Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Three Rs - Responsibility, Running, and Relaxation

Tonight after dinner, we sat on the couch watching TV and then Aaron had to go upstairs and finish work.  This left me with a choice.  To do the grown up thing and clean up all the dishes or to just leave it for tomorrow and say to hell with it, I am a grown up if I want to leave the dishes at the table (and by table I mean the coffee table) and go upstairs and blog and proceed to curl up in my big bed and watch yet another episode of Gossip Girl, then I damn well am going to do it (there were a lot of curse words in that sentence...oppps).  So, with a sigh, I got up and, you guessed it, cleared the dishes.  (Although sometimes if I am being honest those dishes wait till the next day - sorry Dad)!

This got me thinking about responsibility, running, and relaxation.  Do I dare say the "Three Rs." I like to think I am pretty good with the responsibility and running part - although my husband may argue otherwise, but he better not if he knows what is good for him.  I get up every day, get my training in, get to work, come home, deal with housework and do all the grownup things that need to be done.  As per running, I may not be the fastest runner or the best out there, but I hold my own.  It is that relaxing part that I was never so good at.  The part that tells me "hey just throw caution to the wind and choose not to put the dishes away."   That part of me that refuses to listen to the voice in my head when I just want to sleep an extra hour instead of going all the way to Boston at 5 a.m. for Physical Therapy.  And that part of me that spent 14 hours a day studying for the bar exam.  Yea, it is that part that is just not so good at the relaxation.

I got the whole running thing down, except when it lands me here.  This is what happens when you don't relax or when you run 20 miles in 80 degrees...

In the past few years, I have gotten better with this whole relaxation piece.  Just ask my husband, you know the guy, I beg each night to get my frozen yogurt pops from the fridge a mere 20 feet away.  But things have been a bit crazy lately so the relaxation piece has taken a back seat to Mrs. Responsibility and even running as well (as clearly demonstrated by the jello legs of last week).

I could be responsible or I could act like a kid - you decide..

I just have a very hard time "doing nothing."  Just being and enjoying.  To just let paperwork go, to forget about the dishes, and to just rest.  Ultimately, it builds up and it has been building.  This week I am exhausted and I am not sure why.  In comes, my goal and commitment for this post.  Counter to everything that is the fast pace society that I live in,  I am pledging to find time this weekend to just be.  To relax.  To let the laundry, the paperwork, and the dishes wait and to just enjoy a moment free of responsibility and even running and relax.   We all need that sometimes...

And by relax I clearly mean make Fro-Yo.  Did you know the best appliance in your kitchen is the ice-cream maker?

How do you balance the three Rs?  Do you ever leave the dishes to the next day (don't make me feel bad here folks)?

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