Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Sick for the Marathon

Remember when I did this...

Post Marine Corps - sorry this picture never gets old :)

That was officially over 2 months ago.  Since then, the furthest I have run is when I bumped into this dude running along the Strip at Night.
Did you know this is the post of recycled pictures?

Otherwise, I have been having a blast running 5Ks and enjoying a very hectic paced life.  

A family affair :)

Today, however, as I sat in awe of the Olympic Trials, I felt homesick.  Homesick for running a marathon or more specifically marathon training.  Sure, during marathon training, I may or may not have grimaced when I checked the weather forecast and saw 80 degree heat and then shivered through an ice bath.  I may or may not have wanted to give up or cry uncle at points.  But all in all it was one of the most amazing, wonderful experiences of my life.
Marathon Training makes me feel like I am on top of the world (and allows me to wear these hip outfits everywhere)

And now, two months post marathon, coming off of my first weekend where I do not have a fun 5K to participate in, I have this yearning in me. A yearning to..

- Consider 10 miles a "short" run (instead of the longest run I have seen in about a month);
-Shot Bloks and Gels to be part of my regular diet;
-Legs that are screaming at me because I pressed them to the limits on my long run;
-Long Runs that involved fun conversation with this lady instead of speedy miles where talking is not really an option; and
-And of course the below

Marathon Ice-cream, what else?

So what is a gal to do when she misses marathon training so dearly?  Go back to it of course!!

Now, my training plans tend to be conservative and NJ Marathon is not until the beginning of May so I do have time before full training begins.  But with spring marathons on the horizon I am gearing up to get back into the swing of things.  I am working on my base miles and trying new things because ready or not NJ I am coming for you!

But for now, I will just try to weather the cold tomorrow for a fun, freezing 10 miles with this rockstar!
Did you know that I secretly (actually not so secretly) fear the cold?

Do you get homesick for the marathon? Do you fear the cold? Any good advice of me?

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