Friday, March 2, 2012

Presenting The Wubster

Aaron and I are overjoyed to announce that arriving March 10th will be this little dude

Presenting "The Wubster" a.k.a Wubby

 Aaron and I always knew we would have a dog.  Aaron had dogs growing up so it was only a matter of time once we had a house that we would be adding a dog to the mix.   I always told Aaron you can have a dog or baby but not both at once. I am not crazy folks.  Well, the baby train may take away and I quickly realized I needed something to help me "relax" and to distract me.

He looks like he is already to start running with his mom, right?
Well I think I will be distracted enough.  Wubby is coming home on March 10th that is only 10 days, well 9 depending how you count it, from now, so Aaron has gone into planning mode (only further supports he will be an awesome dad when the time comes) we need to find a crate, a bed, dog food, a vet, toys, a trainer etc.   This weekend will thus be full of Operation Get Ready for Wubby!  

Too cute for words

Wubby is 5 months old and he is adopted and a rescue dog.  He comes all the way from Indiana (we have to go to CT to pick him up).  We have never met him.  It is a little scary but that is how things are sometimes apparently.  I fell in love with him from the moment I first saw him so hopefully we will get along besides did I mention he is just too cute?

One more good thing for a Friday - the winner of the Bondi Band Sweepstakes is Amy from Running Escapades Congrats lady!! Send me an email.

Happy Friday. Tell me do you have a dog? Any new doggie parent advice for me?


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