Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby B Weeks 21, 22, & 23!

In one last ditch effort to get up to speed, I am clumping three weeks into one (yes, I know sort of cheating), but then I will be back on track.  I still think it is weird to review week 23 when I am 23 weeks and  a day, but that may be just because I am still not so good at wrapping my head around this whole pregnancy counting and the fact that this is actually the 24th week.  Well however you slice it, its an update none the less.

How have I been feeling?  Still pretty good overall but having some random pregnancy symptoms now and again.
  • Heartburn: Last week, heartburn made its return with a vengeance for a good, say 48 hours.  I am blaming it on my ever so talented ability to inhale french fries. 
  • Swollen Feet:  My feet are still nice and swollen, so much so that my doctor sent me for another ultrasound to rule out any blood clots - all clear :)  
  • Dry Eyes:  My eyes have been incredibly dry which Dr. Google (and my doctor at my last appointment) confirmed was completely normal.  It is really only my right eye.  Interesting it is my right eye that is dry and my left foot that is swollen.  At first, I could not stand putting contacts in and I am not a huge fan of wearing my glasses, but then I found if I just waited for a bit in the morning before putting them in (like a  half hour after I woke up or so), then I was good to go.
  • Nosebleeds:  I have had two or three minor nosebleeds which again Dr. Google (and my doctor) confirm is pretty normal.
  • Eczema:  Sexy right?  Dry skin is so much fun.  
  • Tiredness:  Still present but manageable
Week 22

 How have I been feeling emotionally?  Excited and anxious.  I know I should not wish time away but I kind of am.  I cannot wait for the fall and November to meet this little guy!  I know I know, I really need to not wish time away, but I cannot seem to help it. In the meantime, the excitement has translated into me being in baby overdrive.  I am obsessed, at this point, with all things Baby Products and my new favorite book - Baby Bargains - which has been a life saver, thanks to a very good friend's awesome recommendation.  I have also been reading On Becoming Baby Wise, from another good recommendation.   I pretty much cannot get enough!

Cravings/Aversions:  If I would have to pinpoint something, I would say my biggest craving is the need to be in a pool at all times.  This week I told Aaron I was going to buy a kiddie pool and put it in the living room.  On more than one occasion, I have woken up in the morning dreaming of going to the pool.  Maybe I need to drink more water?  Otherwise, pizza and ice-cream - but honestly I don't think this counts, this has always been my craving.  Aversions - still the smell of coffee but that is thankfully it!

Good thing I have an amazing friend that lets me tag along to her pool...

Exercise:  A great few weeks of exercise - a run in the rain with Aaron, a run with Liz, L, and the BOB stroller twice (more on that soon), a speedy 4 mile treadmill run.  Overall, no complaints.  I will take it while it lasts.  I did break down about two weeks ago and went to City Sports  basement and got new running shorts and tops that are BIG!  I plan to grow into them but they still fit pretty good right now.  I love City Sports Basement - I got 4 pair of dri-fit running shorts for $5 each and a $9 dri-fit shirt.  Can't beat that!  I still have not found a good sports bra that I love though.  I have Moving Comfort now, but they don't thrill me.

Week 21 

Doctor's Visits:  Two actually.  One to my OB-GYN this week where I got the TDAP Vaccine which stands for tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) - good thing to because I  managed to cut myself on a knife that night (Not to worry, I am fine Grandma).  Have you heard at all about this vaccine?  Whooping cough is a big concern for babies especially. You can learn more about it here and here.  My doctor recommended that I get it as well as anyone coming into contact with the baby.  In other words, my wonderful father got a call the other day in which I asked him to please get vaccinated.  I am  going to talk to other relatives and friends too and ask if they would be vaccinated if they are spending a lot of time with the baby.  I know it may sound extreme, but whooping cough is serious business.  I completely understand if they don't want to be vaccinated, but then I would ask them to hold off being around Baby B for the time.  Again, extreme?  Maybe, but again it is serious stuff, really serious.

Anyway, the other visit was to my PCP after I was just feeling sick post TDAP - turns out just a coincidence and more likely that I just had a little virus - no big deal.

Coming up, a visit to interview a pediatrician, I really need to get on questions to ask/things to look out for.

Baby Movement:  Baby B is becoming more of a gymnast by the day and I love love it.   Only problem is when he decides to be quiet and then I get nervous and poke up him to make sure all is O.K.  Aaron still has not been able to feel him move, I guess Baby is still building up those muscles in order to give some really good kicks.

