Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go Forth Grasshopper: A Runner's Dream Night *

Yesterday afternoon I sent Aaron the following email:

"My dream night"
1) trip to Newbury street - lulu lemon, pink berry, north face galore
2) stop by PT to question multidue of injuries
3) massage and cuddles

And even though we had sooo much to do with the new house and it would mean a crap load of traffic getting into Boston, the reply I got back was pretty much:

Let's do it!

So at 5:00, Aaron was waiting outside my work and we made the trek into Boston getting ready to deal with traffic.  Luck may have it, it only took us 45 minutes to get in, without traffic it would have been about 20 mins.  A success at rush hour if you ask me.

We headed straight to Newbury Street and Aaron's streak of finding a spot continued. 
Fist Pump for finding a spot on Newbury at 5:30!

Aaron skillfully parking

From that moment on, I was in runner's heaven. 

First, we stopped at North Face so I could buy another two pair of running shorts.  I bought these shorts at the Boston Marathon Expo and I loved them, they are sooo light and airy.  It is so hard to find good shorts that I love, so I knew I wanted back ups!  And now I don't have to do laundry every 5 minutes to be able to run in these all the time as I have been doing. YES! 

It was here that Aaron realized that blogging would now mean tons of picture taking, what can I say? He is being a great sport about it!

From there we went on a search for "yoga pants."  It was not so much a need for particular yoga pants but just a black pant that I could wear around instead of just sweats, but I did not want something too tight as they tend to hurt my knee or whatever ailment I have thought up of at the moment.  So, we headed to Lulu. I tried on a few pairs and yes they did make my butt look amazing (according to the dutiful, loving husband), but they were not absolutely perfect and I am sorry but for $100 I had to say no for the time being.  Instead we continued the hunt and ultimately found a great pair at City Sports along with tons more socks (I had bought some socks at City Sports a few weeks ago and I have been wearing them non-stop, which meant laundry every 5 minutes again!  But now I am stocked and ready to go!)  I really love City Sports, there are always great deals and I can get tons of stuff for a great price, for instance my pants where marked down by $16. (YES!)

We also stopped at Berryline.  I spoke about Berryline in an earlier post, but pretty much I am absolutely obsessed with Berryline, really how can you not be?

Our last stop was one of my favorite places in Boston, my physical therapist's office.  A word should be said here about my PT because he is such a huge part of my life, my training, and my well-being.  In a nutshell, when I first started running, I did not do it safely, I was running too much without cross training and ultimately I got injured.  I had Pattellofemoral Pain Syndrome, which is mainly an overuse injury.  But to me it was crippling.  I could hardly sit in the car or walk from one side of the room to the next, let alone run. It took three agonizing months of searching to find a good PT to help.  When I met him, I told him I just wanted to be able to walk across the grocery store again, he promised I would be running again.  And he got me running in three short easy long, grueling months.  And you know what? He cut my time down by a minute and a half.  From that point on, he continued/continues to be my PT/coach.  There always seems to be something amiss with me, and he is always there to help as well as provide advice on running and running safely.  He runs a Sports Medicine PT Practice and they are open 5 days a week 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and it is drop in.

So last night, I waltzed in around 8:30 and the place was buzzing.  My PT greeted me with enthusiasm "Whats up Stephinator" (everyone at PT has nicknames given by our PT, I got mine by the second day). I asked if he could look me over as while the good news is I am running faster than ever, everything hurt - my foot, hip/hamstring/butt, and IT/knee.  He did a double take at my new and improved times (which to me was the biggest compliment ever) and after examining me, gave me some advice and declared me good to go for the rest of week's running and to check in on Monday after to reassess and gear up for the Hyannis Half Marathon next Sunday.  

Even more exciting, he gave me the green light to run the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon in December.  I wanted to check with him as I will be doing Marine Corps Marathon a mere 5 weeks earlier.  But I am cleared to go, which means Las Vegas and Blogger Convention, here I come!  I know I am new to the blogging community, but it has been love at first sight for me and I can't wait to meet so many bloggers and what a better way than in Las Vegas!

Aaron and I LOVE Las Vegas. We are not big gamblers, but we love the relaxation of Vegas - the food, the shows, the spas, the amazing hotel room, the sun!  We have been twice in the past year or so, and actually ended up having our honeymoon there - a story for another time!

Out on the strip on ourhoneymoon!
 Just got to Vegas, and really excited to be at M&M World
At our amazing hotel, the MGM Grand Signature.  They had a beautiful Christmas trees, we are Jewish, but I could not pass up such a great picture.

So all in all, an amazing night! Really? What can be better? Thank you Aaron!

Any of you out there planning to come to Las Vegas in December or DC in October? Hope to see everyone there!

*the title was inspired by another fellow blogger who recently had a post entitled "Patience Grasshopper" (awesome movie reference).  I have to majorly apologize though as I can't remember which blog it was from, sorry! As soon as I do, I will post it.


  1. Wow! That is soooo awesome!!!!!!!! Looks like it was very, very fun!

  2. Just found your blog and I am now a follower! :)

    Sounds like an awesome day!

    Ugh, I swear EVERYONE is going to Vegas this December... except for me!! :(

  3. Aww why can''t you come? Wish you could make it!