Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Do You Wear Underneath Your Clothes & EverStride Coupon & Discount Code!

Every morning, you may wake up and consider what to wear for the day.  You may think about what outfit matches what boots or jewelry, what will keep you warm, what will look sexy, or even what in the world you have clean. Sure, I think all of that, but more importantly, I think, what can I wear that will cover up my compression gear.  Yes, you heard me, which tall boots, which sweat pants, which jeans will allow me to rock Compression Shorts and Socks with no one being the wiser.

Case in point.  Today, I knew that my IT Band was not so happy after a hilly, speedy run.  I knew it needed extra support and I also knew that my ankle and legs could use some increased attention too.  There was only one answer to this problem - compression!  Only barrier, I do not believe it is generally appropriate to sport compression gear when going to Temple, work, dinners etc.  Although my fashion sense begs to differ, I am not sure the world is ready for the "Snazzy Stylings of Stephanie" (yes I thought long and hard about getting those "S words" in).

 Why People are Against this Fashion Trend is completely beyond me...

So instead, I go for Plan B a.k.a. Covert Op. - What Can I Wear to Cover Up the fact that I am wearing tight shorts and hot pink socks?

After a long run and on a weekend, it is easy.  I believe that all bets are off on weekends and that it is perfectly acceptable to go out in sweats (that is sexy right?).  In fact, I may or may not have ventured to the Supermarket and Fresh City in this outfit more than once...

You can wear this outfit out, right?

On weekends, it is considered cool to hang out in corn mazes and rock compression

But on weekdays and more proper outings, I have to get creative.  So if you are looking for ways to cover up those necessary undergarments here are some tips:

How to Hide Your Dirty Little Secret a.k.a. Compression Gear
1)  Tall Boots. These babies rock at covering up compression socks.  Only problem is if you are short like me the compression socks might be too tall and you may need to fold the socks down to get away with it

2)  Long Skirts that are a tad too big. In this way you can cover up the compression shorts and not feel like you are gasping for air.  The tight skirts will reveal it all so avoid those.

Or just wear short skirts or funky Santa socks, this could pass at a fancy dinner, right?

3)  Leave the stockings at home. I make this mistake all the time.  If you have the socks and shorts on you are going to be warm enough.  With stockings, you are just going to be too hot and sweaty.  It is not fun, trust me, leave the stockings at home.

No stockings needed in this hot pink fun outfit

4)  A-Line Dresses. These can also work to mask compression shorts and you can pair them with tall boots if you need the socks too.  But again tight dresses will give your secret away so opt for the less form fitting option here.
The perfect A-Line Dress to cover compression gear...ok even I have my limits or do I...

In other news, if you are not fascinated with hiding your compression gear on a daily basis like me maybe you are more intrigued about mastering the art of actually get that tight gear on in the first place, but that is a story for another day.  Instead, I will leave you with this.  Have you ever heard of EverStride?  It is a company that specializes in making anti-chafe sticks, face defense creams, foot creams (for blisters etc.) and other must have products for athletes.  I reviewed their products here.   

Anyway, in my opinion, they are absolutely the way to go and have offered a nice promo for me to pass on to all of you - a 25% discount on all Ever Stride Products through this Coupon Code.

To take advantage of this 25% coupon code just visit EverStride's website here and at check out put in the coupon code:


That is all for now.  Wishing you all a Happy Friday and if you want, tell me how do you wear or hide your compression gear?

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