Guess that is it for now.  Tell me, what are your views on the TDAP?  Any good questions or things to look for when I go interview a pediatrician this week?  Any good sports bra suggestions?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dinner Dilemma

Once upon a time, I was pretty darn good at meal planning.  I would look at our week, think about what we had going on, what we wanted to eat, and TA-DA make a plan for lunches and dinners and set off to the store list in hand.

Somewhere between that perfectly well-structured formulation of lunch and dinner plans and today, we welcomed morning sickness (which should more aptly be called "sick at all times of the day sickness") and the perfect planning, it went out the window.  There was no way to predict what we were having for lunch or dinner because there was no way to tell how I was going to feel - would the smell of chicken make me sick? Would I be starving?  Would I be too full or nauseous to eat?  We just did not know and after a few failed attempts to make a plan and too much wasted food we gave up and instead started to just go with it.  While a good lesson in lack of control and getting ready for all things baby, such a plan was difficult and tiring.  We never had any food in the house and I was too tired to cook much of anything and with Aaron getting home late, I often assembled quick sandwiches leaving me unsatisfied or forked over more money for pizza or the like.

Its a good thing I really really like pizza!

Now that I am well into my second trimester, I am very happy to report that all things healthy foods have many a BIG comeback.  However, my meal planning skills have not returned as promptly.  It is not that I am as worried that I will be disgusted by the food or not want it, it is just that I can't figure out anything to eat.  I am not really sure why but I have developed this inability to figure out what to make for lunch and/or dinner.  And when I do decide what I want, it is just too late, I am too tired, and just go with what is convenient - yet another sandwich.  The bread and cheese industry LOVE me, to say the least.

But this week, Aaron and I are determined to make a change.  To plan, shop, and cook ahead of time, so that we have food for the week (even if it really sucks to have to make food now on a Sunday night after a loonnnng day).    Yet, here, we are doing it - all grownup and parent like, right?.  Came up with a list, went to the store, and came back and started cooking.  First up, turkey breast.  For some reason, I am obsessed with the idea of turkey deli sandwiches right now (probably because I cannot eat them).  But now I can, we cooked up the turkey, had some for dinner, and sliced the rest for - you guessed it - turkey sandwiches for lunch (we even had enough to store some in the freezer for another week and leave some for Wubby too!).

Turkey Goodness!

Now, I am doing a little resting because my foot has decided to swell and Aaron is graciously starting the tedious process of making eggplant parm (totally worth it, but so easy for me to say).  So now we will have dinner for Monday and Tuesday!  To round out the week, we have dinner plans Wednesday night, turkey burgers for Thursday, and fish for Friday!

Best eggplant parm recipe ever!

 Thus it actually looks like we have a plan and are putting it action!  And once again I feel satisfied, satiated, and happy.  Sure, I am exhausted from the shopping, turkey cooking, lunch prepping, cleaning and laundry folding (only about a five hour activity total), but I know we will benefit from it this week making it totally worth it!!  And Wubby, well Wubby could not be happier - he loves him some turkey!

Turkey please!

Do you ever get stuck in a dinner rut and how do you get out of it?  Do you partake in meal planning and prepping? 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Running in the Rain

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's Registry Post.  I really appreciate it.  I will have to do a Follow-up post.  Keep those comments coming.

Hey, I have a novel idea.  Let's talk about running.  This is a running blog right?  So let's go out on a limb here for once and actually mention running.

Hey look, running!

Prior to, well today,  I would have to say that I was still a fair weather runner.  I have run in the rain once or twice but it was pretty minimal rain.  On most days, pre-pregnancy, marathon running Stephanie would see rain and hit the treadmill proclaiming my hatred for all things rain.  When I did go running in the rain, I was ready with all things rain gear - body glide, visor, rain jacket and Stuffits to finish.

Baby B's 2nd Race

But today, things changed.  Miss low key pregnancy runner who has no training plan and comes and goes as she pleases, looked outside and saw the rain, saw the sad text message from her running friend that it was a long night with the baby and had to understandably reschedule, and laced up her running shoes and gave her husband her best - please run with my smile possible.  And once Aaron agreed (even though he had just played a late night hockey game ending at 12:45 and had about 3 hours asleep), we suited up and walked out the door - not just to a light drizzle but a complete downpour.  Yet, instead of turning around, I did something that Aaron remarked was "uncharacteristically not like me"  I smiled, laughed and said "Game On!"  This baby must have some spunk...

