Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's up sniffles?

Thursday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat.  Seeing how allergy season is full on, I decided to ignore it and hope that is was just my morning allergies and off to the gym I went.  Well, by 11 a.m., the verdict was out, it was definitely not allergies - as the day went on, I got worse and worse.  To make matters even more pleasant, my night time adventure entailed a trip to NJ (for Aaron's swearing in ceremony, a not to be missed event!)

While I made it to the ceremony, the rest of the weekend was spent in bed attempting to make audible sounds.  No one seemed to appreciate my "sick" language, which either consisted of a very low voice that no one could make out or grunts that resembled English baby talk.  Friday's workout = nope, Saturday's 8 miler = nope, Sunday's workout = nope.   Oh well...

There was a time when I refused to be sick, even if I was.  No need to let a little cold "can't get out of bed, utterly defeating" flu, get you down.  Just suck it up and get going was my motto - whether it was to school, work, or a friendly outing.  And forget missing a workout!  G-d forbid, I miss my planned run, whether it be 3 miles or 13.  I managed to completely get myself utterly sick 1st year of law school right during finals and instead of saving energy for the tests, I went to the gym, smart Steph, my grade suffered but I got in my run (not my best moment).  I even recall the number of times I said to myself "working out will make me feel better" only to have to call Aaron half way through the run to come pick me up.

I am not proud of these moments but I think many of you may be able to relate.  As avid runners, cyclists, swimmers, we don't let anything get in our way!  Vacation, rain, snow, or of course illness, nothing can beat us. Now maybe many of you are better than me and if so, I praise you! But for a long time this is how I functioned which was not a healthy way to go about things...but what can I say, I was young and naive? (hopefully people will buy that....)

But today while I sit in bed on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon reading about the wonderful adventures people have had and thinking of all the things that need to be done, I am proud to report that I have not done any chores, worked on anything, or exercised in anyway since Thursday!  This is a proud moment for me because it shows, in my mind, signs of a true athlete, one who knows how to honor her body and to listen to it.  My body has told me, in its own way, WOAH, slow down - move, races, car accident, give me a break woman!! So what can I do? You win body - three full days, of movies, tea, hot baths, back rubs!, and whatever food I can stomach (umm, icecream cake, what else?).  Beats trying to jump on the treadmill, only to fail miserably.  I hope, against hope, that this "antsy feeling" I am getting now to get up and get moving means I am finally feeling better (*knock on wood*) and that TOMORROW (not today) I will be back at it - work, house stuff, and RUNNING (after all I have an important 5 miler race next weekend!).  But if not, I have learned that all this stuff will and must wait, until MY body is ready.  And that as hard as it may be to sit on the sidelines for the time, I am very lucky to 1) have this time to rest and 2) know that I will be back at it in no time, something that is a gift, not to be taken lightly (I know that many others are injured or worse and have a much longer road ahead, so forgive me for even making a few days a "big" deal).

So for today I will happily well at least more willingly sit on the sidelines and let others have the fun and learn to enjoy some relaxation and see the fun and enjoyment in that.

Hope everyone is having a blast on this beautiful day:)

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