Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K

Editor's Note:  This just in we are RE-OPENING registration for the Virtual 10K due to a high demand.  After much consideration and requests, we have decided to reopen the 10k.  We thought about those who have not had a chance to register as well as those who took the time to register.  Given the short registration time frame and the fact that people can register for a "normal" race the day of, we have reopened registration.  

For those who have already registered early, we are giving you the opportunity to be the only one's in the raffle prize for the Brooks shoes.  

If you are registering now, please fill out this form.  Also to see the original details of the race please check it out here. 

Happy Holidays!  2011 has been an amazing year for races, blogging, friends, and fun! Many of us qualified for Boston, ran our first half or full marathon, watched the Hood to Coast teams with awe and slight jealously, and maybe even just started running!  

Now that 2011 is about to close and we are rushing home or to friends and families for the holidays, we wanted one last chance to enjoy that Runner’s High before we said our official goodbye to 2011.  I don’t know about you, but in our areas there were not many options for races this weekend.  People are BUSY!  It is Christmas and Hanukkah this week, so we get it.  That is why all the holiday races were previous weeks.  But we wanted MORE!!  
Robin & Stephanie looked high and low for a 10k - Robin had a 10K on her training plan for this week and Stephanie wanted to make it 11 races in 2011 (she has 10).  Ashley was headed down South for the holiday weekend, and there were not many options.  

Good thing  bloggers are so resourceful!  First we saw this...

Then we saw this...

And before we knew it Ashley, Robin, and Stephanie were planning the 1st annual

The 1st Annual
Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K

Whether you are planning on going home for the holidays or not, we would love for you to participate in this Virtual Race.  What better way to burn off some holiday stressors and a few of those extra cookies than kicking out a 10K with some of your closest friends and bloggers.

Because what is the holidays without some of these fabulous sugar cookies!

If you have never done a Virtual Race before and have no idea what we are talking about, don’t worry it is simple and easy to catch on!  The idea behind the race is that you register (here) and instead of actually going to a designated area to race you get to do it on your own time (within a certain deadline) and at your own place.  We organize it all and then you just have to run and report back - tell us how it went, send us funny stories, pictures whatever.  You can get friends to do it with you in person or just rock it on your treadmill. Whatever works, anything goes!  Holidays are stressful and crazy.  This is supposed to be fun, healthy, and enjoyable!!!   

Plus, if nothing else, we are going to have wonderful, fabulous prizes!!!  Amazing companies came out left and right to offer some great gifts.  Since this is just for fun, we will be doing prizes for Best Holiday Outfit During the Run as well as random sweepstakes (you enter the drawing by registering and running the 10K).  

Here are the brands participating thus far:
Attune Foods
Skin Sake
Sparkly Soul Bands
Tommie Copper
Five Bamboo 
Pretzel Crisps
Choose Cherries
Road ID 
Fleet Feet

Run for Fun - Run for Fun Bondi Band & the new I <3 My Crazy Bitch Dri-Fit Shirt (on sale here)

Healthy Happier Bear - Lululemon shirt
Westford Mommy - iTunes giftcard 
Losing Weight in the City - GU Variety Pack

Wow!  We are pretty excited about all these prizes which came in so quickly.  Please check out the Terms and Conditions on winning these items here.

So lets talk logistics


Race Date:  Friday December 23, 2011 through Monday December 26, 2011 - run whenever you would like between this time frame

Where:  Wherever you want - that is the beauty of the Virtual Race.  Run at home, outside, with friends wherever.  Stephanie & Robin will be running together if you are in the area, let them know to join in.

Race Distance:  10K - Run 6.2 miles!

Outfit:  As this is a holiday race, feel free to dress up! There will be prizes for the most spirited holiday outfit

Afterwards:  Afterwards submit your times - here .  We would love to share your pictures and stories! We will let you know the results and who has won the prizes by 12/31/11.  Send us your pictures and stories so we can report back to everyone.   Please send them to healthyhappierbear@gmail.com)

Activity Waiver & Terms and Conditions:  Please check this page out as well. By registering, you are agreeing to abide by our Activity Waiver as well as the Terms & Conditions for the Sweepstake prizes.   More information can be found on this page.

E-mail:  You will receive a confirmation e-mail with any other need to know details Friday December 23, 2011.

Registration:  Register here!  Registration is open until Thursday December 22 at 11:59 p.m.

We are soo excited about the 10K!  Please tweet, blog, facebook, and share with everyone! We can’t wait. 

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