I spy a wet baby bump!

As we warmed up our legs by walking to our nearby loop, we were immediately drenched.  We quickly realized today would be a day to go all out on the body glide - something neither of us had chosen to do - Aaron was not even in dri-fit.  As for me, I chose the perfect color for rain - a nice white teeshirt and rolled up running shorts (which btw, I just purchased in a nice very large size for growing room at the price of $5).

We hit the trail and my smile grew wider.  My shoes were soaked, I was hitting all the puddles and we started to sing "Running in the Rain."  We were pretty much alone out there and some walkers that we passed with umbrellas just gave us an eyebrow raise.  We cruised along "trying" to dodge puddles and just having a blast.  I was drenched and loving every second of it.  As we took the last half mile, my smile grew even wider as my husband took off.    There was no way at this point that I could keep up with him and I did not care.  I loved seeing him glide with ease and how far he has come as a runner as well.

Overall, this was not my longest run, not my fastest, but the happiest most fun run I have had in a long time.

So maybe running in the rain is not all that bad afterall...

Do you like running in the rain?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Registry Woes & Prepping (or lack thereof) for a Baby

Ok, I know this sounds crazy because there are so many more important things to worry about and many more things to be happy about, but no matter what I do, I cannot seem to shake the registry worry.  In sum, I am super overwhelmed, nervous, and unsure about the whole idea of what I need to buy/register for, for Baby B.  The concept seems so daunting! What on earth does a baby need?  What are the right products to get?  What are the right brands?  Will the baby like it?  Which lists do I use?  Where do I even start?

I have seen a ton of shopping lists online and in books on what to buy.  I have heard and am heeding the warnings of not going overboard.  But it has not really calmed my nerves to be completely honest.  With every product, there is another major question.  Let's just take a stroller for instance.  Something I know I will need.  Then comes the question of what type of stroller - well I know I eventually want a jogging stroller (clearly!) but not only will there be less jogging/running when Baby B is due in November, but if I understand the "baby rules" correctly, I need a stroller that can fully recline, which jogging strollers do not.  So then we are back to the drawing board on what stroller to get - what will be the safest, easiest to use, most affordable, and make Baby B the happiest.  And once I figure this out, I need to go ahead and incorporate whether or not I want the stroller where the infant carrier can strap into the stroller and as an added bonus could potentially double as a carrier that locks in and becomes a car seat.   And don't even get me started on diapers or baby wipes - what wipes? What brand? Should I order them on I always use commercial wipes or go for homemade sometimes?

Don't get me wrong.  I feel soooo happy to have this "problem."  And even more excited to dig right in and get started.  My theory right now is that I really want to get some major registry shopping done in the next few weeks in anticipation that I might not be 100% during the third trimester.  There is also another added wrinkle that might be causing me a little stress.  You see, Judaism has a tradition/superstition (whatever you want to call it) where in you don't really prepare for a baby.  By this I mean, you do not buy baby items and set up the nursery pre-baby and you don't have a shower pre-baby.  From what I understand, it is bad luck and you hear many awful stories about families who had a pre-baby shower and then the worst happened.  Now many people choose to have showers and fully set up the room and things are fine.  I am not saying one way is right or wrong. But generally a Jewish tradition is to wait.  The custom, I believe, actually was meant  to make it easier on a family who suffered a loss - so not have to come from the hospital after experiencing the worst thing imaginable and have all the baby stuff to return/pack up.

Now, even though it is well intentioned, you can see how this can cause much angst.  To do nothing?!? Have nothing ready?! You can't even leave the hospital without a properly installed car seat.  The first few days are hard enough let alone the idea of now shopping for all those items you need!  Can't you just see the stress mounting?  So like anything, there are loopholes that people have developed through the years.  Some people will register/buy items and have stores hold them until the time comes or store them at someone else's home. Others will wait as long as possible and then in the last weeks set everything up, still others will do the bare minimum (car seat, change of clothes, bassinet etc.).  Oh and don't worry there can still be baby showers, just post baby!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Showers are the coolest 

Aaron and I are still trying to figure out exactly what we are going to do. We do know that we are going to register/buy stuff beforehand.  In fact, my dad came to visit this weekend and made me a very happy mommy-to-be with a very generous gift...

