Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIAW: The Infertility Diet

I am not usually one to partake in What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW).  Although WIAW is a pretty great game that allows me to come up with all new and improve food ideas, I just have never jumped on the bandwagon.  But since I have been literally surrounded by food during this shivah period, I began thinking about WIAW and how I could partake in the fun.  First I thought about showing you all the shivah foods, but then I decided that I would take a different spin on it because most of my food lately seems to revolve around infertility in way or another.

Ok maybe a few pictures - Greek Food Galore - fresh cheeses, pita, and dips!

Edible Arrangement! Need I say more!

If you Google Fertility Diet, there are a ton of links you can look.  I did Google it and I tried to read the articles, but it just made my head spin so I have been kind of just doing this thing on my own.  I have gotten a good amount of advice from everyone and anyone and have been picking and choosing what has been right for me.  I am not saying it is going to work.  I am no success case, not yet anyway, but, hey, this seemed like a good topic to expand upon so take it for what you will.  I am by no means an expert in this field.

By nature, hypothalamic amenorrhea is generally caused by lifestyle choices one of which is . Women who suffer from amenorrhea generally are not getting enough proteins and fats in their diet to allow their hormones to grow.  Additionally, they are underweight and/or have too low of BMI.  My weight and BMI were actually fine, and the recommendation to gain weight was not necessarily for me says my nutritionist Nancy Clark.  Yet the combination of medications I have been on plus a few extra bowls of ice-cream have allowed me to add some pounds quickly, and I honestly feel like a little extra fat could not hurt so what the hell.  It is just "pregnancy weight" anyway.

Some added ice-cream or fro yo never hurt anyone

I would like to tell you that these few extra pounds have been all fun and games.  Just have milk shakes and french fries was a recommendation I once received if you recall.  But I have taken this a bit more seriously.  I want to get those good hearty fats and proteins that will help my hormones to grow.  This means that almonds and eggs have become my new best friends.  Yogurt was already my best friend as well as ice-cream but I have been making sure to get my fair share of these treats as well.   And I am just hoping that these things will make a difference.

Ok maybe some fun and games - fresh homemade scones

Will these things make a different?  I am not sure.  I do credit my massive egg eating with my great response to my first round of Clomid but who really knows.  I guess at least I feel like I am doing something, being somewhat in control, and making some sort of head way.

The part about the fertility diet that I despise is one that apparently only my doctor adheres to.  The "no fiber for 48 hours prior to an ultrasound diet."  She says that fiber makes it hard to see the scan (which does seem to be pretty true) because fiber creates gas pockets (fun fun).  What does this mean for me?  Every time I have a scan, I have to go the prior 48 hours without fiber that includes - cereal, anything whole wheat, all fruits and veggies,  and all nuts and nut butters.  What else is there you ask?  Let's just say I eat a lot, I mean a lot, of string cheese.  Although I am cheating a bit today because I have awesome friends who made me an amazing dinner and honestly I just can't take this no fiber thing.  Its pretty much impossible.  But it is pretty well worth it if you ask me.

So that is it for my WIAW.  Not the greatest one in the book but I guess it will do.  Do you have good fertility promoting foods for me to try out?

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