Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To Run like a Squirrel? Or a squirrel run?

So, a little dark secret of mine is that I am deathly afraid of squirrels - yes those cute little things with bushy tails...umm I think not!!!! Nevermind that I did a whole report on squirrels in the 5th grade, when I see them coming I "wake way for ducklings squirrels" - meaning I stop, turn around, crotch down and sit still hoping it won't come after me run to the either side of the street.
Ok today coming outside I saw a squirrel, can you find him in this picture...I still need help with photoshop sorry!

This aversion to squirrels came about in the seventh grade when I had a dream (yes this is all due to a dream!) that a squirrel with rabies attacked me as I was walking home from school.  Yup, thats it, that one dream created this irrational fear of squirrels.

Yet, here I am in my favorite squirrel tee-shirt?  And talking about running like a squirrel.....
Like the flannel?  Can you make out the bunches of squirrels on my shirt?

Why you ask do I have this shirt (I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the answer)?  It is because it is that time of year again where my PT holds his annual "Squirrel Run" - a 5 mile race in Quincy to raise money for ALS.  It is a small, fun race!  It has pony rides! and moonwalks for the kids! and beer at 10 a.m.  But there are also some serious competitors - people clocked in last year at about 26 minutes.

For me, this is a very monumental race. The first time I heard about this race was about three years again and I had just began PT for my running injury that sidelined me from ALL running for about 4 or 5 months. At that time, I had just started working with my PT and remember telling him next year I will run this race and he said of course!  And he was right! Last year, I stood proudly in line to get my race tee-shirt and ran my heart out for 37:11 minutes, an amazing time for me.

This year the race is this Saturday in Quincy at 10 a.m. (and btw it is a GREAT cause and soo much fun.  so anyone that is interested, you can register online or Saturday morning and we would love to have you).  This year's race is also significant to me.  It is about not being soo hard on myself.  37:11 wow! I was much faster last year and that is something I just have to accept.  And that is what I am doing.  trying to do.  I know that it is not realistic for me to have the goal of beating this time and I don't want to make it my goal (although a part of me would love to beat this time).  Instead, earlier this week, when I was sick (and thanks for all the get well comments!!!) I told Aaron my goal for this race is to be healthy (free from illness).  And I think I might just meet that goal as I am feeling much better.  I know my IT Band won't be perfect and I know my time won't be the best but I know that come Saturday I am going to stand up proudly and pick up my newly designed Squirrel tee-shirt. And hey maybe I will even try a pony ride....ok maybe not....

As just some catch up, I have been feeling much better this week after I took a much needed rest and came back strong with speed workouts like never before!!!
Monday I did this - 3 miles (with 2 mins rest in between) at 7:35, 7:24, 7:24 pace.  3 1/2 miles (with 2 mins rest  in between) at 7:24, 7:18, and 7:13 pace YES!!!!
Tuesday - Elliptical!!!
Wednesday - PT and 10 mins elliptical, 2 miles (14:38 yes!!!) and 10 minutes elliptical...
Thursday and Friday - elliptical and more PT to get ready for D-DAY SQUIRREL DAY.

On a complete aside, I am working really hard to make sure everyone gets my replies to comments when you post a comment and I try to reply to everyone. The issue is making sure you are notified of the reply!  I think I have it down.  So from here on out, if you don't get an email back from me but there is a reply to you on my blog, let me know!!  Oh computers...I am working on it I promise!!!

Happy Scooper Bowl Day!

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