way to write it and remember the day by. I, however, cannot take the credit for the idea.  Jen came up with this style in her blog when W ran his first race.  You need to check out her post (Jen, help link please?!?).  Thus, this will be written from the perspective of the man himself, Mr. Lee.

Don't I look excited - Game Face People, Game Face

I had a great night sleep before the race.  But in the morning, I could not wait.  I was up bright and early excited about race day, but worried about the rain.  It was still pouring out.  I like my bath and pool as much as the next baby, but I am not sure about this whole running in the rain thing.

No matter, I fueled up quickly - oatmeal and formula, took a quick nap, and got into my race attire raring to go.

Let's fly!

We got to the race and I stayed dry underneath my wonderful, new weather shield Daddy bought me yesterday.  There was so much going on,  it was hard to keep focused, but I knew it was race day so Daddy, our friend Scott, and I began our warm up.  Mommy disappeared...something about a knee being taped and multiple bathroom trips that needed to occur before the race (this is why I have my diaper people!)

We did some sprints to warm up and then we took the obligatory (I know I have a good vocabulary) race photos.  Soooo many photos --- mom always makes us take soooo many photos, I will spare you.  But while we were taking photos the rain stopped and we knew we would have a good race after all.  We quickly removed unneeded layers like my weather shield and lined up to get going.  Mommy gave me kissed and headed to the front and Daddy and I stayed in the middle of the pack with our friend Scott.

YAY Running!!

efore I knew it, we were off.  I had my game face on as we rolled along and loved when we got to pass other people during Mile 1.  At Mile 2, things started to get hard and I did not like it. The wind was not fun, not fun at all, but I kept in high spirits.  At Mile 3, we said goodbye to Scott as his knee was hurting and just kept on pushing up and up the big hills. 

Then all of a sudden before I knew it there was mommy cheering for us like crazy.  She is very loud.  She ran next to us for the final last steps and we crossed the finish line together.  Strange though, this was supposed to be a 5 mile race.  Daddy and I were pacing for 5, apparently someone got confused...not us.  

Oh well I had my second race to prepare for - now the kids only race.   This race was quicker! It was just a little 25 yard dash.  I think Mommy was more excited to me.  She grabbed me straight out of Daddy's hands and ran to the start - we almost missed it.  Then, she ran me straight done the field.

Can you find mommy and me - hint look for a sparkle skirt

Finally, we were done.  I need to rest!  That was a lot, but all of a sudden I ended up on my first pony.  Not so much bigger than Wubby really....

Seriously, Mom, chill!


Ok then, then, I finally did rest and refuel! Next race is in less than a month.  Daddy and I have a training run on schedule for Tuesday.

What was your first race like?

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