Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slish Slosh in my Socks!!

First, thank you for all the advice on dinner and encouragement.  As you can see below, I took everyone's advice and pasta and sauce here I come!!!
Pasta, sauce, roll, salad, oragne and maybe some fish...and lots of water

And lots of bananas!
Meanwhile, a while back, my socks that I have been using for what seems like forever started "acting up."  Aaron mainly diagnosed the problem as lint socks - too many washes and the socks were old and overused.  Now these socks were not anything special, no particular runner's sock just a basic adais short sock that worked pretty well, but it was time to replace them.  When I went to City Sports to get news ones, I discovered dri-fit socks, I thought I love dri-fit for tee-shirts, why not for socks as well?  Aaron's remark was well, where is the sweat going to go - into your shoes? I shrugged at him, figuring that the magical dri-fit would do its job. And things were going well for was not until this past week when the gym became a sauna, fun - why is it that there are no fans under my elliptical? I think someone is discriminating against my elliptical - no fans, no tvs, oh well it also means less users to contend with - let others take the "easy" ellipticals, I am hardcore runner, I will take the no tv, no fan one (a story for another time)!!

Anyway, this week I have noticed that my new "magical" socks are...uh...not so magical.  They have been slipping (i.e., I keep having to pull them up) and yesterday I noticed I was "gripping" with my toe! oh no!! Now, I am not sure if this is due to my knee/IT band injury or if it is the socks.  But I am thinking hoping it is the socks, which creates  a problem.

The culpruits - i have tried multiple types - adais, under armor, nike....maybe it is me!
Having to try a NEW sock for race day?!? Hmmm...I don't know, what is a girl to do!!! Right now the plan is to try and find my original socks at a store and go with them, but if not, if anyone ever experienced this or has any good suggestions on socks that would be great!

The other issue that has arisen due to warm weather is a need for body glide - "runner's deodarant."  Problem again, never used it before. I went out and bought some this week, but I am not sold as of yet.  It feels a bit "sticky" and not sure if it is really helping or hurting.  Any other thoughts on body glide?

Finally,  yesterday I received a belated birthday present from my Spine Doctor!!! Well I guess it is not really a present, but it is too me.  The below is a prescription for anti-inflamattory cream and it is amazing. It is for my neck but the doctor said I can use it elsewhere (or at least try, because it is not made for joints but muscles and is fairly new) - and I have been - my knees, my hip, my hammy, you name it, if it hurts, I tried it! And it is doing the trick!! I am no doctor and can't recommend it professionally to others, but I am personally loving the stuff!

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. I just use boring non-dri-fit nike socks. They usually are fine but I've had a few races where I didn't put them on right (and they bunched up) and caused major bloody blisters. I think finding the original socks you were using is probably your best bet!

  2. I actually HATE socks! And because I'm a minimalist/bf runner I don't need them.. yay!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Liz!! Good to know, eek on the Blisters...

    And wow no socks! You are hard-core, no blisters because of it?

  4. I just got a sample of BodyGlide. I've never tried it before, but I can tell I'm going to need it soon enough here in Houston. Hope it works!!

  5. Hey girl! In my opinion--USE THE BODY GLIDE!! USE IT EVERYWHERE!!! I don't think you can go wrong with it (especially if you did try it a little and don't have any allergic reaction to it or anything). I didn't use it for my marathon and I chafed SOOOO bad. So much worse than in training. Chafed in places I've never knew I could chafe. It was horrible and I was in pain for a long time. When I started doing tris someone turned me onto body glide and now I'll never go back. I use it on ever seam/rubbing part of my body. Underarms, sportsbra straps, sports bra line that goes across my chest (under the ladies;), shorts seams, socks, inner thigh, and even the bottoms of my feet and heels (my shoes someitmes give me blisters on the inside of my foot). It totally works for me! I love body glide and I can't live without it!

    As for socks, I'll tell you about my favs!! Right now I have the higher-cut ones, which I don't usually like in running socks but they don't slip at all and they are my favorite socks ever (I have two pairs and they have lasted me like 4 years of long runs and washes and everything). Sometimes I fold the tops down so they don't stick up as high. They do make lower-cut ones but I haven't tried those yet (and my two pairs are still going strong so I haven't had to replace them yet). I bought mine for $10 at the local specialty running store. Here is the link to the higher cut ones that I have now:

    Good luck!!

  6. Hey Erin,

    It is sooo funny that you suggest those socks. Thursday night I went over to my running buddy's house and he pulled out that very same socks and said he bought the wrong size and i could have them. well you were right. love at first sight! I wore them on the elliptical yesterday. They are airy on top but cushier on the bottom and then no sliding. Awesome recommendation!

    So I like the body glide everywhere so far it seems except when i put on my inner thighs, i am not sold seems like it makes my shorts ride up more...ever get that, or possibly i am crazy, which is always an option ;)

  7. I tried to email you about my barefooting.. can't find your email

  8. weird try

  9. Ive never tried body glide either... maybe I will now!! :)Love your blog!

  10. Thanks so much Cari! I used it this weekend in my race. I used it everywhere except inner thighs because i did not seem to like it there before so did not want to try it on a race. it worked great, but i might try it on some regular runs. let me know if you like it!

  11. Sorry, I'm a little late chiming back in on this one. As far as the bodyglide on the inner thighs, now that you mention it, sometimes it does make my shorts stick to my thighs, but mostly not. Not sure if it has to do with the amount or time applied? (Some time to dry a bit?). But if you did the half without it and didn't chafe than it sounds like you might not need it:). I didn't used to do it but occasionally do get rubs from the seam of my shorts there, so try to remember to apply bodyglide there as well. Everyone is different, though:)