Thursday, June 2, 2011

Waterworks McGee

Tuesday morning on the way to work this happened….

Yup I started my week, by getting into a car accident having my life saved (ok it was life threatening but it was in the way that it was a car accident which can be life threatening!).  Thankfully the other driver and myself walked away unscathed.  And his car was drivable, but mine was not and had to be towed and is currently awaiting appraisal by the insurance company.  Soon after, Aaron to the rescue! He quickly arrived, and my loving but very worried father called many times to check to see if I was ok.   Minus a bump on “the good knee” I felt I was fine and Aaron dropped me off at work.  While I might have been physically ok, emotionally, not so much.  My boss’s boss, who did not yet know about the accident, asked me how my weekend was and I immediately began crying and shaking sobbing “I just got in a car accident.”  After a few more moments and discussion with him and others, it was pretty clear that I would go home for the day and one of my fellow employees drove me home.  Wow, I am soo lucky to have not been injured and have such a wonderful family, friends, and work environment that is there for me. 

I am not sure what got over me, but mainly I was so shaken up all day.  I pretty much uncontrollable cried the whole day, naming myself “Wheeping Willow,” “Waterworks,” and “Waterworks McGee.”  One of my closest friends came over and sat with me and Aaron “babysat” me too as I tried to calm down and relax.

Yesterday morning was much better but I was pretty sore and had planned to go to PT to have him check me out from the accident and post race.  Aaron and I loaded up in my cousin’s car, which we borrowed to discover it would not start. At this point, what can you do but laugh? So we did the only sensible thing and got in Aaron’s car that is in major disrepair and should not be driven more than 45 miles hour right now and drove crawled into Boston.

PT revealed that I am ok and ready to go.  We did a bunch of PT type things and guess what? And PT told me running/ellitpicaling Thursday and running 8 miles this weekend!! I love my PT. He is such a go getter!!! So all good things and hopefully my knee/IT band will come in line, and if not, there ARE more important things in life.  So I did run this morning with 1 mile run and then 5 minute elliptical intervals.  I kept at a 7:24 pace which was extremely hard for me and I am a little worried about my form that fast.  My knee did hurt but not as bad as the race - the breakup with the elliptical helped plus the difficulty of trying to maintain that speed helped as well..

So 8 miles this weekend – Aaron and I will be off (him on the rollerblades) and me running.  We will actually be in the NJ/NY area as Aaron is being sworn into the NJ bar.  Do any of you NY/NJ runners want to join us for a Saturday morning run? We would love to have you!

Besides the pictures that Aaron took Sunday, race photos are up! Oh dear, check here for Aaron’s "favorite" not my best picture haha

On a final note, I hope everyone enjoyed National Running Day yesterday. I did not run because of PT but I did actually do 4 mins backwards on the treadmill (this is by far one of the hardest PT exercises ever, try it, it is awesome for your quads and everything else – I set the treadmill at an incline of 15 and then do one minute intervals ranging from 3.6-3.8 speed, it is killer I swear!). I did celebrate however by registering for the Rock n’ Roll Vegas Half. I am so excited for this and the blogger convention!! Hope to see everyone there. 

On  a final final note (really this time!0, my wonderful black toenails have been worse than ever. Apparently I have been either banging them more or gripping with me toes/toenails, has anyone ever experienced this or have any advice?

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