Crib, changing table, and dresser.  Thanks Dad!

But what we will bring into the house and where we will store things is up in the air. On the one hand, we feel the need to set up as much as possible (for the obvious reasons) as well as to get Wubby accustomed to the new things first before the baby is born, but on the other hand I am pretty neurotic and superstitious these days.  We have actually received a gift or two already, which happens and is totally completely fine (and is a loophole in my book because they did not know and were just being super kind and generous). For those gifts, I just put them in our office and closed the door, kind of ignoring them for now.  Also, for right now, the new furniture will stay at the store as long as we need it to, which will probably be post birth, but who knows.  As for other things, I think we will plan to leave them at an unsuspecting relatives and then when we are in the hospital, have our family help bring things over or maybe we will set things up just a few weeks before.  Honestly I am still not 100% sure...and

Phew, as you can see there is a lot to consider...

How did you handle the registry/baby shopping as well as pre- or post baby set up?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby B - Weeks 19 and 20

Oh dear, am I behind!  I guess I say that every time I blog now, so it is not really behind as much as I do not have much of a schedule at all, but lack of control is the theme of the moment and will probably continue for the next 20-30 years so I better be getting used to it.  I am almost at the end of my 21st week so I better play some catch up with weeks 19 and 20.  Yikes!! I am going to group these two weeks and hopefully I can make some sense of them in that manner...

Week 19

Week 20

How have I been feeling?  Pretty good (knock on wood), but not amazing.  I know people talk about the massive energy spike of second trimester but it is kind of all relative in my opinion.  I feel like I have infinite more energy than I did first trimester and the start of the second trimester but I am still not up to the level of pre-pregnancy energy - and that is O.K. too.  I am not sleeping as late, and to my dismay I was up at 5 a.m. this weekend and had a hard time falling back asleep.  Nevertheless, I am still exhausted in the middle of the day and at the end of the day.   Last week, I came home, ate dinner, and went to lay down.  I did not watch T.V., I did not do anything just laid there for a half hour and then fell asleep...two of those days I did not even bother to change into P.Js a.k.a Aaron's tee-shirts and boxers.

Wubby will always have more energy than me

How have I been feeling emotionally? Hormone city! Overall, I wish I could say I was happy go lucky.  I know I need to relax and find some peace but more often than not I find myself stressing about this situation or that situation. It is also pretty easy to swing my moods especially to tears - although I am not sure that this is the pregnancy talking either.  I need to do a little better job trying to de-stress and stop worrying so much about things I cannot fix or change right now and enjoy the moments of pregnancy.  The other major emotion is excitement.  Although I feel I am sooo not ready for Baby B to come yet, I can't wait to meet him, but I will happily wait to Thanksgiving - you hear that Baby B!

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings are probably still pizza - although that is par for the course for me at anytime. I also had some very big ice-cream cravings over July 4th, again though that is no big news for me. Aversions - still coffee and onion bagels - mainly the smell! YUCK (p.s. Baby just kicked in agreement).  Otherwise, not so bad on either end, which is helpful because I am really trying to get a variety of healthy foods into my diet right now.  I read that the baby is developing taste buds based on what I am eating, so I have forced myself to eat chicken and other things (which are not always my favorites) in hopes that Baby B will have a well-rounded diet.

Wubby craves chicken, ice-cream, peanut butter, and cheese 

Exercise:  We are still going :) :) Slower than before but I am getting a good solid 5 days a week in, consisting usually of  2 runs, 2 elliptical workouts, and a weights day.  I also have been walking during my lunch hour at work. I can't really ask for much more.  I am pretty aware that a time may come where all that no longer feels so good and thus have started looking into potential pool/swimming options.  I found one near work that is not so expensive so I may have to start that as soon as I feel is necessary.

Doctor's Visits: None since the last big gender visit!  But I have one coming up next week - can't wait to hear the little boy's heartbeat :)

Baby Movement:   I am loving this new category.  I have been feeling the baby move now for a good two or three weeks now and it is becoming more often and more pronounced.  I smile wide every time I feel him - it never gets old!  So far no kicks that Aaron has been able to feel, but maybe Baby B will be a good son and give his Daddy a good old kick for his birthday tonight.  You never know....either way I can't wait for the day that Aaron can feel Baby B dancing away too!

