Thursday, March 22, 2012

Selfish to Selfless Running

I don't know about you, but I have always been a bit of a selfish runner.  I would like to tell you that I feel bad about this fact, but honestly I do not.  Running is something I do for me.  It is my time.  I get to go out and push the limits and see what my body can do or spend hours chatting away with friends as the miles tick by.  On race day, I am really no better.  It is kind of all about me.  My husband has always been an awesome, willing participant carrying my bags and cheering me on.  I really could not ask for more.

Aaron a.k.a our pit crew at Mile 11 of Marine Corps Marathon

But life happens and it does not always go your way and it is not always about you.  In fact, I have been told that once you become a mom it is actually never about you.  So I guess it is suiting that even before I am pregnant I am putting my future little one first and saying no to selfish running for right now - you know the kind of running where you go balls to the wall and attempt to run so hard that you want to throw up, pass out, and scream for joy all at the same time.

This face screams all of the above, right?

Instead, it is time for my running to be put on the back burner.  To run but slowly.  To run a mile and to walk a mile.  To just relax as people keep telling me.  But more importantly it is a time where I can help others fall in love with and excel in running.  Lately, Aaron has been a running superstar.  He ran his first 5K on January 1st and has run 6 other races since then.   I have been lucky enough to run with him in some of these races, cheer him on, and allow the day to be about him (although I am sure he will tell you that I still make it about me).

Go Team Aaron!

I am thoroughly enjoying the phone calls and text messages I get from my sister-in-law as she is about to embark on her first 5k this weekend.  I hope to also be able to run with her and support her in this endeavor. And just this past week I had to smile from ear to ear when running with my cousin and pushing it just a little bit harder so that she would keep up and have a great run which I knew she could do, and she did.

So you know what?  It is not all bad here on the other side of the fence.  Life has not come to an end. I am still running albeit not the running I am used to but I am O.K. with that. I am not saying that I do not cringe with jealousy and may get a little teary-eyed when others discuss their marathon plans and goals with me, but I know that I have bigger plans right now and so for now I will sit on the sidelines and cheer my heart and I would not have it any other way.

This season is not marathon season for me.  But it is for many and I will be thankful for the time I get to put others first, to support them, and to watch them thrive!

In the zone!

How do you support other runners?  Do you find it hard to be a selfless runner or a selfish runner?

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