Saturday, December 24, 2011

Virtual 10K Back by Popular Demand- REGISTRATION RE-OPENED!

Editor's Note:  This just in we are RE-OPENING registration for the Virtual 10K due to a high demand.  After much consideration and requests, we have decided to reopen the 10k.  We thought about those who have not had a chance to register as well as those who took the time to register.  Given the short registration time frame and the fact that people can register for a "normal" race the day of, we have reopened registration.  

For those who have already registered early, we are giving you the opportunity to be the only one's in the raffle prize for the Brooks shoes.  

If you are registering now, please fill out this form.  Also to see the original details of the race please check it out here. 

This morning I woke up bright and early.  Nervous and excited.  This is the day I have been training for, for 10k!  I spent last night getting ready, making the perfect playlist, hydrating, and eating carbs.  And now I just can't wait to bound out the door.

Ok, so maybe not.  The above sounds familiar though.  It sounds like my normal race day feelings for every other race, but in actuality none of this has happened.  I have not trained for months for a 10K; in fact, I did not know I was even doing a 10K until earlier this week.  I meant to make a playlist, but it has not happened yet. And I JUST woke up, meaning I slept to 8:00 a.m. (truly a Chanukah miracle).  At least I can say I carbo loaded on...potato latkes & sugar cookies.

I was fully intending this to be my pre-race breakfast but they are all gone, go figure!

Robin is one hell of a baker. I told her she can never bring cookies over again, I can't resist eating them all and then I feel guilty, not because I ate them but because they are so darn pretty!

But all of this does not matter because today is the

The 1st Annual
Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K

And this race is like no other (except for all the other virtual races out there).  It allows you to go out on your own (or your favorite running buddy) on your OWN time and on your OWN terms and just RUN FOR FUN (and for a ton of cool prizes...who are we kidding).  

And I am super excited.  I don't have any nerves or expectations.  I don't have to drag Aaron and beg him to wear my favorite race shirt.  

Shameless plug (I have to) check out our Crazy Bitch Dri-Fit shirts on sale now!

Instead, it is stress-free, fun.  And I am running for fun, right?

At Robin's request, her new favorite picture of me, I am running for fun...right (eh look closely)?

Now, I was excited for this 10K ever since Robin, Ashley, and I started to get a move on putting this thing together, oh a mere 4 days ago!  But since then, the stories have started to roll in and excited may now be an understatement. 

 Instead of being like the rest of the world and getting stressed over last minute holiday shopping, meals, presents, family, and travel.  Runners are getting outside, jumping, on the treadmill and having a BLAST!!!

People are taking this race seriously and having some serious fun and we could not be happier.  They are letting us know - through blog entries, emails, pictures, tweets, and dailymile - that they are getting out there and kicking ass at their 10K.  

So far the reports include:
  • PRs (not surprisingly Jeff PR'd this race);
  • Runners running their first ever 10K race or even better their first ever 6.2 miles! (my amazing cousin will attempt her hand at both this weekend);
  • Runners braving all conditions (this lady battled the snow, ice, and wind and got out there to run an awesome race);
  • Great costumes (Tina chose to dress like a Christmas Ninja and Jen rocked awesome Reindeer Antlers); and
  • Runners including family members dragging parents along and even babies (this girl is rocking it even with being several months pregnant).

These stories and pictures have been inspiring and nothing short of amazing and I can't wait to share all of them with you.  So don't forget to send us your pictures and stories so we can tell everyone how great you all are (Stephanie, Robin, & Ashley)!  And please record your times here!

Additionally, I have to admit, I am getting a little jealous of these prices! Our last company to roll in as a sponsor was Brooks and they are giving out a pair of running shoes - winner's choice!  

This morning I awoke to more tweets and messages that people are already braving the 20 degree weather conditions and rocking their 10K. 

 So I guess this means I better get going and do the same.  

Good Luck to Everyone out there and have a wonderful holiday!

How did your Virtual 10K go?  Please share, I can't wait to hear all the great stories & see fun pictures!

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