Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Time

So I know that other bloggers have blogged about this before (and I may have even seen this title before, if so sorry!), but Sunday was my first time and when it is your first time you want to tell all your friends  - you know your very close friends who you have never meant but share all with, love you guys and gals! So how could I not share all the intricate details  of my first time - how I felt, what the play by play was, etc.

It all started Sunday morning at the gym - a likely place for your first time, especially when it is not air conditioned!  I got on the elliptical after a less than stellar run on Saturday (a run on Saturday -be positive, it is, what it is!). And off I went on my no fan, no tv watching elliptical.  I was to do an hour. 10 minutes in and half a 32 oz. water bottle later, I was dying. It was HOT - it is summer now, huh?  It was then that the itch came to me, maybe I am ready...Maybe I am secure and comfortable enough with my own body to "do it."  It took awhile (a mean about 5 minutes, because it WAS hot) as I contemplated taking the plunge.  As I sped along, contemplating whether I was ready so many questions popped into my mind - was I really ready? Could I do this?  What would others think of me?  But then another half a water bottle and 5 minutes later, I just could not take it anymore - I did it.... I took off my shirt!! (Wait, what were you thinking?)

So there I am for the first time ever baring it all on the elliptical - well almost all, I of course had my sports bra on, what do you people take me for?  Now, many people at gyms and outside run in sports bras. But I was never one of them.  I could sport a tankini or a bikini at the pool or beach with the best of them and be ok.  Yes my abs are not the best in the world, but I am comfortable enough with my body and actually really like my body to happily wear the latest styles and tan (well, actually I have been wearing the same bathing suits for the last uh...10 years ooops).  But something was always different for me at the gym, maybe because most who do "bare it all" have those killer abs or maybe it is the jiggle factor (you know the fact that you are moving back in forth, kind of accentuates those not so toned areas, in a not so nice way) but for whatever reason it was never for me (especially on days like yesterday when I forget my sports bra all together and am "forced" to do Runner's Yoga without it...a story for another time).

Anyway, so there I am out there for the world the 20 people at the gym who come as soon as it opens on Sunday morning and my mind is racing - a sketchy looking dude walks past me and looks my way and I am like eekkk, a girl and her boyfriend ride the bikes in front of me and I can only imagine what they are thinking...and so forth. But you know what I decided, forget them! I am comfortable with myself and am not happy dripping in sweat - so everyone else who is dying to take off their shirts but too scared, too bad for you, I am going to enjoy my workout and overheat a bit less, so there!!!

Thus my Sunday morning journey of self awareness....will it be my go to outfit, no way.  But if that hot and heavy feeling comes around again, you better bet that this no longer virgin will not think twice (ok maybe twice) about baring it all!  P.S. I do understand the importance of body glide now and rocked it after 5 minutes of shirtless cardio.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Do you ever rock the sports bra only attire?

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