Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Blame Game

I knew it when I woke up this morning, I felt it somewhere in me.  Today was not going to be my day.  Whether it was the shoes, too much or too little food, or what, I had this little itch that told me, ehhh...

But I did not let that stop me and off I went with Aaron to run a mile warm up before meeting running buddy to finish 6 more miles with him.  I could tell as soon as I started things did not seem right.  The new shoes seemed heavy, my breath seemed off and my legs felt like lead.  When I saw the running buddy, I offered him at out - who wants to run with a slow poke when you are a speed demon.  He reassured me that he was having a pretty off day too and had already walked four times.  Then I was game.  Well, 7 miles turned into 5.  During which my foot and IT band hurt, my side killed, and I just did not have the mental energy.

And then it happened, the Blame Game started!! Oh, its the humidity, its the new shoes, its ... its.....whatever excuse I could think of to rationalize why my running was not going as well as I hoped.  At which point I brought this up with RB, why is it necessary for us or me at least to play the "Blame Game?"  When we are having a so-called "bad day" why can't we just accept it and move on? Why do we need to rationalize it? WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!? He said no need, just what it is today, to stop being so hard on myself.

The hubby said why does it even have to be a so-called bad day? Why can't it just be what it is - this is what you did today, that is it move on.  He compared it to the "jean syndrome" when girls notice their jeans are tight - they say I am getting fat whereas guys would just say the dryer shrunk them and move on! Hmmm...

So for today, the goal, as always, is to just let what it be.  It is, what it is. And that is just me for today - learn to respect and honor it!! This IS supposed to be FUN! Easier, said than done, but I am trying.

In other news, I have been having major shoe "issues."  Two months ago, I bought two new pairs of shoes at the Boston Expo.  They proved to be no good and seemed to aggravate my injury.  So we kept with the old shoes.  But about two days ago the shoes pretty much went.  They are digging into my heel and causing knee pain.  Clearly this is an EMERGENCY as I had no shoes for today's run. I ended up wearing the new ones (from the Expo) with the old inserts - which went well expect for the fact that it hurt the top of my foot. Sigh!! My feet have a mind of their own!

Result - my husband spoils me again.  We went over to Marathon Sports in Wellesley and a poor, unsuspecting employee asked if I could use some help.  After apologizing in advance, I began my Canterbury Tales of injuries and shoe issues.  He promised he could help and brought out some new ones to try.  He said that it seems that in trying to correct my pronation I went to far the other way possibly making things worse so we tried less arches and they felt amazing!!! I got a pair of Nikes that are so light, I think I could fly in them and a pair of Sauconys, which are wonderful for my black toes but the verdict is still out on where it will work for the top of my foot.  The amazing thing about Marathon though is I can wear them on the treadmill and even outside a bit before deciding if I want to keep them!!!

My array of sneakers...oh dear!

So we got those and oh yea while I was there more of my new favorite socks, and these, CW-X running capris/shorts! Wow, has anyone used these? They are compression and they make all different types to help with different injuries during and after runs.  Let's just say I wore these and my new shoes out of the store!  Ok, so I know,  I am spoiled but really excited to test out the new gear!!!

Sporting the new gear!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend :) :)

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