That is all for now.  Tell me when did your hubby or significant other first feel those little kicks?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pregnancy Counting Confusion

Is anyone else confused about this whole pregnancy counting dilemma?  I have to tell you, maybe it is because I am a lawyer by trade, but I have never been good at math and I do not think this whole pregnancy counting calendar is helping one bit.  I think the trouble begins early, with the fact that you actually start counting week one of your pregnancy before you are actually pregnant - you count from the start of your last period.  In my case, I did not have a last period to count from so we went two weeks back from when we believed conception happened and counted there - that is week one of my pregnancy. Uhhh at that time, I was taking Clomid and nothing was happening down there, so I am pretty sure I was not in fact pregnant.  But that is where the confusion begins in my book.

Things get more complex as you go I have come to realize.  The next issue I have encountered is figuring out when trimesters end.  Some websites told me I was out of the 1st trimester and could breathe a short sigh of relief at 12 weeks but some said not to the end of your 13th week - which made for a little bit of crazy making as I was counting the days, minutes, seconds to make it cross that monumental occasion. We went the 12 week route - we could not keep it a secret too much longer!

More recently, I am just plain confused about what week I am in.  Last week, my "What to Expecting" emails congratulated me on getting half way through the pregnancy and being in my 20th week, which was interesting to me because on that day I thought I was actually 19 weeks exactly.  I wondered how I could then be in my 20th week?!?!  Aaron tried to explain to me that it goes kind of like this - you have completed 19 weeks on this day but you are starting your 20th week this week.  Same concept for what month your in - I have completed 4 months and I am within my 5th month and at 22 weeks even though I would say I am 5 months exactly, I am actually in my 6 month...I think?!?! I hope I got this right.

Week 20 to the day - I think?!

With all this confusion, what is a girl to do?  Michele sent me this calendar  which has proven very useful (Thanks Michele!).  Honestly, it does not really matter the week so much I guess.  Just like how much does it really  matters whether first I thought my due date was the 22nd of November (Thanksgiving), then the 21st (my parent's anniversary), and now they tell me back to the 22nd.  But I guess when you are a "crazy" pregnant woman like me who loves to check her "What To Expect" app and loves getting one day closer to Baby B day, I can't help but just being a little obsessed with the whole counting thing.

All this counting is exhausting!!

Does anyone else understand why pregnancy counting can be so confusing?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Girl or Boy?!?!

This post is late in coming by about two weeks.  I know!  Can we blame it on Aaron who has to take the computer to work everyday and by the time he gets home I am too tired to write?  I guess we cannot truly blame him as he is, you know, working and all, but I have suggested moving his computer onto my desk so you all don't have to wait so long for posts.  He was none too enthusiastic, but who am I kidding by the time I get home I am usually too tired to stare at a computer anymore anyway.  So with a  rainy July 4th morning where I am putting off my run I figured now would be a perfect time.

Where were we?

Ahhh or pink?  To Aaron's dismay, I believe, I would not just let us let the ultrasound person tell us.  Instead, I brought these cookies in two separate boxes to the ultrasound tech and had her check off which box (the blue or the pink) we should use.

Use this one!

From there we headed out to diner, originally we were going to have the waiter bring the correct cookie out with dessert but in the end we just kept it private and opened it ourselves over dessert.


I was pretty surprised because I have already had two "it's a girl dreams,"  but then again I had a "its twins" dream too so we can't really rely on me.  But honestly we are thrilled - I think Aaron is super psyched it is a boy and is ready to make a hockey player out of him.  I am just happy that so far we have all healthy reports.  Honestly, all of this still seems so unreal to me, but as the whole thing sets in I am left with excitement and happiness.  I am excited for Baby B to have lots of other boys to play with and I may already be setting him up with my best friend's soon to be baby girl due a month before Baby B (because of course he will be a heart throb).  I have also been told boys are the best, but in the end we would have been happy either way.

In the meantime, we also told my dad and grandparents the news in sort of a special way.  I ordered flowers for my grandparents which arrived the next day in "boy colors" and they loved it and were so excited.  We were so happy to include them and surprise them.  My brother schemed with me and brought a card and a bottle of wine over to my dad's house the night we found out to tell him too.  We really enjoyed including our family in our news even though we could not be with them.

That's it.  Happy 4th!!

Did you find out the gender beforehand?  How did you find out?