Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Putting Running First & Never Regretting a Workout

There are some runners who yearn to run.  They can't wait to get it in, morning, noon, or night they are willing and ready, chomping at the bit to run.   That is not me.  I love running and all the benefits that comes with it.   I have come to look forward to many of my workouts whether it be fun long run conversations with friends or catching up with a Netflix Episode of Felicity (thank you Netflix for letting me enjoying the whole series of Felicity while I workout).  However, there are those days when I am not necessarily looking forward to my run or elliptical workout.  When I would rather stay in my warm bed and sleep for a few extra minutes, than go sweat (or right now freeze) for hours on end.   As the winter months continue onward and I wake up to cold, dark mornings, this yearning to stay in bed becomes even greater.  Yet, for the most part, I never give in to this yearning even when that little voice is screaming at me, telling me just five more minutes of sleep.  Because in the end, minus injury, illness, or some other unforeseen dilemma, I...


What I do regret is skipping a workout - sleeping in (when I don't need to),  sitting on the couch and watching TV when I could watch TV while ellipticaling, or throwing my whole day and internal clock off because I decided to hit the snooze button instead of completing the training for the day.   Thus when it comes down to it, I make running a priority in my life each and every day, no if, ands,or, buts about it.  If it is on my training schedule, minus illness or some other unforeseen event, I am there.    Vacations, holidays, trips, big events - they all happen and so does my workout. If it means a 4:30 a.m. wakeup or a 9 p.m. run, then that is what it takes and I will get it done.

Sweaty smiles post workout..

Very little things in my life receive that priority (now granted I am not a parent or have as many responsibilities as others so take this with what you will. It is just not possible for everyone, I totally get it).

Besides this guy of course..

   Work projects, errands, phone calls etc.  all are important and must be completed but if they don't happen on one particular day, no matter.  It will get done, maybe tomorrow.  The same philosophy does not apply to my training.  Each day is an opportunity to work out and train and push harder and it is important to me that this happens.

All of this got me thinking why?  Why is it that running goes to the top of the list? Why is it that yesterday after a 10 hour trip home the first thing I did when I got there was bound upstairs to rock an elliptical hour long session while my husband graciously took care of the house?  Why when I felt the need to sleep in this morning that I made myself get out of bed and run 5 miles?  Many things are important in my life, but why and how can this one always win out day in and  day out.

At one point in time, the answer was weight loss or weight maintenance.  For many this still is the reason and it is a great reason and can be really helpful.   But in the past couple of years, my reasons for running have changed to a general need for fitness, fun, and friends.  Having this mindset and knowing that I am doing this to be healthy, to tackle and complete goals allows me to keep at it - to push harder, get faster, and make certain that my workout is complete for the day.

So this morning when I did not think I had anything left, when my legs felt like mush, and I worried over how my ankle felt, I jumped on the treadmill put on Felicity and made running my priority once again.  I did not regret it negative splitting the run and ending with a smile on my face ready to tackle the day. It was a good workout and I was proud of it.  Even if it had been a hard, tough run and one that I had hated, I still would have been glad that I did it and more ready and willing to get my day going.

So there you have it.  Each day, I make a choice.  A choice to put me first.  To run for my mental and physical well being and to have a blast while doing it.

How and why do you make your choice to run/workout?

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