Monday, January 9, 2012

I Ran A Race Today....

Have you  ever used the following phrases...
 I can use the elevator because I ran a race today
I can forgo doing the laundry and watch Gossip Girl on the couch because  I ran a race today
I can have a cookie and frozen yogurt and pizza because I ran a race today.

Homemade Pizza? Yes, please!

This is potentially one of my favorite phrases on race day.   It also happened to become one of our favorite catch phrases this weekend after our “Family 5k.”   After Aaron, Meredith, and I were finished running a 5k this Saturday, I remarked how accomplished I generally feel after running a race.  I want to wear my medal with pride and scream out to everyone

We love medals especially medals for 5ks :)
Meredith too remarked that when she ran her first race, she decided to take the rest of the day off.  Because really, she ran a race and that was enough for one day.  
Thus this became our motto for the day.  

Should we have yummy cookies?  Sure because we ran a race today
Should we go have fun in Boston?  Sure because we ran a race today

Cousins Celebrating Saturday's 5k at Pinkberry

We even carried over the motto to my Wellness Day on Sunday.  

Something to the effect of should I have two huge bowls of icecream tonight?
I no longer run to eat.  Gone are those days.  These days:
  I eat to run.
Ok but sometimes I just like to eat, challah french toast yum!!!

But I feel no qualms or guilt with telling you all that I subscribe to the aforementioned  mentality of "I Ran a Race Today."  Running is hard work.  It is not just that one time you go out there to a run a race but it is constant training, scarifies, and wonderful sweat sessions.  It is  not something everyone can do.  Thus you have every right in the world to want to show off that medal, to have that extra spoonful of ice-cream and to relax on the couch.  Because hey, You ran a race today! 

What is your favorite phrase for "because I ran a race today..."

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