Friday, March 30, 2012

Wubby Weekend Wonders & A Run for Fro Yo!

Where have I been you ask?  Remember when I blogged every day?  This week has not been that kind of week.  I have lacked serious motivation for blogging or for anything for that matter...

I had some better pictures but my phone is not cooperating so this will do..

But it is time to start to get motivated because tomorrow is the BIG day - W day!  Tomorrow, we pick up the Wubster so it is absolutely time for me to step up my game and to stop being so sleepy as we welcome our new bundle of furball joy into our lives.   Whose excited?

The Wubster!!!

We plan to pick Wubby  up around 4 tomorrow and then if he (and the weather) are well behaved, head over on Sunday morning to Colleen's virtual race ending in a frozen yogurt party.  Clearly, Wubby is going to love fro yo since he is part of our family (o.k. don't worry I am not really going to feed him fro yo, unless he begs). Colleen is hosting the Fight Forever Virtual Run this coming weekend and she has pulled out all the stops.  This virtual race is part of her fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society as she runs for them in (only, what less than three weeks?!?) the Boston Marathon.  You don't have to participate in person but if you are in the Massachusetts area a few of us are getting together on Sunday to run.  You can do a 10k, 5k, or a mile fun run. You can bring your kids or your pets.  As long as Wubby can contain himself, him and I might walk or, maybe walk/run who knows.  And even better afterwards Yeh is sponsoring our little get together with free frozen yogurt, cookies, and crepes!!! Pretty good deal if you ask me.  Colleen will have medals and prizes and all.  Don't miss this!  If you are interested,  check out Colleen's site for more details or feel free to contact me.

Never ever say no to Fro Yo! 

That is all for now.  Happy Friday.  Hope to see you at the race on Sunday!

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