Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Runner's High and Runner's Yoga

So it has been four days four hours and ooo 19 minutes since my BIG WIN (not that anyone is counting), and I am still flying high as a kite (don't diminish the power a small local race can to do a runner).  I have experienced the so-called "Runner's High" a many of times after a good workout, race, event...but this one is like never before.  I am not sure if it was the fact that I actually won something for once in my life (most likely...just being honest!)  or the fact that I have officially transformed into a competitive athlete (in my book anyway) but either way I have had this constant elated feeling about my running and everything lately (which would likely be even higher if I was not dead tired from all these Bruins games!). 

Anyway, I was not always a "competitive runner."  To me, a competitive runner means being involved in the sport not just for a form of physical fitness and goals of having a "good body" or getting in a workout or losing weight, but to actually train for something and try to excel in it. I will admit for a long time running was the former for me and I kind of hated it (GASP!! I know how can I say this on a running blog).  But in the past year I have learned the importance of looking beyond all of those stereotypes to make running something more.  It has become something I could actually be good at (and everyone can be, and it is different for everyone!).  It can be a goal, something to work hard for and see results and goals met from (again different for everyone).  And when looked at in this light, running has such a joy in it and creates this runner's high for me. So when my PT/coach has me not running until Saturday (a week with no running just ellipticaling and weights and yoga) I "hold back my shock and dismay" and accept his prescription and how this will make me a better athlete and runner! And I do not worry that I don't get as much of a workout in but instead realize how this can make me improve even more and work towards my goals! Ultimately each workout is important and now that I have goals in mind I have learned to push harder than ever before and what used to seem like simple ellipticalling is harder than some runs.

So to that end Monday, Aaron and I tried out Yoga for Runners at South End Yoga. Actually on Sunday, Elizabeth, Aaron and I tried it out, only to discover that it had been cancelled on Sundays :( :(.  But the owner gave us an extra freebie which was nice to make up for it.  So on Monday evening we went to Yoga for Runners.  I love my husband for being willing to come into a class with all these petite looking runners and my man...who is not-say petite (love you hunny!).  Anyway, I am going to say it, and hold back your snickers - I am not a big yoga fan.  I do like the occasional deep breathing to calm me down and I swear by lots of stretching and foam rolling and I do not discount the massive benefits of yoga, but it kind of is a bit boring to me.  BUT I get it. It is so important and I am Queen of nagging injuries so off we went.  And you know what, shocker, we are going back next Monday (for anyone interested, the first lesson is free).  It was a bit different than a normal yoga class but similar.  We did stretch some really important areas and it was not easy!! All in all, I think I may really benefit from it. But only time will tell.  But I figure if I am going to break down and go to Yoga, it better be for runners! And I will admit, it was still a bit boring, guess I need to try harder!

Finally, any New England gals up for this event:  I would LOVE to go, but would rather actually go with people if anyone is game.

Ok, I have to:  GO BRUINS!  Have a great night everyone :)

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